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It ie now thought that Johnnie Erhart the Httle fiveyears-old boy from Rochester, N. T., who had both legs brdken in the turntable at Kalamazoo, will recover, aud the amputation willnot be nece8sar7. Mrs. John Ager, of Manietee, Is the mother of twin girls over two weeks old, whose united weight is only three pounds and a half. Both can be held in the palm of one's hand, and seem destined to enjoy the custoraary age of life. A nine years old daughter of Captain Ohnstead was recently drowned at Garden, Schoolcraft county. She was crossing the creek near the school house on a plank, the water running over the ice, leading her litile sister, when a large dog came along, knoeliing them off into the water. The youngest was rescued by a boy, but the oldest wat drawn into a hole in the ice, and her lifeless remains were iound half an hour af terwards by cliojiping away the iee. A Kalamazoo lawyer plaintively confesses: "There is undoubtedly a declino in the amount ol la businefis. feople are compromising a god deal more than they used to. Where formerly there whcre ling and expensive lawsuits, eettlements are now made without litigation; and besides, men are becoming more careful in transactiug business, thus preventing misunderstandine;s that lead to contests in courts." Thankstothat bigblunder of the Michigan leeislatu :e, "local opt ion" is a fixed law. Miss Jennic Campboll, of Quincy, a young lady who was dying of consumption, but who suddenly arose and went about as cured a eouple of months ago, the cure being attribnted to prayer, is dead. The joint resolution of Representative La Du, submitting to a vote of the peoplethe question of the constitutional prohibition oL the trafflc in intoxicating liquors, came up in the House the other day on its final passage. Proposing;, as it does an amendment to the Constitution, a two-thirds vote, was rèquired to pass it. Not obtaining that number the joint resolution faüed. The Saginaw Courier of recent date, has the following: Tuesday evening two men ana a good looking woman arrived in the city froru the vicinity of Midland. About 7 o'clock they visited justice Fey's office, and the woman stated to tte dispenser of justice that her husband desired to Bell her for $50 to the "other man," and that she was entirely wiliing tho transfer sLould be made. Thp justice rather thought that this could not be done legally, but after consultation all around a paper wa9 diawn up to the effect that the hufband would release hls wife, and that she ruight live with the other man without molestation from him for and in consideration of $50 in cash. The amount was paid over, and the husband, wife and would-be husband left the justice's office apparently well satisfied with the new arrangement. The husband purchased a new suit of clothes yesterday morniug, and will go to the far West to seek another wife and another fortune. For obvious reasons the names of the parties of this novel transaction are suppresscd. The bil) appropriating f90,000 for the reform school at Lansing has passed both Houses and when signed by the governor will become alaw. Hon. Frederick Hall died at his residence in Iowa, aged 67 years. He was Register of Deeds in 1844, Receiver in the land office for six years, member of the Legislature ia 1849, first Mayor of Ionia, delégate from Michigan to National Democratie Convention of 1856, Democratie candidate for Congress in 1864 and for Lieutenant-Governor in 1874 and was aleo a prominent Masón and Odd Fellow. The telephone wires are now strung between Marshall and Battle Creek. Last year Cambridge, Lenaweee county, paid out $523 to woodchuck killers for destroyIng 2,615 of the varmints, and has voted to continue the crusade at 20 cents a head. The average death rate of Grand Rapids for the year just closed, was 11 for every 1,000 of population; a decrease of eight per 1,000 from the previeras year. In the United States, as shown by the census of 1880, the average death rate of the whole population was 15 per 1,000. The coat of arms of Bishop Richter, who was consecrated at Grand Raplds recently Is a triangular 6hield, surmounted by a cross, mitre and crosier. It is divided into two flelds, the upper of gold having a figure of the Sacred Heart with rays ; the under, argent, with the emblem of justice - a scales. The motto of the new is : "Parate Viam -"Prepare ye the way of the Lord." Mrs. A. D. Clark, who shot the woraan, Frankie Carr, in the Chapman House at LansiDg, has been held in $1,000 bonds to wait examination. Clark, the real criminal is held on a f raudulent debtors' warrant. Miss Eliza Paige died at her home in Paw Paw a few days ago, aged 91 years. For mauy years she was an intímate friend and correspondent of Longf ellow and Whittier. Nearly Ï0 yearL ago sho established a ladies' seminary at Ann Arbor, successfully conducting it for many years. Hillsdale college receives alargegift of pressed plants froni the United States. Hillsdale has organized a citizen's league, to secure the enfor".ement of the laws prohibiting the sale of intoxicating liiuors to minors, ana to compelí the closing of saloons asprovlded by law. A St. Ignace correspondent takes exceptiou to the statement that tiie Atlantic vras the first boat to go through the south passage of the straits this season ; asserting that this honor belongs to the City of Cleveland that went through on the 21st inst. Mrs. lzora Clark, wiio shot and instantly killed her husband while he was leaning over their sick ehild in Bath, Clinton county, tome weeks aeo, is stlll conüned at Kalamazoo insane asyium. Medical Superintendent Palmer ïeports her symptoms as not encouraging. On several occasions she has had sudden attacks of mental disturbance, which come upon her very suddenly and pass off as quickly, and her recollection of what she does at the the time seems to be much c onf used. The business portion of Newaygo was destroyed by fire a few days ago. The loss aggregates over $50,000, with only $10,000 insurance. The property destroyed includeB three hotels, Congregational churcn, Tribune office, furniture store, four law offices, five residences, a harne68 shop, taüor shop, milliner shop, two livery stables and three saloons. A passenger train on the Toledo División oí the Michigan Central railroad was thrown f roin the track at La Salie, five miles south Monroe, a few evenings ago. The train consisted of an engine, baggage car, smoker and passenger coach, and was totally wreckcd. No lives werc lost, but several personswere seriously injured. The cause oí the accident was an open switch, but lts being open can be accounted for in no other way than that it had been misplaced by some miscreant for the purpose of wrecklng the train. The following Michigan postoffices will be made money order offices Juïy 1, provided that the postmasters give proper bonds: Grayling, Crawford Co. ; Byron Center, Kent Co. ; IIobart, Wexford Co. Fayette, Delta Co ; Camden, Hillsdale Co. ; Marlette, Sanilae Co. ; Sebewaing, Huron Co. ; East Jordon, Charlevoix Co. ; Stevensvllle, BerrienCo. ; Scotts,Kalamazoo Co. B. Frank S. Card, one of the most prominent cltlzens of Flint died a few days ago. The colored portcr of the Grand Trunk sleeper wrecked near Battle Creak a few daye ago, has since died, making in all four deaths resulting from the disaster. A Presbyterian church is being built at Macinaw City ; it is the only church in the place. About $550 have so far been raised for the building of a dormitory for the use of lady etudents at Kalamazoo college. The richest salt bed in the United States has been dlscovered in Marine City, St. Clair county. Williun Potter, one of the pioneers of Cass county, died at kis farm in Pokagon township, Cass county. He was well known throughout that part of the state. Wm. Snider, one of the pioneers of Southern Michigan, died at Jonesvlllc a few days ago, aged 76 ; for the past ten years he has been postal route agent on the Ft. Wayne and Jackson road. Howard City citizens have already this spring set out 335 shade trees, oí which 71 w re around the school house, and now tlx-re ia fclk of planting rosebushes and all kind. oí llowers on the school house grounds. Mrs. Dr. Brown, of Jonesvllle, who with her hnsbandhas practiced medicine for mauy years in Calhoun and Hillsdale counties is dead. Sne welghed over 300 pounds and her casket was thelargest ever used in that place. Evart has "lifted" lts liquor bonds $2,000, making them $5,000, which takes the saloonists quite áback, a they were all ready with their bondsmen at the old rate. Some of them wlll probably go to the wall in consequence ol tlie increase. JudgeWm. Carpr.nter was forcibly ejected from the probate office at Muskegou a few days ago by Eunene Fellows, who claims to be Carpenter's legally elected successor ; on the other hand, Carpenter claims that illegal votes werc cast for Fellows- whii'h latter would secm to be a question f or the judges of electlOB, and not for a judge of probat to decide,


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