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Real Estate Transfers

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The following are the real estáte transfers for tne week ending April 12 : WAKRANTÏ DEED8. J. C. Gardner to Alfred A. McCullum, lot in Manchester, $900. E. A. Reynolds to Abigail Phillips, land in sec. 35, York, $1,611. Adolph Krause to Frederick Laubengager, property in Ann Arbor, $2,100. Boland Fletcher to F. J. Fletcher, 1G0 acres, sec. 34, Superior, $10,000. Wra. Millard to R. Fletcher, 160 acres, sec. 34, Superior, 1-4 interest, $2,275. Mary E. Castello to Henry Carragher, 100 acres, sec 7, Dexter, $2,000. B. C. Davis to A. H. Pattengill, property in Ann Arbor, $3,000. John G. Harms to George L. Olf, lot in Ypsilanti, $1,490. A. Conklin to Geo. W. Pixley, propeity in Manchester, $1,000. Era Snudheim to Joe T. Jacobs, property in Ann Arbor, $3,000. David Thomas to Herbert Srnith, 50 acres, Sec. 21, Salem, $950. (jreo. Jj. Oarter to Caroline Towunend, 1-2 acre, Sec. 35, York, $950. Job. Weis to Gustaff Weis, 218 acres, Sec. 34, 27, Freedom, 11,000. J. Peter Schmid to Geo. Weidmeyer, 45 acres, Sec. 30 Lodi, 83,000. A. E. Perkins to Chas. Walker, 65 acres, Sec. O.jSalem, $3,800.