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Attention, Breeders! Irwin's oelebrad t rotting stallion Membrino Gold Dust ie now making the season. The owner has reduoed the price to $15 for ;he season. This stallion ia one of the 3est stook getters in the country ;has taien flrst premium for last three yeare for jest trotting stallion at Washtenaw :ounty fair. His colts are showing a very faut gait of speed, large eize, kind and ïentle. For particulars inquire at Kearns Bros' blacksmith shop, corner Ciithorine and Fourth streets. P. Irwin. Soldiere, uttentionü Milo B. Stevens &Co.,the well known war claim attorneys, will be represented at Ann Arbor Wednesday and Thursday May 23rd and 24th 1883, by their Bpecial aj?ent. Soldiere and others interested in clnimns for pension, Increase of Pension, Arreara of pay and Bounty, of those charged with desertion, or other claims, it is hoped will (five him a calL His whereabouts may be ascertained at the office of the County Clerk. For Sale Aofl To Bent. Farms, Unirnproved lands, and City Property. ALSO MONEY LOANED! F. S. Parker, Dealer iu Real Estáte. Office : Main Street, opposite the Court House, Ann Arbor Mich. TRUE Tempérame Is not signingapledge or taking a solemn oath that cannot be kept, because of the no n -removal of the cause - liquor. Thewaytomake a man températe is to kill the desire for those dreadful artificial stimulants that carty so many bright intellects to premature graves, and desolation, strife and unhappiness into so many families. Itisafact! Brown'sIiom BiTTMis, a true non-alcoholic tonic, nuide in Baltimore, Md.,by the Brown Chemical Company, who are old draggists and in every particular reliable, will, by removing the craving appetite of the drunkard, and by curing the nervousness, weaknets, and general ill health resulting from intemperance, do more to promote temperance, in the strictest sense th&n any other raeans now known. It is a well authenticated fact that many medicines, especially' bitters are nothing but cheap whiskey vilely concocted for use in local option countries. Such is not the case with Brown's IronBitters. Itisamedicine, a cure for weakness and decay in the nervous, muscular, and digestive organs of the body, producing good, rich blood, health and strength. Try one bottle. Pnce í5i.oo. J. HOFFSTETTER Has improved bis PLACE OF BUSINESS AND IS NOW READY TO ATTEND TO THE MANY CU3TOMERS THAT HAVE PATRONIZED HIM FOR YEAR8. EVERYTHM NEAT AND CLEAN. TIVOLI BEER, The only kind on TAP in the City. ALL KINDS OF THE BEST LIQUORS, WINES. TOBACCO, AND CIARS ON SALE AT J. HOFFSTETTER'S, 34 South I jiin St., ANN ARBOR, - MICH. F. REÏÏICH;Jr., SZ 1 mr w o. ca i ■■■■■■ ca ui pi ÏT! i i 50 SOUTH MAIN STREET. ST. JAMES HOTEL. TL. STONE, Proprietor. The best house in the city for Washtenaw oouhty people. Fine rooma. well furnished. Everything ttrictly flrst class. Sam. B. Revenaugh Is now taking the Best Class 01 Pliotopapbs iln the City at Prices to Suit the Times, Ground Floor Gallery. COODRICH BLOCK, East Side ot the NEW COURT HOUSE. Get Youi Property Insured By C. II. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT No 4 South Main St., Aun Arbor. The oldest agency in the city. Estabiished a quarter of a eentury ago. Representing the following flrst-elass companies : Home Ins. Co., of N. Y., f 7,000,000 Continental Ins. Co., of N. Y. 4,207,206 Niágara lus. Co., of IS. Y'., 1,735,563 Giraid Ins. Co., of Phila.. 1.132,486 Oriënt Ins. Co., of Hartford, 1,419,522 Commercial Uuion of LoDflon, 12,000,000 Manhattan Ins. Co., of N. Y., 652,117 Q3T Rates low, Losse liberally adjusted and promptly paid. C. H. MILLEN. RINSEY & SEABOLT, No. 6 and 8 Washington t ., Have on hand a complete stock of every thing ia the Grocery Line. They buy their Teas, Coflees, and Sujarai ■ In large amounts, and at And can sell at Low Figures. The larga invoice of Teas they Buy and Sell, i good proof that ia Quality and Price they Give Bargains. TheyRoast their own Cofïees every week, a". none but prime articles are used. Their Bakeryturns out excellent Bread, Cakoand Crackers. Cali and see them. CATARRH A PositiveCure PSÉfpEAM BALM iSlS'giJ CATARRH rAUAOjJi5''jjB AND HAY FEVER. H& yL9 B Ayreeableto' SJ) tfl I taqualed for Cohl L B in thr Hectü, -&J&Í ' s&M Headache and DeafmVP-E '"'SK' '"' any kind "' WQzPtí' r . N niucus membranal _o ■'■ 1 irritations, inflamed jTv e-'i-i,..- or rouSh surfaces. HAl'FEVEP A preparation of un ■ ■ """"! doubted merit. Apply by the little flnger lnto the uostrils; It will be absorbed, effectually cleansing the nasal passages of catarrhal virus, causing healthy secretions. It allays inflammation, protects the membranal linings of the head f rom additional colds, comptetely neals the 3ores and restores the sense of taste and smell. Beneflcial results are realized by a few applications. A Thorough Treatinont Will Cure. Cream Balm has gained an enviable reputation wherever known; displaeing all other preparations. Send for circular, containing ful] mfonnation and reliable testimoniáis. By mail, prepaid, flfty cents a package- stamps received. Sold by all wholesale and retail druggists. ELY'S CREAM BALM CO.. Owego, N. Y. The Bad and Worthless Are never imitated or counterfeited. This is especially true of a family medicine, and it is positive proof tliat the reniedy imitated is of the highest value. As soon as it had been tested and proved by the whole world that Hop Bitters was the purest, best and most valuable family medicine on earth, many imitations sprang u p and began ïo steal the notices in rhich the press and people of the country had expressed the merits of H. B„ and in every way trying to induce suffering invalids to use their stuft" instead, expecting to make xnoney on the credit and good name of H. B. Many others started nostrums put up in similar style to H. B., with variously devised names, in whieh the word "hop" or " hops" were used in a way to induce people to believe they were the same as Hop Bitters. All such pretended remedies or cures, no matter what their style or name is, and especially those with the word "hop" or "hops" in their name, or any way connected with them or their name, are imitations or counterfeits. Beware of them. Touch none of them. Use nothing but genuine Hop Bitters, with a bunch or cluster of green hops on the white label. Trust nothing else. Druggists and dealers are warned against dealintr in imitations or counterfeits. MAdNETiejVfEDICINEj. CÍbrAIN &NERVE FOOdSH Positlvely cures Night Losses. Spermatorrhea, Impotency, Nervous Debility, Leucorrhea. Barrenness; and for all weakness of the generative organs in either sex it is an Unfailing and Positive Cure. Tones up the debilitated system, arrests all involuntary discharges, removes mental gloom and despondency,and restores wonderful power to the weakened organs. With each order of twelve packages, accompanied with flve dollars, we will send our guarantee to refund the money if the treatment does cot effect a cure. It is the cheapest and best medicine in the market. Full particulars in pamphlet, which we mail free to any address. Sold by all druggists. One package 50c; six for $2.50, orsent by mail on receipt of price, by addressing the Magnetic Medicine Co., Detroit, Mich. tGuaranteea issued in Ann Arbor by C. E. Holmes. Cook's Hotel Block. c TH E C RE AT C UI Rl El S 53S J I -RH EU MA Tl SM- S „ Aa it Is for all ths painful diseases of tho -o KIDNEYS.LIVER AND BOWELS. L (B Xt cleanaoa tb n syetem of the aorid poison 0 tliat cauaea tlio dreadful Biiffering wliich q q only the victima of Rheuinatiflni can realice. ■c THOUSANDS OF CASES J JJ of the worst forma of this terrible dinease - O havo been quickly reliev&d. and in short time 5; P PERFECTLY OURED. O riUGE, f 1. MUI'ID OR DRY, SOLD BY URl'GGISTS. -q á4Dry can be sent by mail. 'O WELLS, KICHABJ3SOM a Co.. Burlington Vt. c HAS BEEN PROVED The SUREST CURE for Ikidneyjdiseases. i " Does a lame baok or disordered urine cato that you are a viotim P THEN DO NOT E HESITATE; use Kidney-Wort at once, n gisia recommend it) and it will Bpeedily t come the diaease and restore healthy action. o 0 I oHïac For oomplaints peculi ar . L LdUICoi toyour eex, suchas pain J v and weaknessos, Kidney-Wort is unsurpaaBed, - tí ao it will act promptly and safely. JL EitherSex. Incontinenoo, retention ofurine, o briek duat or ropy deposita, and dull dragging c O pains, ftll speedily yield to its curative power. 5 8OLD BY AlJi DBUQHSTS. Price gl. iLYON&HEALYd State & Monroe Sls-Xhicago-a for 13. aW piijtes, 210 biipravintiiS ''"-H Stands. Prum Major1 Stuff, and IT Hu, Sumlty Bnd Outnt, Repalrfng II MalerUI, 1O Inclndet lmtrnctlon 0(1 K- ff f. arcUt tor Anmteur Baud% sud a CataiotfUfMU of Choic Baad Miula, JtV - y A WEEK, made at home, by the inII" f ■■ dustrlous. Best business now before ■ I I the public. Capital not needed; we M ,b will start you. Men, women. boys and girls wanted everywhere to work for us. Now is the time. You can work in spare time or give your whole attention to the business. No other businesi will pay you nearly as well. No one can fail to make enormous pay by engagIng at once. Costly outflts and terms free. Money made f ast, easlly and honorably. Address TÊD1 & Co , Augusta, Me.


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