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A Cure For Diphtheria

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An English physician reccntly prescribed a teaspoonful of sulplnir in a wineglass of water to be used as a gargle. A correspondent applied flour of sulphur on a flat stick to his own children, who were desperately sick, with immediate relief, and now the editor of the Philadelphia Record says: "A gentleman residing in the northern part of the city, whose two little daughters wei'e dying last Thursday of diphtheria, saw in the Record of that use of sulphur in cases of diphtheria. As a last resort he made a trial of it, using washed flour of sulphur, and applytng it directly to the membraneous growths ia the throats of the children by means of a comnion clay pipe. The effect was almost magical. Within two hours there was complete relief, and in two days the children, who had been given up by their physician, had recovered." It is stated that diphthcria is caused by animalcula3 jnst below the roots of the tongue, and the theory of tho appiication of sulphur is that it destroys them. It is a remedy easily tried, and need not interiore with the treatment of any physician.


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