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Real Estate Transfers

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The followiuK are the real estáte transer for the week ending January 25. ■WABRANTY DBED8. Louisa K. Park to Geo. F. Richards 46 acres, sec. 21, York, $2,150. Chas. Dennis to Wm. Merritt, Jr., 40 acres, sec 14, Augusta, $700. Henry W. Geer to Bobert Wolsey, lot in Ypsilanti, 81,100. Philip Bach to Jno. Sclmmaoher, property in Ann Arbor, $2,600. Ueo. a. J oñnson to J onn w. jeiuz, ïzu acres, sec 21, Saline, $8,000. Joseph McMahon to John H. Miller, property in the village of Manchester, ?900. F. Pistorius to A. Krause, property in Ann Arbor, $1,500. Chas. C. Lennon to Win. H. Parker, 17 acres, fee. 7, Sharon, $600. Hudson T. Morton to Michael Wrinkauf, property in Ann Arbor, $500. Wm. H. Parker to Jeffersoa R. Lennon 34 and 2-3 acres, sec. 7, Sharon, 1,400. Henry Benter to Augusta Mensing, 160 acres, sec. 22, Lodi, $9,600. O. H. Kempf, to Kichard Wlieeler, 42 acres, sections 2, 3, 10 and 11, Sylvan, $2,600. O. M. Harris to Alfred A. Stone, lot in Ypsilanti, $600. Isabelle Qodkin to Wm. H. Holt, property in Chelsea, $950. Bynn Hutchinson to Ward W. Swift, 70 acres, sec, 34, Superior, $680. F. W. Swift to Da-rid Weiland, land in eo. 29, Sharon, $1,200. Watson Snyder to Francia M. Oakley, property in Ypsilanti, $2,000. Solomon Sutherland to L. M. Bennett, property in Ann Arbor, $882. Chas. H. Wilson to Henry H. Palmer, property in York, $100. Adaline A. Sutherland to Solomon Sutherland, property in Ann Arbor, $900 Ira Rider to Peter Kelly, 40 aores, sec 23, Salem, $1,200. John Schiplach to John Koepte, one acre, sec. 32, Ann Arbor township, $550 Charles Alber to Kobert F. Brokaw 25 acres, sec. 23, Korthfield, $1,800. MartinuB L. Shutts to Anna E. George property in Tpsilanti $500.