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Relation Of Winds To Health

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The resulta of careful and protrautwl meteoiologioal observations b) Dr. Vitel, the Gernian physiei t show it is possible to di-rovcr original i of diseases that are depwndcnt opon climate and the weatber, by a proper study of the wifids as observed at til kt place, - in fact, the climate characb r of any región is exaetlv represented hy the nature of the wind?, and from tlieir nature at different places their relatire salubrity can be determined uitU muoh aafety. Ag;dn, he íiuüs. that tbc winds and thecharacter of the weather : re identiciil with eaoh other for any giren month, the sickuess, however, depending rather upon the cumule of the preceTliug month, evidently becfttise in it IX'gílil Cao BlC&ntssa nuxuu ajípcmo iocorded, j.erhaps, iu the statistical tablea of the sueceeditig weeks or month. Dr. Prestel remarks that the ïuost unfayorable condition cf the atmosphero is a long period of prcvniling calía, or very sliglit breezes; thuí, m many elimatie diseases, as malaria, yellow fever, etc., it appears tliat when they boeame o])idemic there has preceded that time a Iodc: period of calm weather, thelowest stratum of air ïestiug qnletly upon the earth. A Tennessee schoolmaster kisfed the girls in his school as a raeansof punishment, and beforo the school board got onto his racket he spent an hour cach day punishing the girls. Well, if lio looked aaythiDg like mam' gchool-master-s in the west, ho eouldn'l have inllicted a worsepunJshmeBt. - Ex. lloarseness may b rwJiernd by nir the beatón white oí :in egff mixed wilfi lemon juice and BBgar. A tablespuonful is a dosc.


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