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How To Talk About The Weather

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If we must talk about the wanner, vvhy not vary the formula. "It is a pleasant day?" Everyone is tired of admitting that it is. Why not be seientifically accurate when one mteta a frieml? Tlic followingis submittod as a specimen dialogue: Jones- Ah, Mr. Suiith, I see we have clcrady weather, witli light rams. Smhh (witha eheerful smile)- Yes, and variable wtnds shifting to coldor r.oriheastcrly, stationary or higher jireslura. . .. . ■ -Quito so, but il is gratitying q know that tlie Iiivors will remain nearlj staüonary, and thut the temporalinv 'has fallen" thirty degrees in the Kio Crande valley. Guod ruorning sir. Uirds oí every descriplion are, U8ed to deoorate muüs. DuplicatM of those solected for the muff are generally vvorn on the bat or bonnot whk-h accompaniea il. Some of these órnithological offiffics are too largo for good taste. Judee and electvio blue are the newest fashionable colora.


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