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Fatal Railroad Disaster

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An accident happened on tbe mornlng of April 27th on the Chicago & Orand Trunk R. R., one mile west of Olivet Statioa in Eaton conuty, by which three persons lost thelr Uves, and ten or flfteen more injured, eome fatally. The collision was between the regular passenger train moving west and a freight train followina; it. The air breaks to the passenger train did not work successfully and the train was stopped at th: foot of a slight grade and a 8ignal sent back to the frieght train, which was a heavy one. For some reason it passed the signal and rushcd along into the rear end of the passenger train shivering into f ragments two Pullman coaches. The dead are P. J. Wall of Moutrcal, Canada, conductor of the sleeping car, II. Frye of Englewood N. !., and J. v. HiggiBE of Detroit. The wounded are in a critica! conditlon, somo of them being scalded f rom head to foot. The State railroad conmiissioner was present shortly after the accident occurred, and immediately began au investigation. It wa3 very apparent that the accident was not caused by the carelessnsss of any one, but by the breaking down of the passenger train between stations. Aa inobiïated individual staggered from the platform of a Lansingtmrg car yesterday afternoon to allow a lady to get aboard. A sudden start of the car threw the fair passenger into the fuddlod gentleman 8 arms. "Excuse me," said the lady. "You're hio - welcome, ma'am!" was the innocen response. - Troy Times.


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