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Why Tim Didn't Work

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has a tailor named Timothy Flynn, in his employ. The domestic affairs of Timothy and his wife are not conducted with harmony. Broken heads and dismembered articles of furniture frequently attest this íact. Mrs. Flynn usual accompanies Timothy when he goes to the office on Saturday evenings to draw his wages, and as there is a difference of opinión between Mr. and Mrs. Flynn as to which of them has the right to assume the responsibilities of the position. of financia! agent of the familv, the proceedings aro often of a tumuhuous nature. Last Monday Timothy did not come to work. On Tuesday Mr. Peters went to his house to see him. He met Mrs. Flynn at the door. A black eye, a bruised nose and a triumphant smile were her most prominent features. "You seem to have been having a devil of a time, Mrs. Flynn," said Mr. Peters; "you are all broken up. Has-" "Dont talk, Mr. Peters. Lord love ye, dont talk till you see Flynn." -


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