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Bach & Abel's Specialtics. We have at last opened up cmr Spring tnck f Parasols, which we claim to be ( the largest, handsomest and best selected ever exhibited in onr great city. If you have any doubt as to our assertion itwill please ns to have you examine them, and at the same time be a wise thing for you to do. Our stock of Black Silks is complete, and we claim to have the best $1.10, $1.25, $1.40, $1.50, $1.65 and $1.75 Silks ever placed on sale in this or any other city. It would please us exeeedingly to havo every lady in Ann Arbor cali and examine our new Spring Dress Goods. We show almost as complete a line as you can find in Detroit, and at about ten per cent. cheaper. It would be almost a liberal edueation for any lady to examine our immense stock. Black Ottoman Silks are stylish. We have a full line, from $1.25 to $3.00. We sell the best make of Ladies' Muslin Underwuar, in the world. Full line of all kinds of garments necessary to complete a ladies wardrobe. Ottoman llibbons are very desirable. We havo all the shades that are made. Our Hemstitch, All-Linen Ladies' Colored - Bordered Handkerchiefs, at 15c, take the pastry. We have a full line of Ginghams, comprising French, Germán, English, Italian and Yankee. It would please us exceedingly to have you examine them. About two years ago she cominenced cising the ïaraxine, and I am gratified ;o say, since tlien slie has had no recnrrence of those terrible pains. I attribute ier reRtoration to health entirely to the use of Taraxine, and in conclusión wonld say to all who suffer that excruciating of ilí pains, to give Tr raxine a trial. Truly, stc. I. Shipp. For sale by Eberbtuh & 3on. Portland, Oregon, charges $800 for her liquor licenses, and the result is an idle pólice forcé and an empty jaiL I. Shipp Speaks Op His "Wife- Indiauapolis, Ind. :Mr. A. Kiefer - Sir: Bly wife has for several years been a great sufferer from periodical attacks of Neuralgia in the head. Several of the most eminent physicians has been called upon to treat her, but they could only give temporary relief. A ton of pure gold isivorth $700,000. Dr. G. E. West's Nerve and Brain Treatment is a never failing cure for Nervous Neuralgia, Nervous Headache, Overworked Brain, etc. Sold at Brown & Co.'s drug store. A stove made in 1823 in York, Pa., wm recently sold for 3100. We all know that water never runs up hill ; that kisses taste better than they look, and are better af ter dark; that it is better to be right than to be left ; that those who take Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic never have dyspepsia, costiveness, bad breath, piles, pimples, agüe and malarial diseases, poor appetite, low spirits, headaohe or diseases of kidneys or bladder. Price 50 cents, of Eberbaoh & Son. There are 40,000 women in New York City who support themselves. Widb A wake Druggists. - Messrs H. J. Brown & Co. are always alive to tbeir j business, and spare no pains to secure every article ia their line. ïhey have secured the agency for the celebratecT Dr. King's New Discovery for Oonsumption - the only certain cure known for consumption, coughs, colds, hoarseness, asthma, hay fever, bronchitis, or any ' affection of the throat or lungs. Sold on B positive guarantee. Trial bottles free. , A miss fit - hysterics. Hysteria, Dizziness, Fits (or Falling Sickness), Insanity, Diseased Brain and Enfeebled Mind cured by Dr. O. E. West's Nerve and Brain Treatment. Sold at Brown & Co.'s drug store. "Vermont has two wennen acting as mail-carriers. Dr. Benson's Celery end Chaomile Pilis contain no opium, quinina, or other harmful drug and are highly reccomended fur headache, neuralgia and nervousness. 50 cents, at druggists. Beauty is the first present nature gives a woman, and the first it takes away. Be fit for more than the thing you are now doing. "I had Salt Rheum for 19 years. Four packages of Dr. Benson's Sk;n Cure entirely cured me." - F. P. Lavelle, Merced, Cal. $1. at druggists. A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck. Now is the time to treat Catarrh of long staading. Elys' Cream Balm reaches old and obstinate cases, where all othor remedies fail.Do not neglect procuring a bottle, as in it lies the relief you seek. Price 50 cents. Apply into nostrils with little finger. Passing around the hat is one way of getting the cents of the meeting. Ca.arrh. For fifteen years I have been greatly annoyed with this disgusting disease, which caused severe pain in my head, continual dropping in my throat and unpjeasent breath. My sense of smell was much impaired. tíy a thorough use for six months of Elys' Cream Balm I have entirely overeóme these troublcs. J. B. Case, St Denis Hotel, Broadway and llth St., N. Y. Isn't it a little parodoxioal to speak of i man as a crack when he a so set in bis nind that you oant turn him. What the Minister Sats. - Mr. A. Kiefer - My dear sir: I have been afflict?d for the last four years with derangenent of the liver, oansing dyspepsia, aeadache, nausea, and general derangement of the whole system. I have tried i great niany preparation, but found no relief until I tried one bottle of your laxarme whioh has permanently cured me. I also found it to be good for the agüe. I commend it to all who suffer with derangement of the liver. Very truly yours, Rev. Thomas Whitlock. For sale by Eberbach & Son. It is well to flndjout whethevitis bread or stone before you bite. Piles - A Positive Cure. - A certain safe and speedy cure for this disease Jias been disco vered. A single applicatie n of Dr. Deming's Wonderful Kemedy will convince the patiënt of its miraculous power of healing. With the first application iufforintf is practically at an end, and the sufferer is well started on the road to recovery. For sale by Eberbach & Son. The men who live up to their convictions are the old bums sentenced to jail in the winter. "Rotjgh on Rats." - The thing Desired found at last. Ask Druggists for "Rough on Rats." It clears out rats, mice, roaches, üies, bed-bugs 15c boxes. A drunkard's nose is not paintod in water colors. Buchüpabia. - New, quick, complete cure in four days- urinary affections, smarting, diseased discharges, cured by Buclmpabia. One dollar at druggiBte. Michigan depot, Jamee E. Davis & Co., Detroit, Mich. The best armor is to keep out of gnnshot. Gbigg's Glycerine Salvf.- The best on earth can truly be said of Uiiíífí's Glyoerine Balv(, which is a sure cure for outs, bruises, soalds, burns, vvuunds, and all other sores. Will positivoly runpiles, tetter, and all skin eraptions. Sutïsfaction guaranteed or money refunded. Only 25 cents. For sale by Eberbach & Sou. New Estey organs at coat at Wilsey's nusio store. See the new and elegant Miohigan Cottage Organs at Wilsey's I keep sonstantly on hand at my store in the PostofHce the flnest Btock of Stationery and Blank Books in the city. Willis Boughton. Agent- I am agent for all the newspapers, periodicals and magazines in the world. Cali and see me. Boughton's News Depot. Í3SH Will stand for mares the season of 1883, at East side of Court House, M. M. Green's Livery and Feed Barn, Ann Arbor. M. M. GREEN. C C C week in your own town. Terms and $5 JÖD outflts free. 1 Address H. Hallett & Co., Portland, Main CFOR THE PERMANENT CURE OF S CONSTIPATION. - No other diseaso ia so prevalent in thls tÜ " try as Conetipation, and no remedy lias ever fcequaUed the eelebrated Kidney-Wort as a c E cure. Whatever tlio cause, however obstinate W iö the case, this remedy will overoome it. i(0 ri rQ THIS diatressing O ■ I Etw ■ plaint Is very apt tobe L; oomplicated witiiconati pation. Kidney-Wort ! ■Jstrongthens the weakened parta and quickly n 'cures all Mnds of Piles even when physicians J1 os and medieinea have before failed. tij EF"If Tu have either of these troubles u plpRICEtl-1 USE I Druggists Sell' TlS ASURE CURE I for all diseases of the Kldneys and I It has Bpeciflo aetlon oa this moet important E 1 organ, enabling it to throw off torpidity and 1 1 J inaotion, tünulating the healthy ecretion of ' F 2 tlio Büe, and by keeping: the bowela in freo k f oondiöon, effeoting ito regular discharge. 1 ■%■! Ifyouarosufferingfrom f i IVl dl dll Cía malaria, have the ohills, il 1 are bilious, dyspeptio, or couBÜpated, Kidney L j "Wort wül surely relieve and qnidtly oure. k I In the Spring to oleanee the Bystem, every f 4 one should take a thorough oourse of it. S0LDBY_DRUCCI8TS1_PrJcejU-J Estute of Philip Lutz. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, ss. At a session of the probate court for the county of Washtenaw, holden at the probate office in the city of Ann Arbor, on Saturday, the 14th day of April, in the year onc thousand eight hundred and eighty-three. Present, William 1. Harriman, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Philip Lutz, deceased. Ou reading and flling the petition, duly verifled of üatherine Iutz, praying that a eer tain instrument uowon file in this court purpor ting to be the last will and testament of sak deceased maybe admitted to probate, and tha Adam Seyler maybe appointed executor thereo Thereupon, it is ordered, that Monday, the 14th day of May next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for Ose hearing cf said petition, and that the devkees, legatees and heirs-at-law of said deceased, and all other persons interested in said estáte, are required to appear at a session of said court, then to be holden at the probate office, la the city of Ann Arbor. and show cause, if any there be, why the prayer of the petitii nier should not begranted: And it is further ordered Uiat said petitioner give notice to the persons interested in said estáte, of the pendency of siii.l netition. and thehearine ig a cupy of this order to bo published in the ínn Arbor Demockat, a newspaper printed and irculatedin said county, three successive weeks irevious to said day of hearing. WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN, A true copy) Judge of Probate. Wm. ü. Doty . Probate Register. ïstate of Bussell Briggs, Incompetent. "TATE OF MICHIGAN county of Washtenaw 5 ss. At a session of the Probate Court for the ounty of Washtenaw, holden at the probate ofice in the city of Ann Arbor, on Thursday, the Jth day of April, in the year one thousand ight hundred and eighty -three. Present, VVilliam D. Harriman, judge of proate. In the matter of the estáte of Russell Briggs, ncotn petent. Myron Webb, the guardián of sai1 ward, :omes into court and representa that he is novv trepared to render his flual account as such guardián. Thereupon, it is ordered, that Saturday, the til dav of May next, at ten o'clock in the orenoon, be assigned for the examining and a( owiug such account, and that the next of kin of aid ward, and all other persons inter■sted n said estáte, are required to appear at a ession of said court, then to be holden at the proate office, in the city of Ann Arbor, and íhow cause, if any there be, why the said iccount should not be allowed : And it is f urther rdered, that said guardián give notice to the jersons interested in said estáte, of the pendency f said account, and the hearing thereof bv causng a copy of this order to be publLshed in 1'he Ann Arbor Democrat, a newspaper printed nul eireulated in said eounty, two successive veeks previous to said day of hearing. WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN, A true copy. Judge of Probate. William G. Doty. Probate Register. Real Estáte for Sale. STATE OF MICHIOAN. County of Wastenaw- ss. In the matter o( the estáte of Ann L. Covert, deceased. Notice is hereby given, that In pursuance of an order Rranted to the undersigned administrator of the estáte of said deceased, by the Honorable Judge of Probate for the County of Washtenaw, on the sixth day of February, A. D. 1X83, there will be sold at public vendue, to the highest bidder, at the east front door of the court house, in the city of Ann Arbor, in the county of Washtenaw, in saiá State, on Saturday. the 19th day of May, A. D. 1883, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day, (subject to all eneumbranees by mortgage or otherwise existing at the time of the death of said deceased), an undivided onehalf of thefollowing described real estáte, to-vit: Situated in the township of Ann Arbor, af or jsaid , lying on the north side of the Dexter road, west of the city of Ann Arbor; andbeing bounded on tue south by said Dexter road about six rods, on the east bylands,owned by Norman B. Covert, about ten rods; on the north by the garden fence, being about ten rods north of the Dexter road ; on the west by lands formerly owned by Dr. A. Sager, about ten rods. NORMAN B. COVERT, Administrator. Dated Ann Arbor, Feb. 8, 18S8. CAUTION. AN ACT requiring the holders of unreeorded deeds to record sueh deeds or furnish tbe sanie for record. Buenos 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, l'hat whenever any grantor whu has heretofore conveyed, or shall hereafter convey, any real estáte within this State, shall have or hold in liis possession any unreeorded deed or deeds, through or uuder vhich he derived title, of any lands by him so eouveyed, it shall be his duty, on the written requeRt of hisgrantee or any subequent grantee, to cause such deed or deeds lo lic recorded in the oftice of the Register of Deeds of the proper county, or cause the same to be deliyered to sueh itrantee demanding the same, for the purpose of reoording, within twenty days f rom the time when such written request shall have been served upon him. Sec. 3. If such grantor shall neglect or refuse to record such deed, or deliver the same to such grantee, after having been requestod so to do, as provided in the precedlng seetion, within the time above limiteJ, he shall be liabie to „aid grantee, his heirs, representatives or assigns, in the penal sum of one hundred dollars damages; and also for all actual damages occasioneel by such negleet or ref usal to the person or persons entitled thereto, to be reco ered in an action on the case, wir.h costs of suit' Approved June 1, 1881. Cominissioncrá' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw. The undersigned haviug been appointed by the Probate Court for said county eoinniissioiiers to receive, examine and adjust all claims and demands of all persons agaiust the estáte of Owen Oallagher, iate of said couuty deceased, hereby give notice that slx months f rom date are allowed, by order of said Probate Court, for creditors to present their claims against the estáte of said deeeased, and that they v. 11 meet at the late residence of said deceased, in the townsbip of Webster, in said county , on Tuesdav, the 19th day of June, and on Weduesday.the 19th day of September next, at 10 o'clock, a. m., of each of said days, to rective, examine and adjust said claims. Datöd Maruh 19, lb3. PHILLIP DUNLAVY, EDWABD DUFFY, Coinmissiouers. Coinmissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtcnaw. The undersigned having been appoiuted by the Probate Court for said county oommissioners to receive, examine and adjust all claims and demands of all persons against the estáte "f Thomas H. Fuller, late of said county iieccitscd, hereby give notice that six niouth f rom date are allowed, by order of saM Probat Court, for creditors to present their claim agaSIst the estáte of said deceased, and tha they will meet at the late residence of said de ceased. in township of York, in said county. on Tucs-day, the 2(ith day of June, and on Wednes day, the 28th day o? September next, at 1 o'clock a. m., of each of said days, to reoeive examine and adjust cleims. Dated March B, 1883. JOHN W. BLAKESLEE, WILES DEXTEK, Commissioners. HSTYLES.)Jt tHE UNÏr PERFECT mwebiaI &Sq LËTél Superior Adam D. Seyler. SOLÉ AGEXT FOIt THIS CITY AND VICIMTY, No. fi Jí. MAIY ST. ■& ■ fy ■ , Ufe is sweeplng by ; go and I l" I dare, before you die, something Is r J I mighty and sublime ; leave be L V I liind in conquer time." Sixty dollars a week in yoiir own town; flve dollar outit free. No risk. Everything new. Capital not required. We will furnish you everything. flany are making fortunes. Ladies make as much as men. and bovs and glrls make great )ay. Reader, if you want business at whica you ;an make great payall the time, write for the particulars to H. Hallett & Co., Portland, Me. R1NSEY & SEABOLT, No. 6 & 8 Washington St., Have on hand a complete stock of everything in the Grocery Line. Teas, Coffees aiwl Siigrnris In large amounts. and at Prices And can sell at Low Figures. The large invoiee of teas they Buy nnd Sell. is good proof that in Quality and Price they Give Bargains. They Roast thcir onn Coffees every week; and none but prime articles are used. Their Bakery tnrns out excjllent Bread. Cakes and Crackers. Cali and see them. "$500 REVIRO." We will pay the above reward foranv case of Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, 8ick Headache, Indigestión, 'onstipation or Costiveness we cannot cure with West 's Vegetable Liver Pilis, when the directions are strictly complied with. They are purely vegetable, and never fail to give satisfaction. Sugar coated. Large boxes containing 30 Pilis, 25 cents. For sale by all Druggists. Beware of counterfeits and imitations. The genuine manufactured only by John C, West & Co., "The Pili Makers," 181 and 183 W. Madison St., Chicago. Free trial package sent by mail prepaid on receipt of a 3 cent stamp. i ÏTR EATM E NT " HEALTH IS WEALTH ! E. C. West's Nerve and Brain Treatment, , speciflc for Hystera, Dizziness, Convulsiona, Tervous Headaehe, Mental Depression, Loss of Memory Speraatorrhcea, Impotency, Involunary Emissions, Premature Oíd Ase, caused by ver-exertion, self -abuse, or overindulgence, hiiii lead to misery, decay and death. One ox will cure recent cases. Each box contains ne month's treatment. One dollar a box or x boxes for five dollars; sent by mail postpaid n receipt of price. We guarantee six boxes to ure any case. With each order received bv us or six boxes, accompanied wltb flve dollars, we 'ill send the purchaser our written guarantee o return the inoney if the treatment does not ffectacure. Guarantees issued by firown & Jo., sole authorized Agts. for Ann Arbov. Mich. ohn C. West & Co., sole proprietors. 181 anü lfö V. Madison St.. Chicago. 111. "hënry matthëFsT Has the pleasure io inforn the public thnt ho ii ' ready to receive them in his uev "orick MEAT MARKET! ONE DOOR E AST OF LEONARD HOUSE. Everything in his line wiil be first-class, and At Roasonab!e Ratos. He returns nis sincere thanks to all his oíd cus. omerS for their generous patronage, and cordi ally invites them, and all new customera to hi; new quarters, where he hopes by fair dealing ti nlarge his alreadv erowins business. Our New Directory. The canvass for our new city and county directory is progressing very favorably. To those who have not already subscribed for the same the publishers wish it to be distinctly understood that no copies will be printed or for sale after publication of the same. The canvassers will be round in a few days, calliug for nformation, and we advise all who may wish a copy to subscribe while the work s beingdone. We guarantee a f ar superior work to the last one,and at the price of 83.00 it is cheap, taking into consideraron the large amount of detail that is required in such a publication. Wendell Dieectory Co., Publishers, Ann Arbor, Mich. u -"K SÜnnlKSIH e i.' a s ' j cy w S g ■ - L H s i . ) ' 2 - ■ v „r e - fa _jnmLi . iiLjjuii -2 i w-mm i ii h to aasSiT - í.V:''1'1.1' :tiB os MI ■ ■ Ö Endorsed by thu Frenen Academy of Medicine for 1NFLAMMATI0N OF THE URINARY ORGANS, caused by indiscretion or exposure. Hotel Dieu Hospital, Paris, trratment, Positive cure in one to three days. Local treatment only required. No nauseous doses ol Cubebs or Oopaiba. Iufallible, Hygienic, Curative, Preventive. Prlce $1.50, including Bulb Syringe. Sold by all druggists, or sent free by mail, securely sealed, on receipt of price. Descriptive treatise free on application. AMERICAN AGENCY ' 06" MEDICINE CO., Detroit, Mich., and Windsor, Ont. Sold in Ann Arbor by O. 1L. Holmes, Cook House Block. ff TJA WEEK. $1-' a laj at liorae easily 4 L made. Costly outRtsfree. Addrcss True dfe Co.. Augusta, Maine. Abstracts of Titles on Real EstáteI HAVE a complete compilation of the Official Records of Washtenaw County to date. inclu diníí all Tax Titles, Executions, any incumbrance on Real Kslat, that is of BdOOrd in Registera office, is shown by my books Office, in the office of the secretary of the Washtenaw mutual insurance coinpany, in the basement of the c house. C. H. MANLY, Ara Arbor. Mtch Fan Ir Ut o The Finley Farm, In Scio, Wastenaw County, OF 400 ACRES, FOR SALE- PRICE. $70 PER ACRE. Eitflity acres of wheat on the ground. A small farm mmld be taken in exchange. Will let the sheep to the piirchiiser if desired. DAVID M. FINLEY. Ann Abbor, March 22, 1883. FORJJALE. A FINE FARM OF 60 ACRES, -I AND ONE HALF MII,ES FHOM THE COURT L House, on the South Ypsilanti road. Or will sell thirty acres of the same. J. W. HULBERT. Til Favorlte, Pive-Drawer SSüffjbdiM. There mnst be some good reason wlíy thretfourths oL all the Scwing Machines sold every year are GENUINE SINGERS. Buy one yourself and you will flntl It out We keep at our office a complete assortnient of SEWINC MACHINE NEEDLES, FOR ALL MACHINES. OIL, PARTS, &c. BEST QUALITY SEWING MACHINE OIL FIVE CENTS PER BOTTLE. Needlesforthe New Family Singer one cent each. Silk Twist and Linen.for Shoemakers and Carnage Trimmers, Twenty to thirty per cent. less than any other house in the city, Ottiee on Huron st., two doors west ol NaviMifs Bank, Ann Arbor, Mich. The Singer Manufacturing Co. L. O'TOOLE, Agent. JtKS. L. IV. FITCH. HAIR-WORK OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Hair TSTets, Invisible Crimps, Braids, Cnrls, &c. Hair-Dressing for Brides, Balls and Theatricals a Specialty. Hair-Jewelry Braided in any Pat'n HuronSt. - - Ann Arbor. t3TI will not i rexponmble lor any work left thirty days from notice of finish. DO YOU TAKE A COÜÑTY PAPER ? IDüiofe, and you are about to subscribe for one we invite your atteution to the ANN ARBOR DBI0GRÁT ! And respectf ully inform you that It is the People's Paper. IT PUBLISHES FULL ItEPORTS OF ALL IMPORTANT EVENTS In Washtenaw county. It gives a concise and interesting summary of THE WORLD'S NEWS, EYjreign, American, Congressional, Western nïid Northern. It prints 1HE NEWS OF MICHIGAN, Boiled down for brief reading, and gires a fu. synopsis of the doings of the legislature. It chronicles ALL THE HAPPENINGS OF ANN ARBOR, The county Beat, giving full and accurate reportó of the Circuit Court, Political Meetings, Farmers' Clubs, University and School Matters, Eto., Etc. IT IS FEARLESS In its denunciation of monopolies, and all other burdensthat weigh upon the People; and shows up all frauds regardless of who it hits. It pubiishes A GOOD SlOIiY Every week, and has interesting articles for the young. tSIts Price is $1. Per Year, in Advanee, And is regarded by its subscribers as too yaluable toloan; sodon'ttryto borrow. We invite your attention to some of the many complimentary thingsthatarebeingsaidof The Demochat' "It evinces shrewdnees, push and ability." - Lanmng Journal. 'Itismaking friends evtvjday. It is a wellconducted and readable oceet."- Pontiac Biïl Poster. "A rery enterprlsing, wide-awake local jour nal, full of uew and good sayings."- ücnose (liint) Democrat. "It ís a live, spicy newspaper, and a valuable addition to the journalistic list of Washtenaw Tecumseh Hcrald. "Editorially, locally and typographically It 1 one of the flnest looking papers Ujat ever cam into thisofflce."- Detroit Evening News. Thb Dkhocrat abounds in able andvigorou editoiials, a great variety of local Information and idteresting general news and rniscellaneou matter." - Jackmn PatHot. 'THE DEMOCRAT" Ia Published Every Thureday Mornüic. O. Li MATTHEWSAttorneyiat Lawand Notary Public Real Estáte. Insurance and Loan Agency. Deeds, mortgages and other papers carefull drawn. Have houses and lots for ale or ren or to exchange for farm property, also farm for sale. Froperty looked after by the year.taxef paid insurance attended to. and rents collectei at reasonable rates. Have city property tha can be bought on long time so tnat a siuall sum added to what you now pay out for rents wl secure you a home of your own. I represent th Northwestern National Inr.urance company, ani the Mechanica and Traders of N. Y. Loases wi be promptly adjusted and paid. Money to loa at six (6) per cent. Office over Kinsey & Seabolt's store, Ann Ar bor. Mich. KV - dWlnB oor New ÏIOIIHKHOLI ART BWrgilV-ll ■ r I - and PLATFOUM FAMII.Y Wllh HPTIMkJ'.T.K. Wcitih; lip to -.'S lhs. Pno jf I.SO. Domatic Scalo Co., Cin'ti O f r t. ff Ifi per day at home. Sample 3)3 10 J)U worth$5free. Address Stinson Co.. Portland Maine. AUF ADTIÍT QIRI CC ■" furnhlwd Aeents intHr 1 DIDU.CO2.-,iMiniN.i-Bi.,i,.ii7iI FOR5HEK Sc McMACKlN.Cinunnati.O. AlTtil'1D il"IL Business: Locáis. Ttk Traveler's Life and Acoident nsurance Compant, of Hartford, Conn., s the oldewt accident insurance company in America and the largest in the world, and is now paying over three housand dollars every day for death and disabling in jury by accident. The Craveler's also writes all desirable fornis of life and endowment insurance on the ow rate all cash stock plan. lts rates ör life and endowment insurance are about seventy-five per cent. of those of i other leading companies, and offers I cnrity second to none. Mr. Eugene K. Frueauff is resident agent of the Travelers'. IW Special attention gwen to collec;ions in the city of Ann Arbor and elsewhere, by Eugene K. FrueaufF, attorney, Room 3, Opera House. Farm for Sale.- The Glasier farm, of 170 acres, one mile east of the city. Inquire of J. F. Lawrence, Opera House block. Mrs. Miller who keeps the Diehl house onDetroit srteet would be pleased to have those in want of meals or an oyster stew, to give her a cali. g-Imus pays cah for live chickenB. Those desiring aid in procuring pensions would do well to apply to O. L. Matthews, attorney at law, office over Kiijsey k Seabolt's store, Ann Arbor, Mich. He has procured a full line of blanks for that purpose from Washington, and will nttend promptly to all business eotrusted to his care. Contract for Fence, of all kindR, slat and wire fence a specialty, and for ditching and tileing, will be made by William S. Barry. All work warranted satisfactory. Address Wm. Barry, Ann Arbor. For Sale.- A No. 1 flrst-class cow. For particulars inquire at the residence of B. F. Cole, one mile west, on Miller avenue. Spring Overcoats and Ulsterettes can be found at the Star, A. L. Noble. The most complete line of Furnishing Goods at Noble's Star Clothing House. FRED SORG, Dealer in MTS, OILS JARNIffi BSUSHES, WINDOW GLASS, nd all Painters' Supplies of the Best Quahtv SHOP AND STORE iö and 28 East Washington '.&■ ANN AHBOR. - MICMiGA JOSEPH ALGER, DEALER IN Fresh, Smoked and Salt =MEATS= Vlarket on Ann St, Opposite Court House. Watches and Jewelry! j. mi se, 40 South Mnin Street, Dealers in the Leadine AMERICAN WATCHES! In Gold and 8ilvr Cases, in Stem and Key Winding, Manutbctured by ilie Leading Watch Comoanies GOLD WATCH CHAIE üf Standard Quahty and Various Patterns. A Large and Complete Assortment of Lace Pins, Ear Rines, BraceletsFinger Rings, And Studs. Silver Platefl Ware From tbe Most Reliable Manufacturera at Bottom Priccs. The Repairing of Fine Watehes is in Cbarge of Competent aud Sküled Workmen. at Fair Priees. A Rare Gh anee. The undersigned offers his FARM FOR SALE. ISaid Farm consists of about ' 275 Acres of Arable Land, about 160 Acres Improveu. It is located on sections 1 , 2 and 12, in the townskipof Dexter, on the stage road between Dexter and Pinckney, about five miles __ irom eaeh place. The land is in a High State of Cultivation, Well fenced and watered, and particularly wel adapted to raising sfock of any deecription. Upwards of 80 aeres of Wheat in. BARNSwith BASEMENTS, Nearly new, and capa We of stabling 40 to 50 head of sheep. A portion of the land is particularly well adapted to PEACH CROWINC. There are now nearly 2,000 trees on the place, two years old, just cominencins to bear. The farm is in splendid shape for any one to take hold of and MAKE MONEY. My reason for selling is that I have not time to attend to it. (y One-fourth or one-thira down. Long time on the remainder, mRKE „ Bibkett, WashtenawCo., Mich. Bniïjiüii MRS. WM. BALL HAS REMOVED HER Dress Making Establishment over Wines & Worden's Store. ■ hbs k ■■ people are always on the lookout III I I I for chances to increase th.'ir Wa I J r earnings, and in time become H V ■■ wealthy. Those lio do not im prove their opportunities remain in poverty. We offer a great chance to make money. We want many men, women, boys and girls to work for us right ii their own loealities. Any one can do the work properly from the flrst start . The business will pay more tlian ten times ordiuary wages. Expensive outflts furnished free. No one who engages fails to make money rapidly. You can devote your whole time to the work, or only your spare moments. Full nformation aud all that is needed sent free. Address Stinsojj &Vo., Portland, Me. C. E. HOLMES, Proprietor of tüe City Drug Store ! Has the choicest lot of perfumes and the Largest Stock of Pure Drugs ! In the city. 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Whilethigls more economical it also aids obtainingabetter "fiúl" or grade-to the drain. A full assortment of "Jl sizes, for sale te sm quantities, or car load lot?, at tha FBBDOH LÜIBER Til JAS. TOLBERT, Agent. "Tile, the Greatest Labor-Saving Machine of the Age." To Vie Editar of The Chicago Tribune. Dwiöht, 111., March 16.- One 'of the strongest and mxt eonvineing f acts that I have yet seen with regard to tile drainage s brought out in the December report of the Agricultural Department of Illinois. It is this: ACREAGE. Aoreage in coru in Livingston County, 1881 268,597 Acreaee in cora in Logan County, 18S1. . 140,859 Livingston over Loga 137,738 YIF.LD. Yield of oorn In Livingston County, 1881. .6,9SS ,r22 Yield of corn in Logan Oouuty, 1883 5,070,924 Livingston over Logan 1,902,598 In other words. Logan County has raised near ly as much corn on 140,859 acres as Livingston county has on 268,597 acres. Put it in another form the farmers in Livingston County have been obliged to plow nearly doublé the acreage of land (268,597), and have raised but a very small percentage of increase of corn over their brethern in Logan County, who only had to plow 140,8-39 acres. Let us give it anotber twist: A A farmer wbo bas his land well tilled need only work eighty acres of land and grow just about as much corn as the man who plows 160 and takes all the risks of drouth and much besides. It is not fair, then, to conclude that the greatest labor-saving machine to-day of the age is the tiledrainï From the same souree of iuïormaüon I gather the following as regards the progress of tile-drainage iu these two counties: Fect. Total number of feet laid in Livingston County uptolSél 1,140,793 Total number of feet laid iu Logan County up to 1881 3,989,409 This table proves beyond all theory that owing to the free uBe of tile that one county has been able to produce nearly as much corn on 140.000 acres of land as another county has produced upon 268,000 acres, which is nearly doublé, and the beauty of the whole is that it was done with half the workl Mr. Editor, suppose a kind Providence should lengthen out the spin of our days until we saw ifiinois tnoroughly tile-drained, where would be put the corn that this State would produce, and what would we do with our "silver dollars?' Samuel T. K. Pkime. l 1CHIGAN CENTBAL RAILROAD. TIME TABLE, MAY 14tb 1882, GOING WEST. Á.K. A.M. P. M. P. M. P.M. P.M. uetroi Lv. 7.00 9.35 5.55 4.05 8.00 9.5 . T. June 7.15 .55 B.IOI 4.20 8.15 10.10 Wn.Mle Judc... 7.53, 10.Ü9 B4ÏI 4.411, 8.45 iO 40 TpèllaBt] 8.5:3! 10 48 7 05 5.05i H.08! ll.-á Aun Arbor f.45 U 00 7.24 5.221 9.2A 11.17 UuiHT 9.18 7 481 5.3 9.44 Chelsea 9.25 8.05 5.52; lu.00 Gr;slukf 95U 8.32 j2 10.30 P. M. A.M Jackson Ar. 10.10 9.00 11 05 JïCksou Lv. 10.20 12.15 B.55 a.m. 1-2.45 Albio" 11.04 12.50 A 7.40; 11.55 1.22 „„rubul. I1.8U LS0 „- 8.05 12.Ï0 1.43 PM K ü Battle Ore. k.„ 12.19 155 ? 8.40 12.47 2.07 ' a. ta. öaltsbnrg 12.53 a.m. 9.15 Kulauiazoo 1.13 2.36 4.50 9.35 1.35 ü.47 Lawtou 152 5.25. 2.13 Ltectitui 2.07 5.42 2.32 Dowagiac 2.29 6.07 3 57 Niles 2.55 4.04 6.60 3.37 4.15 Biiclmna 3.08 7.02 3.42 l'bree Oake.... 3.38 7.ÍTÍ 4.12 New Buttido... 3.58 4.52 7.40 4.35 Midi. uity 4.23 5.18 8.08 5.03 5.28 Lake 5.13 ü.02 8.54 5.51 6.18 KeiMlnuton 6.00 ti.50 9.45 6.40 7.11 Chicago iA 6.50 7.40 10.35 7.80 GOINtt KAM. I 3 o . ai . 3T no L - i il -il J II U AM. A.M. P.M P. M.,P. . Jtliago Lv. 6.45 9 00 3.40 5 15 9.1C RimKiuirtoil 7.3.5 9.50 4.30 .05 10. laku 8.17 10.27 ö.ü B.50 10.41) fllcfl. City...... 9.0o 11. lü li.00 7.38 H.-3 Sew Bufialo... 9.37 11.3a 6.A5 11.55 Phree Oaka 9 42 6.40 j, a. m. Bnchanan 10.10 p.m. 7.06 1 Miles 10.35 12.18 7.37 9.001 lü 45 Dowugiac 11.58 if.Ot) LIS Decatur_ 11.18 8.88 IJX! Lawton 11.85 1 8.53 a.m I . Kalamazoo 12.12 1.881 9.30 6.51) 10.25 Í.30 Balc-sburg 12.35 I 5T 7.08 Battle Croek... 1.03 %.UMfi 7.1 11.0b 81 p. m. SP. Marshall ... 1.30 3.00 ?$ 8 06 11.88 8. .lbiou 2.U 3.21 ?-=- 8.32 11.68 4.1S A.M. A. M. Jackson Ar. 8.06 Jacksoii Lv. 3.09 4.05 7.05 9.30 12.40 5.0 3rasaLake 3.33 7.38 9.50 5.3 Jhelsca 3 58 7.50 10.0 5.5 Dexter 4.15 8.08,1 " 11 I i B.U innArbor 4.37 5.07 8.1 o :.. M 4.04 1 .3 fpallantl 4.55 5.23 ; I i lü.41 S.3U 6.J iVayne June... 5.20 5.45 .08, 11.0P 2.11 7 r. 3. T. June 6.00 Ü.V 9.45 11.35 3.20 7.1 Uetroit Ar.l 8.15 .4i 10.001 11JO ..ö .0 The New York Expres, a fast train leavea L'lii3ago at 3.30 in the afternoon and makes the foliiwing stops, Mich'gan City, 5,30; Niles, ti.2T; Kulimazoo 7.40; Battlo Creek, 8. 16; Jackson, u.aH; Ann Arbor, 10 6; ïpsilanti, 10.41; G. T. Junction, 11.25; Uetroit at 10.40' 1'. M. 'Sunduy uxeepted. '4Laturday & bunday excopttM fDaily. ÜEHRY V. WtTW0HfB, H.B. LEUYiRIi. O. f 7.A... Chicago. Gén' ttto rpüLEDO, ANN AEBOR & GRAND TRUNK ' X RA1LKOAD. Taking effect Sunday, December 10, 1883 Trains run by Columbus time. GOINQ NOkTH GOING SOÜTB g' É S È g o g ■ L t; STATIONS HÈ mg Oi W W W P. M. P. M. I A. M. A. M. P. M. P. M. 6.80 6.10 1 8.35 lvT'ledoar 9.35 8.85 5.-H 30 3 25 1 8.40 Man'n. Jn 9.32 8.88 6 6.40 3.32 8.47 AlexiH J'n 9.23 3.18 5.38 7.35 4.09 9.29 Monr'eJ'u 8 41 2.20 4.51 7 50 4 17 H.40 Dundee 8.32 2,07 1 4. l 8.10 4.27 9,64 1 Azalia 8.20 1.47] t,- 830 441 10.01)1 Milan 8.05 1.28 4.10 8.55 4.59 IC. 19 Urania 7.52 l,0t 3:7 9.15 5.10 ' 10.25 Pittsfleld 7.42 12.40 8.47 9 35 8.20 10.35 Anu Arb'r 7.30 12.25 3.SS p. M. ! lv ar a. M. a. ii. 11.20 6.55 12.32 1 Jaekson 5.20 9.20 1 9.50 a. M. i 1.07 9.00 2.15 BattleCr'k 3,40 7.58 7.58 1.55 9.L5 2.56 j Kalamazio 2.50 7.10 T..i P.M. 7.30 I 10.50 4.50 O. Rapids 10.40 6.50 6 ■-' 6.15 10.35 AnnArbor 12.25 8.35 6.50 11.20 SthLyons .... I 11.25 1 8 (n . .. 7.30 12.02 Howell 10.82 j .v 8.45 1.20 Lansing 9.10 1.00 10.15 3.00 Ionia j 7.45 11 15 .... 11.55 5.04 Edmore 6.10 9.W Connections- At Toledo, with railroads tl ■ ing; at Alexis, with Canada Southern, L. S & Rl. S and F & P M railroads; at Manhattan Junctt in. with Wheeling & Lake Eaie Monroe Junction with L S & M S ; at Dundee, with L S & M S railroad; at Milan, with W St I, &P railroad; at Pittsfleld, withL S& M S., at Ann Arbor. with M C railroad; at South Lyon, with D L & N railroad. H. W, ASHLEY, W. H. BENNETT, Supt. General Passenger Agent. T AKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN Lj RAILWAY. YPSILAN'TI BRANCH- LANS1NO DITTBIOK. GOINÖ WEST. LÏAVE. MAIL. Ypsilanti 7 00 a. m. 9 15 a. m Pittsfleld Juuction 7 40 a. m. 9 34 a. m. Saline 8 27 a. m. 9 45 a. m Bridgewater 9 15 a. m, lOOSa.m. Manchester 10 23 a. m. 1023a. ui. Watkine 10 55 a. m. 10 88 a. m. Brooklyn 11 40 a. m. 10 55 a. ni. Hillsdale 3 25 p. m. 12 0ñ p. m. Bankers 3 50 p. in. 12 0 p. in GOING EAST. lkave. ail. Bankers 8 00 p. m. 8 10 p. m Hillsdale 8 80 p. m. " 3 25 p. n Brooklvn 1 00 p. m. 4 27 p. n Watkins 1 50 p. m. 4 42 p. m. Manchester .. 2 50 p. ra. 4 55 p. in. Bridgewater 3 25 p. m. 5 13 p. m. Saline 4 10 p. m. 5 29 p ra. Pittsfleld Junction 4 40 p. in. 5 88 p. m. Ypsilanti 5 15 p. m. 5 55 p. m. Way Freight goes west Monday, Wednesday and Friday ast, Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday. W. H. CANNIFF, Suoerinteudent. Goo. W. Hall, Ticket Agent.


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