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A Ship Load Of Impoverished Irish

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people have arrived at Boston. Many of the men are farmers and tliey will be sent to various parts of the country. So far we have report of but one fish caught by the president. It is barely possible, that as he sits upon the mossy banks of the Kissimmee and gazes NarcissuB-like into its pellncid waters, with the hope of having rairrored back the familiar face of the great man who is to Bueceed him in the White House lie has forgotten to spit on his bait. ■■■-■ The panic into which the British parliament and the London newspapers have been thrown by the arrest of one or two men with something very like dynamite in a carpet-bag, has increased enormously the ranks of those Irishmen in America who advocate a policy of dynamite to obtain justice for Ireland. John Buil ought not to be so easily frightened. EdwabdPierrepont got $4,600 in fees from the United States treasury for legal services in connection with the outrageous sham prosecution, or rather persecution, of Samuel J. Tilden, in connection with kis income tax, which was mstituted under Grant and kept up nnder Hayes, but discontinued since Arthur assumed the presidency, because entirely without foundation in justice and in fact. The clergy of Massachusets hnve got after Ben Butler and wrestled with him in the pulpit. It is well. Everybody else haa tried him - politicians, the press, Republicana and Demócrata - and nobody has been able to head him off. Let ua see what the church can do with him. When it has failed, let Susan B. Anthony and her compatriota try. In the language of Shakespeare, "Speak to him, ladies ; aee if yon can move him." Gknebal Logan ia a stalwart ; that he haa ceaaed to be a Grant man to be a Logan man has turned him to be a stal■wart, with a warm place in his heart for the half breeda. Arthur ia wooing the half breeda, and his stalwnrtism is of a diluted quality and quantity much minished. Conkling is the only trae, simon dure stalwart left to be leader of stalwarts. Blaine appears to be about the only half breed left who knows how utterl y idle it is to seek stalwart support. m i ■■ The English deterniinatlon to refuse employment to Irishmen need alarm no Irishman unlees he is engaged iu the dynamite business. Employment settles itself according to its own laws. Kepubltcan papers indulged once in a great deal of comment upon Southern threats to discharge negroea voting the Eepublican ticket, at a time when politics were so closely connected with social and private life that feeling in the South was certainly as warm as the Anglo-Saxon is Trhen the blooJ is up. Such loose talk and threats there were. We have never heard of a half dozen dismiisals for such reason; and in all vre ever heard of reemployment by others was as prompt as dismiasal. Business is business. The list of pensioners upon the government is being compiled, and it is announced that it will cover 4,000 closely printed pages. If the rates of inorease for the past ten ysars is continued through the next decade, the entire real and personal estáte of the country will hardly suffice to satisfy the claimants. It is yearly becoming more evident that our pension legislation requires a thorough revisión. While no good citizen regrets for a moment the millions that are annually drawn from the public treasury, by worthy and deserving exeoldiers, who were actually disabled in service, he has a perfect right to protest against the gigantic appropriations made at every sesRion of congress to support an almost countless legión of frauds and impostors. - [Lansing Journal.


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