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Irving And The Does

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The following anecdote reaehed me many jears ago from unquestionable authority, as as haring been rolated, I think, by Irving himself. It is the practico of the Scottish shepherd to bring his faithful colley with hini in his attendance on public worship. On one occasion, while Jrving waspreaching iu his native land, and no doubt to an overflowing congregation, thero was a lanre number of shepherds among hia hearei's, whose dogs were, according to custom, relegated to the gallera while their masters sat below. The dogs, it may be supposed, were alloldacquaintances, and might be expected to behave with decorum. But, unhickily, on this occasion a stranger was introduced: the intrusión tras not only unwelcome, but was resented in a high degree; and the clisapprobation and snarling bréame at last so intolerable that tho unfortunate newcomer was fain to proride ior his safety by bolticg over tbc front of the gallery into the body of the church, and saffle precipítalo marnier by tho whole body of his foes. . The Crown Princessof Germany is an assiduous reader of English and Germán books and newspapers, and kceps herself well acquainted with all that is going on in politics and society in both countries. íshe pays especial attention to all phases of radical and religious agitation, and never rejeets without studying it a new idea, no matter how violentïy expressed in print. "One may fish for pcarls in auy waters," she explains: adding - "but I haven't found anyyot." The anti-Semitic movqment was exeeedingly distasteful to her, and as a counterblast to Conrt Pastor Stocker's harangues sho invited some prominent members of the Jewish conimunity at Berlín to dinner, in violation of all trnáitioH of court etiquette


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