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Mrs. Joseph Cook is to print a book 3f her trip round the worlJ. John Brovvn's younger brother suc;eeds him as attendant on the queen. Rev. Henry Ward Bcecher recently ittended the opera for the first time in ais life. Mrs. President Tyler dresses her hair preciselv as she did when a young bride ín the White House. The successor of Lord Lorne as Govsrnor-General of Canada will, it is said, be Viscount Enüeld. James Gordon Bennett was once a school teacher in Maine, which is supposed to account for his sharpness. Jay Gould has received over twothou3and applications from captains of every grade, and almöst every nation, to command his yacht. Queen Victoria has reigned forty-six years, one year longer than Queen Bess. the latter was in her 70th year when she died. Queen Victoria is 6-i. General Francis A. Walker will deliver the oration at the opening of the Manufacturera and Meehanics' Instituto Fair, in Boston, ncxt September. Amnricans who have seen Pope Leo XIII say that there is quite a striking personal likeness between him and Mr. William M. Evarts, of New York. Gail Hamilton says that a Mormon is a husband who harnesses his wives abreast, and a man who has been a widower three times is one who drives them tandem. Every disciple of Izaak Walton the whole country over, will learn with regret of the illness of Seth Green, who has done morethan any other American for the protection of our fish. B. C. O. Benjamin, a colored lawyer, has applied for and obtained a license to praetice law at the Albemarle eounty, Va., bar. He is the iirst eclored man who ever applied for a license. Mr. Murphy write3 that his temperance campaign in Great Britaïn has rcsulted ia a deercase of $10,000,000 in annual revenua from liquors and beer, and that the queen has said "well dons" to his labors. "His Most Illnstrious Highness," President Blanco, of Venezuela, wears the uniform of a French Field-Marshal, and goes about surrounded by a guard of picked men, showily attired and armed with Remington rifles. Ex-Senator David Davis recently said he should stay away from Washington, and not follow the example of so many politicians who have ceased to be members of CoDgress, and hang around the capital for the rest of their lives. Miss Bertha Haven, of Cleveland, a lineal descendant of the Knowtons, who came over in the Mayílower in 1G20, ;hinks she has i portion of the original diarv kept by one of her ancestors. who was'a member of the first band of Pilrims to land at Plymouth Koek. José Leandro Perca, political autocrat of New Mexico, died recently at 3ernalillo of Bright's disease, aged 62. Ie was the head of the wealthiest and nost influential Mexican family in the L'erritory, representing wlth nis sons jver $5,000,000. The family for fifteen ears has controlled the Territorial ïlections and the Legislature. The Empress of Russia never wears my fur but sable; the Empressof AustfoHungary confines hei'self to astrakhan; lier uaughter-in-law, Prince Rudolph's wife, will have nothing but otter; the ueen of Holland wears only marten; 'heQueen of Rournania, chinchilla, and bhe Queen of Spain, beaver. Sealskin appears to be seorned by royalty. The sword worn by John Hampden during the civil wai in Englandhas just been sold at auction in London for fiftyeight guineas. It is a long rapier with cross bilt and scroll guara, aud was in possession of the Hampden family until 1861, when it was sold with other effects of John Hampdeu, a lineal descendant of its original owner. Edward Hanlan, the famous Canadian oarsman, says he only learced to swim last fummer. He can now swim only a little. the muscles of his arais quickly becoming tired- a singular confession, he admits, for a aculler to make. His wife wants him to retire from the sculling profession, and he says lie thinks he will soon follow her advieo. Barnum being acquitted of a charge of cruelty to children in having the klliott family perform, offered $200 per week to Mr. Jenkins, superintendent oi the society for the prevention of eruelty to children, if he would permit him to exhibit him (Jenkins) through the corntry as a man who would prevent children making an honest livelihood. Rarl JMarr, tne young miiwatiKeee artist, has just been awardcd the Grand Medal of Honor at the Royal Acadcmy, Munich, for the best conception of a subject given out by the directora for an illustration. It is the second time Marr bas succeeded in wresting this victory f rom out a sharp rivalry, and the Northwest can justly take pride in the high attainrnent reached by one of its soiis. The subject was an episode in the war of Napoleon, in 1813-14.


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