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Wanted - rain. Wheat looks well. Geo. Ardner is better. Eight more weeks of school. Wm. Healy is home on a visit. Ann Arbor still keeps growing. The base ball season has opened. Are we going to have any summer. Base-ball. University 13, Adrián 1. Oouncil meeting next Monday evening. Many houses are in course of ereotion. Three new store fronts put . in this week. Hangsterfer ha3 opened on Huron street. Saline ahipped 40'000 lbs. of poultry last week. W. B. Cady is assistant manager of the orera house. The saloon men are pa) ing their lioenses this week. Jay Gould and party passed through here Sunday. Chief Nowland will continue to act as poor-master. An adjourned term of the circuit court next Tuesday. The reduction in the tobáceo tax took place Tuesday. A paved gutter ia being laid around the post office. J. Hoffstetter will run a saloon and tobacco store only. Henry C. Waldron, of Lansing, was in the city Tuesday. Geo. Dignan expects to return to Fruit Port in a few days. Bead the advertisement of Fred Bettich Jr.. this week. C. S. Fall of East Saginaw spent Sunday with his f amily. Chas. D, Heath is the popular bartender of the St. James. The Detroit and university base-ball clubs play this afternoon. Dr. Wilson has a fine suit of rooms in the post office building. Henry Binder will perhaps engage in the bottling beer business. There is some talk of bridging the M. C. B. B. on Detroit street. J. Q. A. Sessions has moved his office trom Huron to Main street. The senior medies will be on the anxious seat for a few weeks yet. Dundee is the most sidewalkless and churchless town in Michigan. □ Jas. Stevens, of Lodi, is in the employ of Stienfield, the boss clothier. A. Kearney and wife expect soon to visit the hot springs in Arkansas. Michael Clancy of this city bas taken the Boston Pilot for over 40 years. Wm. Flynn, of Kalamazoo, has been visiting his people on First street. G. P. Armstrong, of Deming, N. M., has purchased the Hamilton block. Decoration day is to be observed by the:ladies society of the fifth ward. Go and see the children at the opera house to-morrow afteroon at 2 r. m. A new restaurant has been opened in the old Sondheim store on Main street. Aid. Luick and Kearns have been appointed boiler inspectors by the council. Members of the board of review: Edward Duffy, Philip Baoh, and L. Gruner. The appropriations for the university has passed both houses of the legisiature. A young people's social was held at the Methodist church last Wednesday evening. A new sidewalk will be put down in front of the Eeynold's building, Ann street. W. J. Barton, a high school utuden died Tuesday. He was injured playing foot-ball Considerable complaint is made tha the justice offices are closed about hal the time. Awmngs are being put np all ove town - like the bluebird they are a sign of spring. May 14th Duprez & Banedict's min strels will give an entertainment in th opera house. Next Monday evening Duprez & Bene dict's minstrels will hold forth at the opera house. J. D. Baldwin has a lot of the best va rieties of peach trees which he will sell at low figures. Píate glass fronts are being put in the stores occupied bv Wm. Arnold and J, Hoffstetter. Cashier Tolchard ordered the lightning change maker which F. Bettich Jr., lias now in use. In Dundee they liave a drummer. I is safe to say he differs.from the majority o f the "bhoys." O. F. Hunt will leave in a few days for Detroit to enter the law office of Oolonel John Atkinson. According to the amount of moving that is being done it.must be cheaper to move than pay rent. Edward DufTy reporta a big time at the Philadelphia land league congress,of which he waa a delégate. Dr. Darling is examining physician for the Ohio Central Life Insurance Company of Cincinnatti. Geo. W. Tubbs of Delhi Mills recently killed ten blue racers, whose added length measured 50 feet. A car load of the celebrated Niágara beer has been ordered by young Fred Kettich, at Binder's oíd stand. Miss Fannie Stevens of this city, attended the meeting of the missionary society at Morenci last week. Ex-Policeman Porter has several large jobs on hand, and expects during the summer to employ 25 hands. J. Hoffstetter, the well known proprietor of the old Charles Behr stand, has a half column ad. in this issue. The court house square is not kept so nicely as under the Jeff Davis regime. He raked it up once in a while. Sheehan's exhibition with the children is the most entertaining exhibition of the season, to-morrow afternoon, at 2 P. M. The novéis of Miss Evans Mrs. Southworth and Mrs. Holmes have been banished f rom the public libra ry in Cleveland. Fred Kettich Jr., in order to acconiodate his many customers, was obhged to remove the partition in the rear of his aloon. We are indebted to Frank Pullman for a piece of music of his own composition. Mr. P. is a worthy colored gentleman residing in Ypsilanti. A new sidewalk has beed put down m front of T. Matthews' meat market on Ann street. Adjoining property owners should follow suit. Mrs. Hellen G. Handy, wife of I. C. Handy, died Wednesday morning of occlusion of the gall duet. She was a sister of ex-Alderman Sumner. G. F. Schenette, who has charge of a bridge gang at Marshall and in the employ of the Michigan Central, was in the city the first of the week. At Dundee lately we had the pleasure of meeting our friend Carr of the Dundee Beporter, formerly with the Argus. He prints a newspaper. 400 Mormon recruits from England passed over the Central yesterday, and the prettiest woman amongst them wa3 homely enough to sicken a Zulú. M. Sheehan gave a very fine entertainment in the opera house Tuesday evening. At the request of many citizens it will be repeated to-morrow afternoon. Mrs. Chas. Hendricks of this place, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Curtis, died Tuesday morning aged 23 years of inflamation of the bowels. The funeral waï held yesterday. Kate Kane who was put in jail for contempt of court in Milwaukee the other day is a gradúate of the law department, class of '79. Her language to the judge was more forcible than elegant. Bach & Abel bid $28,300 for the stock of Camp, Mornll & Camp, at the auciion sale in Jackson, Tuesday, but The Daily Patriot says that the hammer feil t $34, 200 with D. V. Bunnell as the purchaser. Monthly meeting of the pomological society to-morrow. Reports on the cudling moth, new varieties of fruit, implements of horticulture will be made. Orchardists are i equested to exhibit winter apples. For the year ending April 1, it costthis city $1,353 to care for the indigent poor; burying the dead $110; and for those maintained at the county house $128,43; tle ten families sent away $24,45. Total $1,616,62. F. H. Jones, of Wayne, a brakeman on the M. C. R. R. got his foot caught in a frog, and before he could extricate it, he was run over by a freight train. His limb was badly mangled. Dr. Smith attended the injured man. ötein, the butcner, attempted to kill a steer Tuesday. After being shot in the head, and with its throat cut, it managed to get away and after running through several streets, the animal was captured near the steam saw mili. Jerome Colgrove raised a barn Tuesday for Fred Kemphf, of Northfield, 56x 108 feet. Twelve bents were raised within an hour. D. J. Ross if the contractor. The barn will cost $2,200. This makes 55 barns raised by Oolgrove and in no instance ha3 an accident occurred. Some twenty-five of the ex-emplary and morally emulons young people of York township were welcomed into the York Baptist church by baftism on Sunday last. This large addition to the membership of the society is the result of the revival meetings held there during the early part of last winter. Editors of the Oracle board: f rom the independents, E. F. Demmón, Wm. A. McAndrew, R. C. Peters, and O. B. Taylor were chosen. The society nen are J. E. Burchard, Delta Kappa Epsilon, A. F. McEwan, Alpha Delta Pai; George Whyte, Beta Theta Pi; and F. T. Wright Phi Kappa Psi. Two ladies were also elected- Miss Sarah E. Satterthwaite and Miss Eliza P. Underwood. Chris Schuohmacher and J. B. Rich son have rented Noble's shop, and wil carry on the business of the planeing mili the same as bef ore. A. F. Darrow haR estublished a stage route betweenWhitmore Lako and Ann Arbor. All orders left at C. E. Holmes drug store will be at tended to promptly The production of the comio fairy opera " Iolanthe," at the Grand Opera House, May 25th, by an amateur com pany of forty-two persons, promises to be one of the most enjoyable entertain ments of the season. Some of the more attractive features of the performance will be Speil's Detroit orohestra, the gorgeous new costumes of the Emma Abbott Opera Co. for Iolanthe, colored calcinon light to be thrown on the groups of fairies and peers, a handsome chorus of faries, and above all an opera replete with charming melodies and funny incidents. Fox's Illustrated Week's Doings is the neweat novelty in metropolitan journalism. It is the onlj Illustrated Sunday Paper in the country and as far as we know the first. If it is, there never was more creditable pioneer in journalism published. The ilustrations ai e graphic in character.appropriate in selection and superb in execution, and the literary contents of a high order of merit. The Referee discourses on sporting matters with authority. The dramatic world is reviewed with snap and vigor by an "Insider," who evidently has a right to the name. And the Prowler recites the current sensations and seandals like a true man about town. The Illustrated Week's Doingahas a career before it if Mr. Fox's efficiënt management does not relax. Morning News, Wilmington, Del., Jan. 4, '83. The immense audience at the opera house last evemng to greet Duare & Benedict's gigantic minstrels may se regarded as a personal compliment to ;he popular and veteran manager, Charles H. Duprez. Before the curtain rolled up not only the seats in all parta of the ïouse but many of the aisles were ed, anl even standing room was at a premium. The actual number of paid admissions feil few short of 1,900. The troupe fully sustained its excellent reputation won on formar visita to Wilmington, and gave a first class performance containing many novelties, and kept the audience in continual roars of laughter. Torn Warfield and rohie White rank among the best end men in the country, and both were heartily encored whenever they appeared. The character sketches, specialities and the music.both vocal and instrumental, were superior to those presented by any similar organization whioh has ever appeared here. We may add that this troupe is by odds better now than at any previous time since its orgmization, and its members will do their best to amuse and interest our people this evening.


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