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A hondón, Ont., diapatch oí tñe latn inst., eays: The fiooded districts of Kensington, Lóndon South and London West are eompletely submerged. The water rose over two feet duriug one night. Many of the back streets ia Kensington are submerged, and eominuaieation between neighbors can oniy be arcomplished by means of boats. The rivêr is now hlghcr thp.n at any previoua time in the memory of thr; oldest. eitizen. Cord-wood and pteces of bridges, sherls, out-buildtngs, and dams aru continually floating down etream, the current oí hlch is very swift and strong. Tliousands oí people are witnessiue the sight froin the banks. Grcat ineonvenienee has been cansed to workingmen by their inability to reach th"ir ehope and factories in the cltj . PETER COOl'ER'S WILL. The wtl) of Peter Cooper has been flled. He eaves $100,000 to Cooper Union and divides the rematador of the estáte, exoept $200,000 in special bequests, betwoenhis con anddaughter, Edward Cuoperand Mrs. AbraiuS. Hewitt. The estáte is valued at $2,000,000. THE KED FIENDS' WORK. Nearly 100 persons have been killed in Mexico Bince the Apache outbreak, aud it is beHeved tlie ':alf has not been told. Of thenumber killed 27 were Americana. At Palmo Ranche 10 wero killed in one day. Two womeu were huug up by the hands and ripped open. From ono a child was taken and f ound rnangled at the raother's feet. The bodles of the men were horribly mangled. WALSH'S WORDS. Walsb, the Irish suspect, who arriyed in New York from Franco, etates that he leí t Englantltopnt himsolf ont oL the power oL the fyicg wrcteh Carey. He would go back to Englaud if he thought he would be tried by a fair jury, but too many were hanged in lreland nowadays unjustly, atid he should expect to be made a victlrn, aUhough he was as euiltlcss as Gladstoue himself of the charges brought lirainst him. He considered the conviction of those now on trial a foregone conclusión. Walsh gave a long accouDt of how he was inveigled into an acquaintance with Detective Murpby in Havre, but being innrjeent of any crime no admission eould bè got out of him. He had no recollection of ever seeing Carey, the informer. The charges against him were devold of foundation. He regarded Carey as the most unblushing perjurer on the English list of hired spies. FIEST SHIPMENT. The fh-6t shipment of tax-due whiskey to foreign ports left New York the other day. The liquor is part of the over production that has been manufacturad the past flve years, an'd which has been lying in bonded warehouses. The time has come when the intei nal revenue tax must be paid upon it, and to avold this the distillcrs are ehipping enormous quantitie to foreign couctriee, where it will lie in storehouses till needed. PHIPPS AT HOME. Phipps, the Philadelphia alm-hou6e forger, who was arreeted in Hamilton, Ont., has been returned to the United States authorities. THE IXDIAK SCHOOI. ArraDgements have all been completed and land purchased for the new Indian school to be located at Lawrence, Kan. Work is to be commeneed at once. Tlie building will accommodate about 300 scholars, teachers and attendants. PKOHIBITIC. i' .t tv n.' i u i wn ir íiv v tt - uuu ví- "■ v" 7 large packing establishment, employing several hundred men, at Kansas City, have issued an order that a!l employés, while either on or ofE duty, must ahstain from the use of intoxicating liquors and must not visit gambling houses. A TOIINADO. A disastrous tornado etruck AVMte üak Station Ark, on the Little Rock & Fort Smith railwat, carrying destruction inits train. The wind blew from the Routhwest and the force was beyond powers of de6Cription. The sides of the mountains which before the storm were covered with trees now show none standing, even oaks being snapped in twaiu, llke pipestems. Afterwards came hail which lasted till the ground was covered with ice. Many of the etones were nearly as large as hen's eggs. F. A. Rlsor, postmaster, lost his store and residence, and probably most of the mail. Three hundred dollars in currency was also scattered by the winds, $89 belng found. He was scriously iniured about the spine. L. R. H. Wallace's residence, atables and store occupied by J. E. Cox were leveled, as was also the residciice of J. C. W. Murray and all others at that place. The storm averaged threo mile6 in width. It came from south of the river at a point near White Üak. The telegrapk wire was blown down for nearly four milus, and no fences can be seen anywhere. Trees two and three fect in diameter were uprooted, broken and twisted like twigs. One more than two f eet thiek lay uround the raüroad track, the iron rail benéath it broken in pieces. Pile af ter pile of green railroad ties were blown around as if thcy had been matches, aad a carload of lumber had been emptied, the eide stakes broken stort off. ReDorts of destructlon of property and loss of lite come from every di! rection. The only building of any kind standing is a 6ectioB house which was not squarely in the track of the storm. A storm of sucn severity was never before known there. The tornado reached Conway, Faulkner couuty, on I the same railway from the northeast. No one was killed, but 6everal were badly lnjured. Noreports come from the interior. The Catholic and Baptist churches were both de stroyed. The loss will protably excecd $60' 000. DU. BANNISTEIt'S DEATH. Rev. Dr. Bannister, for 27 vears a professor at Eanston, 111., Is dead. "Rev. Dr. Henry Bannistcr was widely known among the Methodist8 as a theologian and educator. He was 1. f i il ni VvUn íi f i iiuoif au -i.-.' i ) n, uuuv 4 v the Wesleyan unlversity at Middletown, Conn., In 1836; subsequently was a student at Auburn theological seminary; president oí Fairñeld and Lowell academies ; prof essor of classics in Cazenovia seminary. He accepted the chair of exegetical theology in the Northwestern university at Evanston in 1856, which he held untü hls death, and part of. the time was president of the in6titution by reason of being senior professor. He was member of the book committee of the Methodist church during the book concern troubles. A CROP REPORT. S. VV. Talmage,of the Chamber of Commerce at Miltvaukee has coliected reports concerning the conditiou aud prospecta of the growing crops of winter wheat in flfteen of the principal States in the Union, and the 6ummary places the damagi's at about twenty per cent., or 1U0,000,000 buahels short of last year's erop. BUTLEIl'3 BILL. The Massaehusetts Republican State Central Committee have issued a circular, offerlng for sale a bilí against Gen. Butler of about $2,800, clairning to be dut one Leet, of Southboro, who, in reply to the offer of a reward by Gen. Butler during the last campaign for a person to father a document entitled "Nutsfor Butler to Crack," claiming that he wrote it and detnanded the reward, which has not been paid. in memoriam' Memorial services on the eighteenth annivervary of the death of Abraham Lincoln were held at the Catacomb National Lincoln Monunent yestersay, at Springfleld, 111 , under the auspices of the Lincoln Guard of Honor. The jrogrammeembraced religiousexereises, muslc, eading of President Lincoln's Sunday order to be anny andnavr, an oration by Gen. Thomas J. Henderson, of Princeton, III., andreading of an original peein by John II. Bryant, brother of Willlam Cuilen Bryant. At the conclusión of the stated exorcises the catacomb was opened and a large concourse paesed in and placed flowers and evergreens on the i arcophagus. THE "raSPIUBD" ONE. Freedman, of Boston, uinepired" two ycars ago to offer hls little daughter as a sacrifice at at Pocasset, Ib perfectly sane, and will be arT-nlínoíl fnr miirflpr. ITn BJ1VR tlip. 'Mnsnirii-t ÍOTl" carne írom the devll. OUR LATE ACQUISITIOXS. Most of the 650 passeneers which arrived in Boston on the eteatner Neetorian, rccently, are impovcrisued Iri6h people sent over at Euglish govbrnment's expense. They are.prlneipally families, with an average, of flve persons to eacta, and the majorlty are from Galway, while others are fro.-n Mayö, Derry, and Donegal. The moet from Galway were evicted, and during the paet winter lived ae best they could, finding shelter in tents. Jndian meal porridge was their principal article of food. The agent of the government furnished money to tuosc who desired to go to places beyond Bo9ton, the amount depending upon the eize of the family , some receiviag a few 6hillings, others L2, L3, Lb or L6. A gTeat many of the men are farmers, but 6eem undeeided what they bhall do here. Some are golngto New York, others to Pittsburg, Portland, Chicago, Canada, while some remaln in Boston and vicinity. Several paid thoir own passage, but brought little with them in the way of money orhousehould goode. They will be sent to their various destiuations by the steamshlp company. The day following the aTrival of the Nfstoria, the eteamer Parthta reached Boston with another installment of the same class of immigrants. At Philadelphia, a number of ejected farmers arrived in one day, accompanied by a priest. who comee to raise money for the relief of lus flock. BAD BRICKIAYERS. The Chicago bricklayers' strike continúes, both sides determtned. The men claim that 40 .jobs are now beins; carried on by union hand sat S4 a day, and that 70 men who eame to the city to work sinee the strike began have joined the union. There is much distress amoug the laborera who tend the masons when at work and who are per foree idle owing to the strike. The employers eay they will takê no new work, and arcbitêcte are sholTing plans for buildings tbat would have been well ander way but ior the strike. Archltects and master masons seem to have joined hands to break up the bricklayers' union if possible. TVHAT IT COSTS TO TIIROW BOMBO. Caeper Yotingheim of Philadelphia, who threirabomb into the room where August Goeckel, hls eon-in-law, was working, has been lined $500 and eeutenced to imprisonment fpr three yeare. SCHELL-EU'S VICTORY. The trial of George Scheller, aceused of setting fire to thp Newhall House in Milwaukee, bas closed, resulking iu Scheller's acquittal. Five ballots were taken, and the one juror wko was for couviction gave in because they bad been inatructed by the judge that if any doubt existed, the prisoner must haye the benefit of the doubt. The jury were our two hours, and wben they returned and annouuced the verdict, the eheers that greeted the announcement were almost deafening. IiEWAP.D OFFEKED. The Board of Supervisors of Spiingfleld, 111., nave oltereü a reward oi ZoW tor tne arrest and conviction of tho person3 who inurdered Thos. Walden during the rolling mili riot eeveral nlght3 aeo. Affaii-8 at the rolling mili continué quiet. ïhreats are made by the evil diaposed, but there have been no evil acts since the riot. President Ridgeway received an anoiijmous letter recently threatening hlm wlth assassination. OHIO'SLIQUOK LAW. The Scott bilí has become a law, taxing each liqnor dealer in the State $200 per year ; those selling only beer and wine $100. CHALMBKS' PETITIONS. The Mississippi supreme court dismisses Chalmers' petiiion for mandamus in hts election case, aud says Manning having been declared elected and received hia certifícate tha matter can now only be dealt with by congrees. CU1JIE. A HELLISH CRIMB. Charles G. Smith, a farmer living near Earlsville, Iowa. went to the barn wherfi his two eons, aged 14 and 10 were doing tneir chores, and deliberately braincd them with au axe. Returnine to the house, he met hls wife in the door-way, and ielled her lifeless to the floor with the same weapon. His little girls witnessed the attack on their mothcr, and ran to a neighbore to give the alarm. A crowd Boon gatnered at the scène of the murder, and earehwaa at once begun for the murderer,wh was found about 80 rod3 from the house, with his throat cut from ear to ear. The cauee is supposed to be loss of property and ñnaucial embarrassment. FOREIVK AFFAIRü. A CONPLAGRATION. A disastrous flre occurred recently at Mandalay, Burmah. One thousand buildings were destroyed, including the residences of several cablnet ministers. Two prisoners were burned to death in their eells. bradt's tri aí. The trial of Joe Brady on the charge of murdering Cavendish and Burke bas commenced. Notwithstanding the f act was known that all absentees would be fined L100. many jurors on the panel failed to appear. The case for the crown was opened by Porter. He pointed out to the jury that the duty tbey were called upon to perforia was oue of the most 6erious that could fall on citizens. He exhorted them to dismiss from their mlnds altogether anything they had read or heard of in connection with the case, and be guided by the evidenee produced at the trial. The informer Carey and Farrell testifled, the latter of whom gave mation to the effect that Bradv was connected with member8 of the minor circle. HEALEY'S BILL DEFEATED. The Elective Councils for Ireland blll, embodyiug Healey'e écheme for local self-goYernment in Ireland, was rejected by the Commons by a vote of 5ü in favor of the bill and 231 agatnst it. Trevelyan, Chief Secretary for Ireland, having shown a spirit of oppoeition to the bill, Parnell, preeent only for a short Urne accused him of showing a readiness to speak to order and turn hls back upon his former principies. He (Trevelyan) and many of his colleaeues had supporléd a similar bill brought in by Dr. Isaac Butt when the Tories were in power. He einccrely hoped this question which had already provoked such an extended controverey would uow be lef t to a reformed Parliamcnt and to a very different Ministry. NOTHING FKOM AMERICA, A committee of the Bundesrath has reported fayorably on the letter of Bismarck in which he advises that the importation of home produets from America be prohibitcd. ARRAIQNED. The six prisoners arrested for knowing too much about the affairs of the "dynamite party," were arraigned a few days ago. The prisoners were all remandeü.for trial. RESU1IED. Italy hasreeumed epecie payments. THE TRIAL. In the trial of Joe Brady for thePboenix Park murdere, informer Carey testifled that he had bef n promised absolute pardon as a recompense far his revelatious. THB DEATH SENTENCE. In his testimony against Joe Brady, the alleged assassin of Lord Cavendish, James Carey swore that for 10 years he had been working for L2 a week, but ín 1882 he had 90 tenants living in his different houses. He was the first to suggest that daggers be used by the assassins, and afterwards he pointed out Burke to the murderers, but said he was under compulsión at the time. On cross-examination Carey said he had not yet told half he knew about the assassination conspiracy. After offeriDg the testimony of Michael Kavanaugh and Joseph Smith, the informers, and of the phyeician who made the post mortem examination, the prosecution rtsted, and counsel made the opening argument for the defeuse. The trial was continued, the defense making a strong effort to prove an alibi, but to no purpose. The case went to the jury, who shortly returned witx a verdict of guilty, without leaving the iury box. StnteBCe of dcath was Itnmedlately pronounced uponBrad}. BRADLAÜSa AOQUITTED. The trial of Charles Bradlaugh who, with the proprletorof the Free Thinker,wa8eharged with publishing a sketch of the Deity and blaepheaious libele, resulted in Bradlaugh' s acquittal. TTMID JURORS. The effect of the letter received by the foreman of the jury which tried Joe Brady, which threatened that he would be killed unless a verdict of not guiltj waa found, was shown by the fact of a special jury panel ealled in the case of Curley. Fifty persons fatled to appear, notwithstanding the warniog that a fine of L100 would be imposed on each aosentee. DROWNED. A Bombay, India dispatch eaye: Three rafts upset in the Gresit, Tank at Secunderabad while crowded with natives in a religious ceremonv. Sizty-two were drowned. POSÏPOXED. It is likely the coronation of the Czar will be postponed until June 10. The la'-.est proclamationof the Nihilists merely refers to the Czar in a scornful way, saying he is beneath criticism. Well iuformed persons in Russia expresa the opinión that no dauger noed be feared to the Czar at the coronation, with the exception, perhaps, of the act ai an insolated fanatic, and even that is unlikely. BIT! OF SEWü, Judge Gresham is the 3t6t postmaster, Sam uel Osgood being the first. The prohibitorv amendment to the Constitution was rejected" by the Connecticut House, not having the cecessary two-thirds vote. The Delaware Lcgisl ature has passed the bill concerning murderers. If found insane, they wlü De conuuea in jau or au iwyiuiu. 11 their sanity Is regained they will be Hable to trial or sentence. The questlon in controvcrsy, in an important railroad case now before the United States supreme court, is vlrtually whethcr the power to fix and regúlate rates for the transportation of merehandtse and passengers over the Illinois Central road is vested in the railroad company or in the Btate. Thaddeus Fairbanks, the Inventor of the scales known by his name, is a resident of St. Johnsbury, Vt., and is over 90 years old. John V. Farwell, of Chicago, carries an lndiviaual Hfe Insurance of $223,000 whlch is said to be the largest life iiisurance in the west. President Madipon's old estate,"Montpelier," ha been bought by Louis F. Detriok, of Baltimore. Geo. M. Pullman, the palace car man, has f nade the town of Pullman, 111 . a prf oent of 5,000 bouks as the beginning of a púlilic library. The body of the new two-ecnt slamp Is in tablet, and contains a profllc of Washington similar to that on the present three-cent stamp. Brady will be haneed May 14. Canada will not enforo the proposed extra duties on American agricultural Implemento until next season. Bitting Buil has joined the Catholic ehurch. Jay Gould is said to hold a elcar $13,000,000 n Missouri Pacific stock. Many livcs reported lost through an cxilosion of gas in a crowded theater In Reville, ("ranee. The reports of the department of agriculture ndicate that winter wheat erop will be about 30 per cent below the average. England's national debt is $3,790,000,000- about $11.78 per capita. In Kentucky no clergyman or preacher of any denomination can become a member oL the egislature. James C. Flood, tho bonanza king, is going to build a $1,000,000 house on top of the highest hill in San Francisco. Alexander II. Stephens' will is made public. :t disposes of about Í12.000 among his immedlate relatives and friends. Grain glut in Chicago, the stocks in store béng the largest ever héla there. inc üimcuiues Der.ween j? ranee ana Maaagascar have been amicably adjusted. A Kansas deacon who said in prayer meeting, 'Let us pray ior G. M. Smith and make a bet;er raan of üim," has beensued by Mr. Smith 'or slander, and made to pay $600 damages. And now England is talking about proliibitng the importation of American beef and pork.


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