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To Mark Payme's Tomb

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The Hionumeut will bc iv handsome shaft of Cerrara marble, teaüog m a base of gr:iy gTanite, and surmountcl by a bust onoe :nti a half iLe sizc of iho average mar. 'Ilie h gbt of ,'... :.. ment frcm tl-e grouuü, incluuing tl e bust, will be twelve feet, nn I Die base upon wiiich ir will rost áril] be fx fept square. The die r shaft at the top will be iibout ihree feet square. Tiic plinth i'.n-.l eapital will be carved, but there will be no display. The su'.eof the monument will be old Roman and a specimen of pure classieal art. Ou the four faces of the die are to be will be the name John Howard Pftyne, with the dates of birth and dealh, and on the back the inscription wbicb was on his tomb in África: "3ure, wheD thy gentle pr'rïl flfl To realms above the uure dome, With arms outstretehed, Gou's ingeliald: "Welcome to heaven'a Home, Sweet Home." On thn sities are to be medaillons in relief. One wil! bear a lyre, inclosed in a wreath of laurel, and the other aa open scroll,. crossed by a pen, which willbe surronndedby a wreath ofpln:s. The bust was modeled to confoui to tlie ideas of W. W. Corcoran. the philanthropist and eapitalist of VVaabingtou iu brought Paynu's remains dom ïyinis, and who will bcar the excuse of the monument. The modul niresents the poet after he had passea out vi h;a young manhood, and had been made sad and serious bv bis battle with adversity. Brooding anxiety i depicted on so engaging. Thé features nre ?ouacwhatsharpencd, uiitldiv uxarked bylines of care. A short beard fringes the face-, whose almost melanclio'v expreggioji vhk3 tender feelings iu tbe heart i.f the Leholder Oneean alrnosi raadinHPayne'B thoughts of litíJi.-e. The b'ust does col whoily embody the ideas of '.'■■'' sculptor, who, instead of iileHlizipg the subject, made aportrai!. con&rininu with .ticturea in the possessiou of Mrs Cuiconm. 'J'h'i model and desígiií hava been submii.L d to Mr. Corcoran ari'l npproTed by him. It was intended lo havu ihe muntimoBt erected and read_, toise onveücd June 9th on the niauis-ürbt anniversarj of Payne's birth, bi fMr. John M. Motfat, who is asssciaüid ':.. .i. Doyle, gaid yesterday the time was so short thal he did not believe tbc busí oould be íinisl -i in time. The monument wil] rest o a foundation of masonrr. In tbis ril a cell in wnich JNune's comaina will he placed. The ce'l will le arclicd over and sealed with soiid stopework afUr theremains are plac d in it. ï'ae cost of the monument wïll b'i abont $4,000.


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