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600K HOUSE AND ST. JAMES IJ II. HUDSON, Froprietor, 11 Newly Frnished. Ann Albor. .■ - W. W. NICHOLs7 DENTAL OFFICE, over Joe T. Jacobs' CMotfa5ig store. Ann Arbor, Mich. WILLIAM CASPARY, l) A.KERY AND CONFECTIONERY, 3 Detroit Street. JOSEPH CLINTON, Merchant Tallor. sliop over Wm. Allaby's boot and shoescore, All work juaranteed or no ■!-'srge. JOHN F. LAWRENCE, A'i'TOKNEY AT UW. Offloe, Nos. 3 and 3 HlU's Opera Housq, Ann Arbor, Mich. # O. C. JENKINS, CUKQEON DENTI8T. Rooms No. 19 Soutb O .Main Street, opposite the First National Bank &nn Arbor, Mich. THOS DALE, tii 3'rofossional Djer and dotht Cleaner.third :ioor south of the Opera Houae. Samples of work can be secn at the shop . batisfaotien guaran ANTÓN EISELE, D KALER IN MONUM'CMTS and Gravestones manufacturad f rom 'iunesses and Italian VIarb!o and Scotch and American Granito fthop tr. Detroit aud Catherine ts., Ann Arber., cu. JACOB HALLER & SON, DEALEU IN WATCHES, CLOCKS, Speetasles, Plated Ware. Gold Pena and Fine Jewelry. Special atteniton giro to rpairing Watcoes and Jewelry. 46 South Main Street. 4uu Arbor. WILLIAM HERZ, HOUSE, SIUN', Ornamental and Fresco Pain ter. Gilding, (Jalciminingf, Ghijnng aod Paper líanging AU work dons in the bsat stylo and warransed to triv satisfaetion. Shop No. 4 West Washington streat, Ann Arbor, Miohigan. S. B. PARSON5, M. D., 1 to Stene & Pareon, OFFia. :,.j jjici'ENSARY, Coruer H aah'.ngton and Fifth Stroets, Ann Arbor, Mich. E G. FRANKLIN, M. D. Prof. eí SUKQERY, HOMEOPATHIC DEPAPlTMENT, University of Mlohigaa. llesideuc8 and office 41 Liberty strest. Dr. Franklin ivíll attend surgical cases here, or by consulta -. different parte of the state. SPÏ2IAL (ñmVAIOHES A.SD DKfORiUTIES Ou RED by hís improved method. BLr. E. F. Todcl Would cali the attention of her oíd F&trons to the fact that, having removed her Dre.ssinaklng PvOoms over A. Wilsey's llusic Store, she U prpared to do all kinds of Dresi and Cloak making in all the latest styles. Perfsct Fits Ouaranteed. Chiidren'sclothes a speoialtr. "WILSEY'S MUSIC STORE. OÍANOS, ORGAÜS, SHEET MUSIC, InntruoJi Won Books, Tiollns, duiurs, Flutes, &o. , iheap at Wilssy's Music Booms, east side Public ïiquare, A im Arbor, Michigan . The largeet and bvüt Stoelt of Musical (Joods ever brough! hito Washtenaw Gounty. Vlolln and Quitar Strtngg a speclalty. N. B.- lt wll be to your intenwt to oatl before purchasing anythmg in the Muio line. The Ann Arbor Savings Bank. w lOreanlzed 1809, under the General Banking Law at tnis state) has now, including capital Stock, etc., ete., OVER $500,000 AH SETS. liusinoss rnen, üuardians '1'runtees, Ladies and jlher persons wil] ftnd this Bank a SAFE AND CONVENIENT Placo at TViiich to make Deposit and do businesr. interest is Allowed on All Savings Deposits QÍ gl.OOandupward, aecording to the rules Iba bank, and interest compoundod semi-annu f'oney to Loan in Sums of $25 0,OOO, Sccured by Uniücumbered Keal Rstatü and uw SOOd aecuiities. DIBEU TOR3- ChrlsUau MaeV, w. W. Wlae W. D. Harviman, WUliam Dan ble, I{. A, Bea Daniel Hlacook and W. B. ImlUi. OW flGKHS- Ohrlíílan Maoi, Pr8ldnt W W Wlnes, Vloe-Prealdenti C. K. Hisok, Caablvr.


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