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Street Cleaning. Bids for cleaning the streets of the city of Ann Arbor, from Saturday, April 28, 1883, to November 3, 1883, will be received up to Thursday, April 26, at the Kecorder's office. The territory embraces Main street, from thenorth side of Beal's printing office to John Schumacher's store on the Bouth ; Huron street, from the Leonard House tó Fii'th street, oppoaite the Firemens' Hall ; from Second street to Fourth, on Ann street ; from Second street to Fifth, on Washington street ; from Second to Fourth, on Liberty street ; Fourth street, from Catherine to Liberty ; Fifth street, from Ann street to Washington ; Fourth street, from Catherine to Liberty. J. S. HENDERSON, Chairman Gen. Street Committee. Ann Akbok, April 17, 1883. Strycli-nine is the name of a base-ball club ubout to be organized in New York city. Bucklen's Árnica Salve.- The grentest medical wonder of the world. Warranted to speedily cure burns, bruises, cuts, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, cancers, piles, chüblains, corns, tetter, chapped hands, and all skin eruptions. Guaranteed to cure in every instance, or money refunded. Twenty-flve cents per box. For sale by H. J. Brown & Co. The engagement ring of the penod : A twenty-four foot inclosure. Did She Die?- No; she lingered and suffered along, pining away all the time for years, the doctors doing her no good; and at last was cured by this Hop Bitter the papers say so much about. be for tliat medicine. Center of gravity: Letter V. The most brilliant shades possible, on all fabricB, are made by the Diamond Dyes. Uneaqualled for brilliancy and durability. Ten cents. If you wish to know how much stir your death will cause in the world, listen to the sizzle of a snowflake on a hot brick. Wide Awake ÜKüaoiSTS.- Messrs H. J. Brown & Co. are always alive to their business, and spare no pains to secure every article in their line. They have secured the agency for the celebrated Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption - the only certain cure known for consumption, coughs, colds, hoarseness, asthma, hay fever, bronchitis, or any affection of the throat or lungs. Sold on a positive guarantee. Trial bottles free. Regular size, one dollar. The Crow Indians have become civilized enough to bale up rocks with their hay. Hysteria, Dizziness, Fits (or Falling Sickness), Insanity, Diseased Brain and Enfeebled Mind cured by Dr. C. E. West's Nerve and Brain Treatment. íáold at Brown & Co.'s drug store. What is the difierence between a timid cliild and a hot brick? One clings to his ma and the other to his spar. Thousands Say So.- Mr. T.W. Atkins, Girard, Kan., writes: "I never hesitate to recommend your Electric Bitters to my customers; they give entire satisíaction and are rapid sellers." Electric Bitters are the best medicine known and will positively cure kidney and liver complaints. Purity the blood and regúlate the bowela. No family can afford to be without them. They will save hundreds of dollars in doctor's bilis every year. Sold at tifty cents a bottle by H. J. Brown & Co. The tallest trees are the first to get struck by lightning. "I had Salt Rheum for 19 years. Four packages of Dr. Benson's Skin Cure entirely cured me."- F. P. Lavelle, Merced, Cal. $1 at druggists. The mother of Josh Billings is ninetytwo years oíd. She has evidently resolved to live until her son has learned to spell. Mr. J. E. B. Sproul, Naganee, Mich., says: "We have sed Brown's Iron Bitters quite freely, and it gives eDtire ïsiacuon. We all know that water never runs up liill ; that kisses taste better than they look, and are better after dark; that it is better to be right than to be left ; that those who take Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic never have dyspepsia, eostiveness, bad breath, piles, pimples, agne and malarial diseases, poor appetite, low spirits, headaohe or diseases of kidneys or bladder. Price 50 cents, of Eberbach & Son. Bill Johnson says: "Dar's lots ob honest men dat don't foller de preachin' bizness." A Happy Man. - I have been a sufferer from blind piles for twenty years. During that time I tried every known remedy, receiving none but temporary relief. Ten years ago Prof. Goas of Philadplpliia, used the knife upon me, which for two years seemed to have cured me, but eight years since it returned, suffering at times excruciating pain. Six weeks ago I commenced using Dr. Deinmg's New Discovery, with marvelous results. Por the past four weeks I have not suffered at all. My advice to all sufíerers from piles is, use líeming's Discovery and be happy, au I am. - W. H. Thomas, 2G1 East Washington street, Indianapolis. For sale by Eberbach & Son. Tne poison ivy hugs just as tight us the grape vino. Would you be free from Ontarrh, Hay Fever and Cold in Head? Try Elys' Cream Balm. It is euring hundreds of enromo cases, jfnee ou cents. Apply into nostrils with little finger. A gentleman from Orwell, Pa., called my attention to Elys' Cream Balm as a remedy for Catarrh, Hay Feyer, fcc. He was so earnest in asserting it to be a positiye cure (himself having been cu red by it) that I purchased a stock. The Balm has already dffected a number of cures. P. P. Hyatt, M. D. Bordentown, N. J. Mr. John B. Bennett, Druggist Muskegon, Mich. - In regard to your inquiries about Elys' Cream Bnlm for the cure of Catarrh, my answer is, I can recommend it always as the best remedy I have ever used. Dr. J. S. Vaugiin, Dentist, Muskegon, Mich. An eight-year-old boy of Georgia has a full beard, but we shouldn't íeel justified in calhng him "a little shaver" until we knew all the particulars. We all believe that it is a long lañe that has no turning ; that many a shaft at random sent finds a mark the archer little meant ; that no remedy sold will cure coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough and all throat and lung troubles so quickly nor permently as Dr. ivvr o lunibivc uuic, widlt vul in iiihin, Eberbach & Son, are very generous to give trial bot i les of this remedy f ree of charge. "Good-bye, Miss Srnith, l'm sorry to have leave so soon." " l'm very sorry, too; but still, 'parting is such sweet sorrow,' you know." "Figures are not always facts," but the incontrovertible facts concerning Kidney-Wort are better than most figures. Por instance: "It is curing everybody," writes a druggist. "Kidney-Wort is tue most popular medicine we sell." It should by right, for no other medicine has such specitíc action on tlie liver, bowels and kidneys. Do not fail to try it. We often hear the expression that 'the fire has gone. out,' and at some of our tenement houses you can actually seo the fire escape.


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