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SEEK health and avoid sickness. Instead of feeling tired and worn out, instead of aches and pains, wouldn't you rather feel fresh and strong ? You can continue feeling miserable and good for nothing, and no one but yourself can find fault, but if you are tired of that kind of life, you can change it f you choose. How ? By getting one bottle of Brown' Iron Bitters, and taking it regularly according to directions. Mansfteld, Ohio, Nov. 26, 1881. Gentlemen : - I have suffered with pain in my side and back, and great soreness on my breast, with shoottng pains all tnrough my body, attended with great weakness, depressioD of spirits, and loss of appetite. I have taken several different medicines, and was treated by prominent physicians for my liver, kidneys, and spleen, but I got no relief. I tnought I would try Brown's Iron Xi :. . Tn. - -t -.-.i_ iMiiers ; l nave now taken one bottíe and a half and am about wcll - pain in stde and back all gone - soreness all out of my breast, and I llave a good appetite, and am gaíning it strength and flesh. It can justly be callcd tile king o ntedicines . John K. Allenubr. Brown's Iron Bitters is composed of Iron in soluble form; Cinchona the great tonic, together with other Standard remedies, making a remarkable non-alcoholic tonic, which will cure Dyspepsia, Indigestión, Malaria, Weakness, and relieve all Lung and Kidney diseases. The Bad and Wortliless Areneverimitated or counterfeited. This i especially true of a family medicine, and it is positive proof that the remedy imitated is of the biheat value. Ab soon as it had been tested and proved by the whole world that Hop Bitters was the purest, best and most valuable family medicine on earth, many imitations sprung u ) and begau io steal the notices in which the press and people of the country had expressed the merits of H. B„ and in every way trying to induce Buffering invalida to use their stuff inütfiiid, expeeting to make money on the credit and good name of H. B. Many others started nostrums put up in similar style to H. B., with variously devised nameg, in which the word "hop" or " hop" were used in a way to induce people to believe they were the same as nop uniera, aii sucn pretenaeu reme dies or cures, no matter what their style or name is, and especially those with tlie word "hop" or "hops" in their name, or any way connected with them or their name, are ïtuitations or eounterfeits. Beware of them. Touch none of them. Use nothing but genuine Hop Bitters, with a bunch or cluster of green hops on the white label. Trust nothing else. Druggists and dealers are warned against dealing in imitations or counterfeits. One always has strength enough to bear the misfortunes of one's f riends. 18 A 8URE CURE i for all dlseaoes of the Kldneys and : LIVER ! It haa peoiflo action on this moet important orsran, enabling it to throw off torpidity and inaction, timulating: thO healthy ■ecretion of the BUe, and by keeping the bowels in f ree oondition, ffeotin ita recular discharge. : HH tilmii Ifyou aresufferingr from I IWI Ö I Ct I I O ■ malaria, have the chilla, j i are bilioua, dyipeptto, or oonstipated, Kidney Wort will urely relieve and quickly cure. In the Spring to eleanae the System , every on should tke a thorough course of it. QLDBYDRUCC1STS. Prlcefi. (tl f A WËK made at home, by the inKT ■■ iluBtrioua. Best business now before m ff Ë the public. Capital not needed; we J I JU will start you. Men, vromen, boys ind girl wanted everywhere to work for us. iuw is the time. You can work in spare time or glve your whole attcntion to the business. No ther business will pay you nearly as well. No ne can fail to make enormous pay by engajïg at once. Costly outfits and terms free. loney made fast, easlly and honorably. Address True & Co , Augusta, Me. Sam. B. Revenaugrt Is taking the Best Class oí PlioíooapJis ;In the City at Drices to Suit the Times Oround Floor Gallery. GOODRICH BLOCK, East Side of the NEW COURT HOUSE. CATARR H a Positive_Cure PÜÜTTS ELY'S L4;R'AHnl LhhfiiVI ALM 'u.MaíVl5gil jJB AND HAY FEVER. j ÍS H AtjrenihU In we, uuy : I I tatpuüetl Culd i&&sM Headacheand DeafUftSg&i'i&yf tB ess, ur any kind of ■5ESS5V''-'. ""1 mucus iniiinhranal WXs' I irritatioius, inflamed m __. _ or rough surfaces, lAT" FcVtP A preparation of un ■ ■ doubted nierit. Ap" )ly by the Httle ttnger into the nostrila; It wili e absorbed, effectually clcansing the nasal passages of catarrhal virus, eausinif healthy secreions. It allays inflamination, piotects the memranal liuins of the head f mm additional colds, oinpteti'ly heals the sores and restores the sense T tante and sntell. Beneflcial results are reazed by a few applications. A Thoromrli Treatmcnt Will Cure. Cream Balín lias gained an euviable reputaon wherever known; displacing all other prearatiun.s. Send for circular, containiiig full nformation and reliable testimoniáis. By mail, repaid, flfty cents a package -stampa received, ola by all wholesalo anl retail druggists ELY'S CUE AM BALM CO.. Owego, N. Y. Abstracts of Titles on Real EstáteHAVE a complete compüatioD of the OfBcial Records of Washtenaw Oounty to date. iiiclu ing all Tax Titles, Executions, any Incumbrance n Real Estatu, that is of Record in the Registers Hoe, Í8 ahown by my books. Oftioe, in the office f the ecretary of the Washtenaw mutual insurnc company, in the basement of the c ouse. C. H. MANLY, Ann Arbor. Mich 'T1) A WEEK. $12 a day at home easily ( f L made. Costly outSt;fiee. Addresa Tiue Co.. Augusta, Maine. 1 PP a week in your own town. Terms and $5 )00 outflts free. Address il. Hallett & Co., Portland, Main ADVERTIMG ontracu made lor TITI.S PAPER, which la kept ouUewith LC!RD& THOMAS, AdvvrtiniUjt Aft-uu, Cllato,.lU. J-STYLESyt myyvS PERFECT ERI ATS Q I n BJlUPgPIOR Adam D. Seyler. SOIE A6EOT FOR THIS CITY AND VICIX1TY, Xo. C X. MAIX 8T. M M p "Ot, life Ls sweepiiift by ; go and U L " I dare, before you die, somethin n f % I iiiijflity and xuhlime ; leave bvIIL v I hind to oonquer time.1' Sixty dollars a week in your own town; five dollar outfit free. No risk. Everything new Capital not required. We will furnish you everything. Many are niaking for unes. Ladics make as much as men. and bovs and glrls make great pay. Reader, if you want business at whicn you eau make great pay all the time, write for the particular to H. Hallett & Co., Portland, Me. RINSEY & SEABOLT, No. 6 & 8 Washington St. Have on hand a complete stock of everything in the Grocery Line. Toas, ColTees and Sua;arg In large amounts. and at CDsü&Jol IPzcioes And can sell at Low Figures. The large invoice of teas they Buy and Sell, ia good proof that in Quality and Price they Give Bargains. They Roast their own OofTees every week; and none but prime articles are used. Their Bakery tnrns out excellent Bread, Cakes and Crackers. Cali and see them. $500 REWARD." We will pay the above reward forany case of Li ver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Indigestión, 'Jonstipation or Costivenees we cannot cure with West 's Vegetable Liver Pilis, when the directions arestrictJy eomplied with. They are purely vegetable, and never fail to give satinfaction, Sugar coated. Large boxes eontaining-3ü Pilis, 25 cents. For sale by all Drugg sts. Be ware ot counterreits and ïnutations. The genuine manufacturad only by John C, West & Co "The Pili Makers," 181 and 183 W. Madison St., Chicago. Free trial package sent by mail prepaid on receipt of a 3 cent stamp. HEALTH IS WEALTH I Dr. E. C. West's Nerve and Brain Treatinent, a speciflc for Hystera, Dizziness, Convulsiona, Nervous Headache, Mental Depresslon, Loss of Memory Spermatorrtaoea, Impotency, Intoluntary Eniissions, Premature Oíd Age, umi by over-exertion, self-abuse, or overindulgence, which lead to misery, decay and death. One box will cure recent cases. Each box contains one month's treatment. One dollar a box or six boxes for tive dollars: sent by mail postpaid on receipt of priee. We guaran tee six boxes to cure any case. With each order received bv us for pix boxes, accompanied with five dollars, we wul send the purehaser our writteii guarantee to return the money if the treatraent does not effect a cure. Guarautees issued by Brown & Co., sole authorized Agts. for A nu Arbor. Mloh. John C. Wett& Co., sole proprietors. 181 and ltfc W. Madison St.. Chicago. 1U. "HËNRY MATT HËWST" Hasthe pleasure to Inform the public that he ii ready to receire theui ia iiiuuew Dricit MEAT MARKET! ONE DOOR EAST OF LEONARD HOUSE. Everythiug in hia line wiU be flrat-clss. and At Reasonable Rates. He returns nis sincere thanlcs to all hlg oíd customers tor their geuerous patronage, and cordi ully invites them, and all aew ciutomers 10 hú new quarters, where he hopea by fair dealing tu nlarge bis airead v erowing busiuesM uei Toui hroperty insured By C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT No 4 South Main St., Aun Arbor. The oldest agency n the city. Established a quarter of a century ago. Representing the folowing nrst-class companies: Homeins. Co., of N. Y., $ 7,000,000 Continental Ins. Co, of N. Y. 4,207,2(16 Niaeura Ins. Co., of N. Y., 1,735,563 jirurrt lus. Co., of Pliila.. 1.132,4f6 ient Ins. Co., of Hartford, 1,419,522 Commercial Union of London, 12,000,000 Manhatlan las. Co., of N. Y., 652,117 HtSf Rates low. Losses liberally adjusted and promptly paid. C. H. Millen. jr% ■ K L J in H w. L-. mH i i n tv oAttornoy at Lawand Notary Public Real Estáte, Insurance and Laan Agency. Deeds, mortgages and other papers carefulty Irawn. Have houses and lots for sale or reut, or to exehange for farm property, also farms or sak'. Property looked alter by the year.taxes paid insurance atteuded to. and rents collected it reasonable rates. Have city property that an be bought on long time go that a mail eum added to what you now pay out for rents w 11 ecure you a home of your own. I represent the iorthwestern National Insurance cmpany, and he Mechanics and Traders of N. Y. Losses will be promptly adjusted and paid. Money to loan t six (6) per cent. Office orer Einsey & Seabolt's store, Ann Aror, Mich. Our Jiew Directory. The oanvass for our new city and county directory is progressing very favorably. To those who have not already ubscribed for the same the publiaher wish it to be distinctly understood that no copies will be printed or for sale ufter rablication of the same. The canvadsers will be round in a few days, calling for nformation, and we advise uil who may wish a copy to subscribe while the work a beingdone. We (juarantee a far supeior work to the last one,and at the price of $3.00 it is cheap, taking into consideration the large amount of detail that is equired in such a publication. WendiiíL Directokt Co., Publishers, Ann Arbor, Mich. A Rare Ghance. The underaigued offer lila FARM FOR SALE. Haid Farm consistí of about 275 Acres of Arable Land, about 100 Acres Improred. t is locateri on seetions 1 , % and 12, in the town skip of Dexter, on the stage road between Dexter and Finckney, about flve miles from eaoh plftce. The land is in a High State of Cultivation, Well fenced and watered, and particularly wel adapted to raising Vock of any deecription. Upwards of 80 acres of Wheat in. BARNSwith BASEMENTS, Nearly new, and capable of Btabling 40 to 50 head of uheep. A portion of the land ig particularly well adapted to BEf A AU AnMlllu A There are now nearly 2,000 trees on the place, two years old, just commenuing to bear. Th farm Is in splendid shape for any one to take hold of and MAKE MONEY. My rtasan for 11iiiK is that I have not time to attend to it. t& One-fourth or one-thira down. Von time on the rmuainder, THOMAS BIRKEIT. BmKETT, WashtenawCo., Mieh.


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