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Lo! I Am With You Alway

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O promise full of sweetoess 1 O words oL rapture rare ! What height and depth of joy ye bring To spirits bowed with care. üur eartb-fricnds íall around us, The ones we loved to meet ; We lose the life-light of thcir eyes, The hand-clasp warm and sweet. They come not when we cali them ín tones of anguish sore; They answer not our mortal speech From the bright farther shore. But ah ! tato our darkness He speaka - our present Friend- "Lo! I am wlth you alway," now, And "even unto the end." "Lo ! I am with you alway." In days of peace and rest, His presence and His smile of loye E'er make our joy more blest. 'Lol I am with you alway." ín evening's solemn shade And when the night of sorrow falls, "'Tis I, be not afraid." Yea, more, when comes that moment - The loneliest- "the End," We shall not íear while He is near, OurSaviour, Brother, Friend !


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