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They Wanted Harmony

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Cari Pretzcl. A discontentcd couple had for months been devising schernes in order that happiness might once more perch on the center table of their home. The husband loved his children and his home, and his wife. The wife loved her husband, the babies and her home, nevertheless, they quarreled constantly. At last the husband said that he would comply with any request the wife might make for the sake of harmony. "Agreed," said the wife. "You want harmony and so do I; give me flfteen dollars." "Am I compelled to buy the comniodity we seek?" asked the husband. "Yes; a part of it," replied the lady. "All right; I will pay that amount, that our purpose may be accomplished. But you will have no objection to explain what use you intend to make of the money," said the husband. "None in the least. But those 'Langtry bangs' are so lovely, and I can obtain them for fifteen dollars, and I will be so good to you. Now give me greenbacks, and you'll have harmony and I will have hair-money, too."


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