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A Hard Witness

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"Do you Jmow rae prooner weur asked the attorney. "Never knew him sick,'1 repliod Uie witness. "No levity,1' said tac 1-iwyer. steiiJ. "Now, sir, did you ever sec the prisoner at the bar?" "ïook many a drink nh him at Iho bar." "Ansvvcr rnj' que st ion, sir,'1 Telledthii lawyer. ' ilow long have you kaown the prisonor?" 'Trom tvvo feit p to five feet ten inches." 'Will the Court makethe " "I have, Jedge," suid the witmesa, anticipating thelawrer; "I have answered the question. I knowed the prisoner when he was a boy two feet long aml a man live fret ten." "It's a fact, Jedgo; I'm under oath," persisten the witnoss. The lawyer aróse, placingboth haudi on the table in front of hiui, spread hu legs apart, leaned liis body over the tabie and said: "Will you teil the Court what you know about this case?" "That ain't his name," replied the witness. "What ain't his name?" "Case." "Whosaidit was?" "You did. You wantod to know what I know about this case. II:?'ü Smith." "Your Honor," howled tho a'.tornry, plucking his bearc! out by the roots, 'will you naake this man auswerP ' "Witness,'' p.iiu iho Judge, "you must answer the questions put to yon." "Land o' Goshe, Jiuige, ham t I been doin' it? Lel tho I lamed 'jus.s fire away. I'm all readv." "Then," said the lawyer, "donVoeat about the buh any ïuot e ï uu and the prisoner have been friends?"' "Never,"promptiy responded the vvltness." "What! Wam'! you summoaeü her as a friend?" "No, sir; I Tras summopeJ ns a Presbj'terian. Nary :io of us u-as ever Friends. He's :n OW Libe Baptist, without a drop of Qutüctnr in Lila.1' "Stand down," ;, elled Üio i iwjer, :n disgust. "Hey?" "Stand dowD.'1 "Can't do it. I'll sil dotrn or stanu up- " "SheriiF, remove tlio man from tlie box." Witness retires, in;ittci-in: ' V ill, iL e ain't the thiok hea lest cuss 1 erer laideyes on.1'


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