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8enate, April 25.- Petitlons were recelved f rom certaln city officials of Wjandotte In favor of the bill to prohibit the Detroit house of correctlon from recelving United States prisoners Senate joint reaolution proposing an amendment to the constitution prohibiting the table aud put on its final passage. Senator Suisemakeï offered as a substitute two alternative propositions in terms the same as those adopted by the leglslature of Ohio, viz., on? for the prohibition and the other for the taxation of the liquor trafile. The substitute was lost, yeas 11, uays 17. The S. J. R. 13 was then lost, yeas 30, nays 11 - not two-thirds. The joint rësolution was reconsiderad and laid on the ta ble The local option bill was reconsidered and laid on the table Amending eertain sections of the general railroad law ; legalizing aetion lti laying out ditehes in Leroy, Calhoun county; ameniing charter of East Saginaw ; for a uniform 6ystem of accounts by superintendents, overseefs and directors of the poor ; proposing an amendment to the constitution relative to eompensation f members oL the legislature. House.- The bill designating as legal holidays all days upon which state elections may be held ; unavorablv reported and laid upon the table The gövernor, by messagp, - nounced his approval of the followmg acts originating In the House : To provide for constructing stone or Macadamized roads in Bay county; Appropriating $2,000 for salary of auditor general ; to amend section 4907 C. L. , relative to the supreme court ; to amend acts incorporating viüages of Caro in Tuscola eounty, Hesperia in Oceana and Newavgo, and Montague in Muskegon ; to amend act incorporating Holland ChristianReformed ehurcbes; to provide for assessment of delinquent taxes on part paid lands in eertain cases ; to amend section 8 and 9 of act 194 of 1877 relative to insane asylums; appropriatiDg $243 for overdrafts at house of correction at lona. The local option bill was returnedto the governor in compliance with his request. The joint select committee to investígate charges against the state tïsh commission reportod seriatim: (1) That there was no improper expenditure of moiicy for property at Pokagon, trut that thcre waf some carele,6nees shown as to obtalning a title, which has been corrected. (2) That the eommission acted withiu the scope, of its authority in removing Supt. Portman and appointing his succes6or. (3) That though the commission did direct the superintendent to cover all moneys due the commission by the appropriation, though unexpended, the commission meant and really did no harm . . . The bilí to revise and consolídate the game laws was made the special order for May 3d. Senate, April 26- Nearly the entire session was occupied with the submission of reports on billg, all of which bilis were put on the general order The following bilis were passed : To regúlate the management of railroads and to prevent unjust discriminations against local f reights ; to provide for incorporation of the Grand Temple of Honor of Michigan and subordínate temples ; to amend act of 77 relative to commissioner of mineral statistics; to amend the act incorporating Bay City. House-- Petitions were received from the manufacturers of Albion remonstrating against the "Williams freight discrimination bill" as the same, if passed, will opérate most dlsastrously on the manufacturing interests of the state. The governor communicated his approval of the acts to reincorpórate Caro ; relative tojustices courts in Detroit; making appropriations for the state normal school; authorizing the consolidation of Odd Fellows associations . . . . The joint reeolution submitting an amendment to the constitution prohibiting the traffic in liquor, was put on its final passage and lost ; yeas 56, nays 36, not two-thirds. The following passed on third reading, unless otherwise noted : For a state road in Sherman, Keweenaw county ; authorizing a judge of the supreme court to allow the issuance oï writs of error ; amending charter of Grand Rapids ; for selecting jurors in the upper península; amending section 6630, relative to proceedings against public bodies: relative to Washtenaw county agricultural society ; to prevent maliolous annoyauce by writing; reincorporating Dundee, recommitted to tne committee of the whole; incorporating Sparta; reincorporating Vicksburg ; amending act 167 of 18S1 relative to "Robertson's Michigan in the War;" changing the name of G. W. Porter to George Washington Mahaffey : for the purchase and distribution of volumes containing the general laws of this state with digest of court decisions thereon - otherwise known as "the Howell bill" - passed on third reading; appropriating $129,150 to the deaf and dumb institute at Flint, passed; appropriating $90,000 to the reform school at Lansing. Sesate, April 26.- The special committee on the charges agaiuat the management of the Flint institute, as preferred by O. D. ChapTïiïui. rnnorted. civise' a hístorv of the case. The conelasions reached are that co blame is properly chargeable to the officers or employés 3i the iastitution. That they used all possible precautions, both to guard against the diphiheria, and to prevent its spread from the flrBt moment of its diseovery in their midst. At the saaie time, from the ieeling existing, the comnaittce say the petitioners acted in good faith md did a public service in prompting the inTC6tigation. The regular standing committee au the institution concurred in the report The governor vetoed S. B. 67, legalizing the arganization oL ïractional school district No. 5 ei Forest Home and Central Lake, Antrim rounty. A meeting consisting of two men, their wives, and the mother of one of the wives - five persons - voted a bonded indebtednees of 5800 on the district. The proceedings at the meeting were reversed by the circuit court. The governor dcprecates such unlawful acte, in whichthe trausgressors "rely on the leglslature to make it all right." The message and bil! were laid on the table Gov. Begole signifled his approval of the following acts : For ;he takiug of private property in opening streets in Detroit : for an appropriation lor a boiler at the Pontiac aeylum; making an appropriation Eor the pioneer society ; in reference to title to the lands of heirs of deceased persons; 8. J. R. Eor charging off books of auditor general of certain accounts. The f ollowing passed uniese otherwise noted : Revieing acts lor the support of far sections 1850 and 1851 C. L. : repealing section 10 of act 81 of 1873, relative to state board of health; tabled; amending act of 1S69, relative to powers of flre and marine insurance companies ; amending act of 1864, relative to soldiers' bounties ; recommitted to committee on military aff airs with instructions to report upon the nnmber of soldiers to be afteeted by the proposed amendment and the cost of the same to the state ; to insure pay ment for wages earned and for materials ueed in constructing public buildings or works ; amending act relating to dependent and neglected children ; amending act relating to improyement of Saginaw river ; amending sections 3134 et seq. C. L. relating to institutions of learning; ameuding sections 3271 et seq. C. L. relating to skating park6; yeas 25, nays none TheSenate in executive session connrmed the appointments of James M. Welsh of Detroit and! George M. Henry of Van Buren to be jury commissioners of Wayne for the term of six years. House. - The eovernor, by message, announced his approval of the following acts originating in the house ; To amend chapter 10 of act 164 of 1881, relatire to public instruction etc. To authorize construction of sidewalks along highwaye, townships and village; to amend section 2 of chapter 8 of act 234 of 1881, for 6election of jurors to lay out highways ; to prevent fishing near shutes or nsh ladders; to change name of "First Congregational" to "First Presbyterian" society of Ypsilanti; To amend act relative to sale of leasehold interests in lauds on execution; to authorize issue of patent for certain lands to Gco. Punches ;toameud6ection 5179, C. L, relative to courts of chancery ; to amend act 243 of 1881, relative to building audrepairiugbridges; to prevent fast driving or ridmg over bridges owned by counties ; to amend sec. 23 of act 350 of 1873, relative to Detroit water works system ; to amend act incorpoi ating Corunna The governor also announced that an act to amend section 1 of chapter 7 of "an act granting anil deüniug the powers and duties of mcorporated villagee, approved April 1, 1875," had been deposited in the office of secretary of state. This is the act (originaUy known as H. B. 45, iile 103) giving power to suppress saloons, which the governor signed and approved April 20, 1883... It was voted to open the daily sessions at 9 a. m. hereafter, and to hold sessions on Tuesday, Wednesdav and Thursdry evenings of each week The following passed on third reading : Appropriating $51,000 for the agricultural coller ; to amend section 626 C. L. relative to remováis from office ; requiring the clerk of the supreme court to give bonds in the sum of $5,000; to punish persons who procure or place on record fraudulent conveyances oí real estáte with in tent to deceive ; to provide for diepoeal of money aud property found on bodies of the unknown dead ; relative to executions on judgments in courts of record ; to amend act to incorpórate Dundee, Monroe county ; to enforce epeciflc performances of option contraéis for miuinj, leases or licenses of land. Sbsate, May 1.- A conference committee consisting of senators White, Belknap an( PenniDgton, was appointedon disputed amend ments to the bill to amend chapter 53, C. L. relative to disorderly persons The bill appropriating $62,900 for University expenses, was passed House bill to punish the spearing of fish in any waters in Jackson county, for fiyc y ears, was passed At the af ternoon ession the Fletcher bill, to authorizc the incorppration oí manufacturera' mutual flre insurance companies, was passed To raise dog ;ax to $3, etc. ; all after enaetiug clause etruck out. House. - Tho House in committee of the whole struck out all after the enaeting clause in the bill amending the dog tax law, and the one amending the school law so as to prohibit nepotism by school offleers in hiring teachers, ïad all after the enaeting clause struck out. The House concurred in this action House bill to authoriza foreign co-operative insurunce ctmpanies to do business in this state, was recommitted to the insurance committee The jill in reference to barbed wire fences, recommittcd to the committee on agriculture.


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