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Real Estate Transfers

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The following are me reaiesi.ue wanners for the week ending March 22 : WABRANTT DEEDS. Wm. A. Jones (by exeoutors) to George Weidmann, 200 acres, sec. 32, Dexter, 10,000. Wm. H, Hall to Susie Corydon, Chelsea property, $950. Alfred A. McCullum to Geo. Kuber, 106 acres, sec. 17, Manchester, $7,000. Florence Huson to Frederick Huson, (quit claim), 84 acres, sec. 19, Ann Arbor, Frederick Finkbeiner to Sebastian Finkbeiner, 80 acres, sec. 30, Saline, $2,700. Charles King to Conrad Boeltner, 100 acres, sec. 22, Saline, 3,217. Sebastian Finkbeiner to Frederick Finkbeiner, 20 acres, sec. 19, Saline, $200. Edward P. Crafts to Mrs. Lida K. Hullis, property in Ypsilanti, $1,000. Wm. H. Allison to Flora A. Wood, property in Saline, 1,200. Morinn TavAnrort to Thos. White, 200 aeres, sec. 25, Saline, $7,000. Thos. White to MariĆ³n Davenport, 73 acres, sec 31, Saline, $5,200. Laura C. Dunn to Florence Babbitt, lot in Ypsilanti, $800. John M. Kuhnle to August Kawalski, property in Ann Arbor, $615. James G. Watson to Wm. H. Parker, 40 acres, sec. 20, Ann Arbor, $3,500. Isaac A. Stevens to Catherine Winters, lot in Ohelsea, $500. Albert S. Hanson to John W. Blakeslee, property in Milan, $2,500.