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Who Their Pa Was

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Drummer. A Cincinnati traveling man lias a bright little daughtcr who doesn't get to see him very often, as his business keeps him away from home a great deal. The other day the ruembers of the family' and several visitors were watching her playing witli a lot of kittens. She was talking to them, and coddling them in the sweetest kind of way, and this is what the folks heard her say: 'Oh, you cute little kittens. You dear, sweet little things. Here comes your mamma, and you will be so glad to see her, won't you?" Then her voice became sad - -'But where is your papa? I never see him around, and he doesn't come to see you, does he? I wonder who your papa is. Oh, I know, I guess he must be a traveling man!" and the laugh the company gave the little girl was the first ïntimatioB she had that she was being overheard. Bengstran murdered his wife and buried her in Minnesota, and his story that she had eloped was so implicitly believed that no suspicion of his crime aróse. But after a year of remorse he committed suicide, leaving a f uil writton cofession. l'here are said to be .100 practiciñg young lawyers in New Haven, Conn., rhose incomo does not ayerage $15 per week.


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