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Advice To Young Men

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George D. Prent ice once wrote: "T a young man away from liome, frienc less and forlorn in a great city, th hours of peril are thosc between sunse and bedtimc; for the mopn and the stal see more evil in a single than th sun iu his whole day's circuit. Th poet's "visions or evenings are all com posed to tender and soothing images It brings the wanderer to his home, th child to his mother's arms, tlie ox t his stall, and the weary laborer to hi rest. But to the gentle-hearted yont who is thrown upon the rocks of th nitiless city, and stands honioless amic a thousand homes, the approach o evening brings with it an aching sens of loneliness anti desolation whicn come down upon the spirit like darkness upo the earth. In this inood his best im pulse becomes a snare to him; and h is led astray because he is social, affec tionate, sjmpathetic and waiin-heartec If there be a young man thus circum stanced within tho sound of my voice let me say to him that books are th friends of tho friendless, and that library is a home to the homeless. A taste for reading will always carry jro to converso with men who will influenc yon with tlieir wisdom and charm yo by their wit, who will soothe you whe fretted, refresh you when weary, coun sel 3'ou when perplexed, and sj'mpathiz with you at all times. E vil spirits i the middle ages were driven away bel book and candle, and you want but tw of these agents- the book and the can die." t T lrtVl'f Ti-fcl ïrtTr n TTii V ï irn 4 f TTTO+ÍV i 1.1 JÍJ. L UUIIVJVÜ juu uaïü lüu ry i of the right temperatura. You must ge a thermometer," said an Austin mothe ♦o the new ooíored nurse. "What am dat?" "It's an instrument by whic you can teil if the water is too hot o too cold." "I km teil dat ar withou any instrument. Ef de chile turns blu den de water am too cold, and ef hi Uirns red den I knows dat de water an too kot."


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