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Hiiinbngged A rain. I say so much said about the merits of Hop Bitters, and my wife who was always doctoring, and never well, teased me so urgently to get her some, I conoluded to be humbugged again; and I am glad I did, for in less than two months' use of the Bittere, my wife was cured, and she has remained so for eighteen months since. I like such humbugging. - H. T., St. Paul. - Pioneer Press. Kalamazoo, Mich., Feb. 2, 1880. I know Hop Bitters will bear recoommendation honestly. All who use them confer upon them the highest eeoniums, and give them credit for making cures - all the proprietnrs claim for them. I haqe kept them since they were first offered to the public. They took high rank from the first, and maintained it, and are more called for than all others combined. So long as they keep up their high repntation for purity and usefullness, I shall coutinue to Reccommend them - something I have never before done with any other patent medicine, J. J. BABCOCK, M. D. Too much drink creates acid. Fresh air, exercise, good food and Dr. Benson's Oelerv and Ohaomile Pilis will, when used to-gether, cure any case of nervousness, sick headache, or indigestión. They strenghthen the nervous system. 5000 physicians brescribe them. "For four years I suffered agony from a skin disease. Dr. Benson's Skin Cure cured me." C. B. McDonald, Plantersville, Ala. $1. at druggists. Breathing quick and vehemently is a sign of malignant disease. A Startling Discovery. Physicians are often startled by remarkable liscoveries. The fact that Dr. King s New discovery for Consumption, and all Throat ahd Lung diseases is daily curing patieDts that they have given up to die, is startling them to realize their sense of duty, and examine into the merits of this wonderful discovery; resulting in hnndreds of our best Physicians using it in their practice. Trial bottles free at H. J. Brown & Co.' Drug Store. Regular size $1.00Art aids, but nature perforaos the cure. These Are Solid Facts. The best blood purifier and system regulator ever placed within the reach of suflering humanity, truly is Electric Bitters. Inactiyity of the Liver, Billiousness, Jaundice, Constipation, Weak Kidneys, or any disease of the urinary organs, or who ever requires an appetizer, tonic or mild stimulant, will always find Electric Bitters the best and only certnin cure known. They act surely and quickly, every bottle guaranteed to give entire satisfaction or money refunded. Sold at fifty cents a bottle by H. J. Brown & Co. Codflsh, dry, boiled, digeBts in two hours. Don't give up and say there is no help for Catarrh, Hay Fever, and Cold in head, since thousands testify that Ely's Cream Balm has entirely cured them. Price 50 cents. Apply into nostril with httle finger. Liquids replete more easily than solids. From Major Downs, Military Instructor, Mt. Pleasent Academy, Sing Sing, N. Y.: During the very cold weather I was suifering with Catarrh. My head and throat ached so that I was obliged to give up everything and keep quiet. Ely's Cream Balm was suggested. Within an hour from the first applicaticn 1 feit relieved, the pain began to subside. In two days was entirely cured. W. A. Downs. Feb. 15, 1881. Spontaneous lassitude foreshows disease. That poor, bedridden, invalid wife, sister, mother, or daughter, can be made the picture of healthjby a few bottles of Hop Bitters, costing but a trine. Will you let them suffer? Monotonous noises favor sleep. Dr. W. H. Nelson, Northport, Mich., says: "I sel! a large quant ity of Brown's Iron Bittere, and find it well liked." When sleep soothes delirium it betokens well. Messrs. Corbin & Woods, Shennan, Mich., say: Brown's Iron Bitters sells wsll ond gives general satisfaction." Allopathy - The cure of one disease by setting up another. "Every truth has two sides; look at poth before committing yourself to either." Kidney-Wort challenges the closest scrutiny of its ingredients and its grand results. It has nothing to fear from truth. Doctors may disagree as to the best methods and remedies, for the cure of constipation and disordered liver and kidneys. But thoseithat have used Kidney-Wort, agree that it is by far the best medicine known. lts action is prompt, thorough and lasting. With Diamond Dyes any lady can get as good results as the best bractical dyer. Every dye warranted true to name and sample. "Little thanks are due to him who only gives away what is of no nse to himself." The thanks of invalids the world over are being showered on the inventor of Kiduey-Wort, for it is giving health to all. Kiduey-Wort moves the bowels regularly, cleanses the blood, and radically cures kidney disease, gravel, piles, billious herdache and pains, which are caused by disordered liver and kidneys. Thousands have been cured - why should you not try it? Faded articles of all kinds restored to their original beauty by Diamond Dyes. Perfect and simple. 10 cents, at all druggists. In protracted illness a severe régimen is dangerous. In consumption, diarrheea is dangerous. If you are sick Hop Bitters will surely aid Nature in making you well when all el se fails. Grigg's Glycerine Salve.- The best on earth can truly be said of Grigg's Glycerine Salve, which is a sure cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, wounds, and all other sores. Will positively cure piles, tetter, and all skin eruptions. Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. Only 25 cents. For sale by Eberbach & Son. I. Shipp Speaks Of His Wijs- Indianapolis, Ind. :Mr. A. Kiefer - Sir: My wife has for several years been a great sufferer from periodical attacks of Neuralgia in the head. Several of the most eminent physicians has been called upon to treat her, but they could only give temporary relief. A Kepokt of Clerk of Circuit Court. - Clerk's Office, Johnson Co., Ind.- Mr. A. Kiefer: During the spring and summer my wife was a great sufl'erer from dyspepsia and indigestión, caused by a torpid liver. About a month ago she began using your Taxarine, and the first two doses gave her so much relief that she continued the use of it until two bottles had been taken; and 1 take pleasure in say in ? that her health is entirely restored. Yours, etc., Isaac M. Thompson, Clerk Circuit Court. For sale by Eberbach & Son. Bttcklen's Árnica Salve.- The greatest medical wonder of the world. Warranted to speedily cure burns, bruises, cuts, ulcere, salt rheum, fever sores, cancere, piles, chilblains, corns, tetter, chapped hands, and all skin eruptions. Guaranteed to cure in every instance, or money refunded. Twenty-five cents per box. For sale bv H. J. Brown & Co. Free! Free! ! Free! !! - New discovery for piles. A new remedy för this dreaded disease has been discovered by Dr. Deming. A single application will convince the most skeptical of its most wonderful healing powers. By calling on Eberbach & Son druggists, you can obtain a sample box free of charge, which will satisfy you of its curative qualities. The first real skin cure ever discovered was Dr. Benson's Skin Cure. It cures all rough and scaly skin diseases and makes the Bkin smooth and healthy. It is an ornament to any lady's toilet. Kcmeiubcr Th Is, If you are eostive or dyspeptic, or are suflering from any other of the numerous diseases of the stomaeh or bowels. it is your owi) fault if you remaln ïll, for Hop Bitters are a sovereign remedy in all such complainta. If you are wastingaway witli any form of Kidney disease, stop tempting Death this momeut, and turn for a cure to Hop Bitters. If you are sick with that terrible sickness Nervousness, you will flnd a "Balm in Gilead" in the use of Hop Bitters. If you are a frequenter, or a resident of a miasmiatic district, barricade your system against the scourge of all couniries - malarial, epidemie, billious and mtermittent fevers - by the use of Hop Bitters. If you have rough, pirnp'y, or sallow skin, bad breath, pains and aches, and feel miserable generally, Hop Bitters wil] give you fair skin, rich blood, and sweetest breüth, health, rnd comfort. In short they cure alt Diseases of the stomach, Bowels, Blood, Liver, Nerves, Kidneys, and Bright's Disease. $500 wil] be paid for a case they will not cure or help. Suffer no longer from Dyspepsia, Indigestión, want of Appetite,loss of Strength lack of Energy, Malaria, Intermittent Fevers, &c. BROWN'S IRON BITTERS never fails to cure all these diseases. Boston, November a6, 1881. Brown Chemical Co. Gentlemen :- For years I have been agreat sufferer from Dyspepsia, and could get no relief (having tried cverything which was recommended) until, acting on the advice of a friend, who had been benefitted by Brown's Iron Bitters, I tried a bottle, with most surprïsing results. Previous to taking Brown's Iron Bitters, everything; I ate distressed me, and I sufferetT greatly from a. burning sensation in the stomach, which was unbearable. Since taking Brown's Iron Bitters, all my troubles are at an end. Can eat any time without any disagreeable results. I am practically another person. Mrs. W. J. Flynn, 30 Maverick St., E, Boston. BROWN'S IRON BITTERS acts like a charm on the digestive organs, removing all dyspeptic symptoms, such as tasting the food, Belching, Heat in the Stomach, Heartburn, etc. The only Iron Preparation that will not blaeken the teeth or give headache. Sold by all Druggists. Brown Chemical Co. Baltimore, Md. See tht all Iron Bitters are made by Brown Chemical Co., Baltimore, and have crosscd red Unes and trademark on wrapper. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. Ely's Cream Balm has completely oured me of Catarrh of wbich I have been afflicted over ten years, after tryinj? almost every remedy reccomended, none having proved so effective and thororgh. S. J. Aiken, wholesale dealer in boots and shoes, 143 Federal St., Boston Mass. Ely'e Cream Balm íb the best remedy I have ever sold for the cure of Oatarrh, Hay Fever, Gold in the Head, &c. It affects a cure ín almost every case and gives relief immediately. C. E. Holmes, Druggist, Ann Arbor Mich. TT H E C RE AT CU REU I 553 ï -RH EU MA Tl SM- S _ Aa it is for all tlie painfiü diaeasea of the -o L KIONEY8,LIVER AND BOWELS. g cj Xt cleanees th" ayetem of the acrid poison M that causes the dreadful suffcring which O only the victima of Itheumatiam can rcalize. = THOUSANDS OF CASES -J L of the worst forma of this terrible disease Dj have been quiekly relieved. and in short time ; PEftFECTLY CURED. ' PRICK, $1. I.IOVII) OK ItUY, SOLD BV DRUGGISTfl. 44Dry can be sent by maiL 3 WELLSBICHABDSOar&Co.BurlingtonVt. il IE I FOR0NE,TWO,ORTHREE YEARS, THIRTY ACRES. OF LAND! Three miles from Ann Arbor. For further particulars address, box 1036, Ann Arbor, Mich. RINSEY & SEABOLT, No. 6 & 8 Washington St., Have on hand a complete stock of everything in the Crocery Line. Teas, Coffees ívii1 SvtgTivrís, In large amounts, and at Casli Priceö And can sell at Low Figures. The large invoice of teas they Buy and Seil, is good proof that in Quality and Price they Give Bargains. They Roast their own Ooffees every week. and none but prime articles are used. Their Bakery tnrns out excellent Bread, Cakes and Crackers. Cali and sec thern. f ■■ f P not, life is sweeping by ; go and UL I" I dure. beforeyou die, something W F I mighty and sublime ; leave beI 1 ■■ I hind to conquer time." Sixty dollars a week in your own town; five dollar outfit free. No risk. Everything new. Capital not required. "We will furnish you everything. Maüy are making fortunes. Ladies make as miicn as men. and boys and glrls make great pay. Reader, if you want business at which you can make great pay al! the time, write for the particulars to H. Hallett & Co., Portland, Me. MAGNETICMEDIGINF bÍTBrAIN &ÑERVE FOODjfSIS Positively cures Nipht Losses. Spermatorrhea, Impotency, Nervous Debility, Leucorrhea. Barrenness; and for all weakness of the generative organs in either sex it is an Unfailing and Positive Cure. Tones up the debilitated system, arrests all involuntary discharges, removes mental gloom and despondency,and restores wonderful power to the weakened organs. With each order of twelve packages, accompanied with five dollars, we will send our guarantee to refund the money if the treatment does cot effect a cui-e. It is the cheapest and best medicine in the market. Full particulars in pamphlet, which we mail free to any address. Solil by all drugjtists. One package 50c; six for $2.50, orsent by mail on receipt of price, by addressing the Maguetic Medicine Co., Detroit, Mich. t3Guarantees issuod In Ann Arbor by C. E. Holmes, Cook's Hotel lilock. (-STYLESJ-ÏHE i-i.V PERFECT I MATErTaI" QrLDgjUPFBinB Adam D. Seyler. SOLE AGEXT FOR THIS CITY AM) VIC1SITY, o. 6 Jï. MAIJí BT. MBS. T.,. N. FITCH. HAIRWORK OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. lïair TVets, Invisible Crimps, Brairtss, Curls, fco. Hair-Dressing for Brides, Balls and Theatricals a Specialty. Hair-Jewelry Braided in any Pat'n Huron St. - - Ann Arbor, 191 wttlwit be regpongible for anywnrk Icft tliiriy days froni noticc of imi. Tls Favorite, Five-Drawer Sinter MacMne. (o) There must lie sorae good reason why threefourths of all the Sewing Machines sohl every year are GENUINE SINCERS. Buy one yonrself and you will ftnd it out We keep at our office a complete assortment of SEWING MACHINE NEEDLES, FOR ALL MACHINES. OIL, PARTS, &c. BEST QUALITY SEWING MACHINE OIL PIVE CENTS PER BOTTLE. Needlesforthe New Family Singer one cent each. Siik Twist and Linen, for Shoemakers and Carriage Trimmers, Twenty to thlrty per cent. less than any other house in the cit3r, Ollicc on Huron t., two doors west oi SavingH liauk, Ann Arbor, Midi. The Singer Manufacturing Co. L. O'TOOLE, Agent. $500 REWARD. We will pay the above reward for any case o: Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, In digestión, Oonstipation or Costiveness we cannot cure with West 's Vegetable Liver Pilis, when the directions are strictly complied with. They are purely vegetable, and never fail to give satisfac tion. Sugar coated. Largeboxes containing30 Piils, 25 cents. For sale by all Druggists. Be ware of counterfeits and imitations. The gen uine manufactured only by John C, West & Co., "The Pili Makers," 181 and 183 W. Madison St. Chicago. Free trial package sent by mail prepaid on receipt of a 3 cent stamp. kd3&K lgW üf jfcSiJtf T r r ATM f" fJT"" I HEALTH IS WEALTH ! Dr. E. C. Weat's Nerve and Brain Treatment, a specific for Hystera, Dizziness, Convulsión, Nervous Headache, Mental Depression, Loss oi Memory öpermatorrhcea, Impotency, Involuntary Emissions, Premature Oíd Age, caused by over-exertion, self-abuse, or over-indulgence, which lead to misery, decay and death. One box will cure recent cases. Ëach box contains one month's treatment. One dollar a box or six boxes for ftve dollars; sent by mail postpaid on receipt of price. We guarantee six boxes to cure any case. With each order received bv u for Rix boxes, accompanied with flve dollars, we will send the purchaser our written guarantee to return the money if the treatment does not effect a cure. Guarantees issued by Brown & Co,, sole authorized Agts. for Aim Arbor. Mich. John C. West & Co., sole proprietors, 181 and 183 W. Madison St., Chicaeo, 111. - _ _: p! lIMfligfagSj L_ Osffi J- g O p í? _= HHWWísk ?l m IlL ; - 1. ,„_ KÍ ttmÊSmammmmmmt. 'S 1 Sam. B. Revenaugn Is now taking the Best Class oi Piiotograplis .In the City at Prices to Suit the Times, Ground Floor Gallery. COOORICH BLOCK, East Side of tbe IVE1AV COURT HOUSE. a -3k AcentA wanteti. $5 u Iay made m1I Mi -dlrainK ourcw HOI .'sKIIOLH V IÍTI ElWwruEnlJicrKs una platform kamily Mm é ■ClTJflKJsCALE. Wi'itrhM up to '.'5 lb. Price, JJ W ' -50. Domcitic Scalü Co., Cia'ti, O DrussMöliJL o MRS. WIKI. BALL HAS REMOVED HER i Dress Making Establishment over Wines & Worden' Store. I JOSEPH ALGER, DEALER IN Fresh, Smoked and Salt =MEATS= Market on Ann St,, Opposite Court House. . Notice to Creditors. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw ss. Notice is hereby given, that by an order of the probate court for the countj' of Washtenaw, made on the Hth day of May, A. D, 1883, six months from that date were allowed for creditors to present their claims against tlie estáte of Philip Lutz, late of said county, deceased, and that all creditors of said deceased are required to present their claims to said probate court, at the probate office in the city of Ann Arbor, for examination and allowance, on or bef ere the 14th day of November next, that such claims witl be heard before said court on Tuesday the 14thday of August, and on Wednesday the 14 th day of November next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of each of said da3s. Dated, Ann Arbor, May, 14th, A. D. 1883. WILLIAM D. HAERIMAN', Judge of Probate. 1 ■ f I f f" people are arrfayson the lookout llff I V L for chances to increjose their ■W I J r earnings, and in time become II %ƒ Li wealthy. Those wlio do not im prove their opportunities remain in poverty. We offer a great chance to make mouey. We want many men, women, boys and girls to work for us riglit in their own localities. Any one can do the work properly from the iirst start. The business will pay more than ten times ordinary wages. Expensive outfits furnished free. No one who engages fails to make money rapidly. You can devote your whole time to the work, or only your spare moments. Full information and all that is needed sent free. Address Stinson&Co., Portland, Me ffiOA WEEK. $12 a day at home easily f made. Costly outfitsfctree. Address True & Co.. Augusta, Maine. ffpp a week in your own town. Terms and $5 J)DD outfttsfree. Address H. Hallett & Co., portland, Maiue 0UFñP'"""7' RIRI FJ Ever Vurni.hed A(renti. UntAr J DllSLLOi.'„Mll„.rl!6n.;171lc.i: rafrtnrr. II..I'. Vcnloi A nr!TO UU lUTTn li iKSHHK & MCMACK1N rincinnati.ü. H"""" fl "'u WK mf g JEBS jy ifmK m tB Endorsed by the French Academy of Medicine for 1NFLAMMATI0N OF THE URINARY ORQANS, caused by indiscretion or exposure. Hotel Dieu Hospital, Paris, treatment. Positive cure in one to three days. Local treatment only required. No nauseous doses of C'ubebs or Oopaiba. Infallible, Hygienic, Curative, Preventive. Price $1.50, including Bulb Syringe. Sold by all druggists, or sent free by mail, securely sealed, on receipt of price. Descriptivo treatise free on application. AMERICAN AGENCY 'W MEDICINE CO„ Detroit, Mich., and Windsor, Ont. Sold in Ann Arbor by C. E. Holmes. Cook House Block. jThöffstëttër Has improved his PLACE OF BUSINESS AND IS NOW READY TO ATTEND TO THE MANY CUSTOMERS THAT HAVE PATRONIZED HIM FOR YEAR8. E7ERYTHING NEAT AND CLEAN, TIVOLI BEER, The only kind on TAP in the City. ALL KINDS OF THE BEST LIQUORS, WINES, TOBACCO, AND CIARS ON SALE AT J. HOFFSTETTERVS, 31 South Matn St., ANN ARBOR, - MICH. C. E. HOLMES, Proprietor of ihe City Drug Store ! Has the choioest lot of perfumes and the Largest Stock of Pure Drugs ! In the city. Also everythidg in the toilet and fancy ooods line, atprlees lower tlmn anywhere else. Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. No. 12 Dook; Hotel Block, Ann Arbnr, Michigan. EBERBACH&SON Dealers in Drugs, Medicines And a fine lot of French Hair Brushes AND Ene;lish!Toothi Brushes. We cali special attention toour stock of Chemical Glass-ware, Apparatus, - -AND Pure Chemicals of our own importation. A full line of TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS At list priees. STTJIDEHsTT S Are cordiallj invited to examine our stock as qnality and priees. EBERBACH & SON. FRED SORG, Dealer in PAINTS, OILS, VÁRNISHES BRUSHES, WINDOW (1LASS, And all Painters' Supplies of the Best Quahtv SHOP AND STORE 26 and 28 East Washington 's-. ANN ARBOR. - MICMIGAN JACKSON fIRE CLAY CO. Manufaoturers oí Stone Sewer Pipe - AND-DIR-AJUsT TILE. All our Drain Tilo are made of Fire Clay, are of unusual strength and light weight, which ma terially reduces the breakage and expense o trans po rtation. The ditehing f or thls class of tiling is less expen sive, as they do not require to be laid belowfrost but only deep enough to escape the plow. Whilè this is more economical it also aids obtaininga better "fall" or gradeto the draiiu A full assortment of "JI sizes, for Kale In sm quantities, or car load lotg, at th FESDON LÍBER YARD. JAS. TOLBERT. Agent. "Tile, the Greatest Labor-Saving Machine of the Age." To the Editor uf The Chicago Tribune. Dwioht, 111., Maren 16.- One ot the strongest and mist convincing facts that I have yet seen with regard to tile drainage is brought out in the December report of the Agrieultural Department of Illinois. It is this: ACREAGE. Acreage in corn in Livingston County, 1881 868,597 Acreaee in corn in Logan County, 1881... 140,859 Livingston over Logan 127,738 Yield of oom in Livingston'County,1881. .6,983,522 Yield of corn in Logan County, 1882 5,070,934 Livingston over Logan 1,902,598 In other words. Logan County has raised near ly as mucli corn on 140,859 acres as Livingston county has on 268,597 acres. Put it In another form, the farmers in Livingston County have been obliged to plow nearly doublé the acreage of land (268,697), and have raised but a ver small percentage of increase of corn over their brethern in Logan County, who only had to plow 140,859 acres. Let us give it another twist! A A farmer who has his land well tilled need only work eighty acres of land and grow just about as mucn corn as the man who plows 160 and cakes all the risks of drouth and much besides. It is not fair, then, to conclude that the greatest labor-saving machine to-day of the age is the tile drainï From the same source of informal ion I gather the following as regards the progresa of tile-draiuage in these two counties: Feet. Total number of feet laid in Livingston County up to 18fl 1,110,793 Total number of feet laid in Logan County up to 1881 3,989,469 Thistable proves beyondall theory that owing to the free use of tile that one county has been able to produce nearly as much corn on 140,000 acres of land as another county has produced upon 268,000 acres, which is nearly doublé, and the beauty of the whole is that it was done ith half the work ! Mr. Editor, suppose a kind Providence should lengthen out the spin of our days until we saw Illinois tnorougnly tile-drained, where would be put the corn that this State would produce, aud what would we do with our "silver dollars?" Samuel T. K. Píume. lailpffil Will stand for mares the season of 1883, at East side of Court House, M. M. Green's Livery and Feed Bam, Ann Arbor. M. M. GKEEN. ] O. L. MATTHEWSAttornoy:at Lawand Notary Public Real Estáte, Insurance and Loan Agency. Deeds, mortgages and other papers earefully Jrawn. Have houses and lots for sale or rent, or to exchange for farm property, also farms for sale. Property looked aiter by the year.taxes paid iusurance attended to. and rents colíected t reasonable rates. Have city property that ;an be bought on long time so that a small sum idded to what you now pay out for rents will secure you a home of your own. I represent the Northwestern National Insurance company, and 1 the Mechanica and Traders of N. Y. Losses will J be promptly adjusted and paid. Money to loan ] W six (6) per cent. Office over Rinsey & Seabolt's store, Ann , jor, Mich. ' RAILROADS. f 1CHIUAN CENTKAL KAII.KOA1). TIMB TABLB, MAY 14tb 1882, UOINU WKHT. . 'i ïi Ü Mi si STATIONS. = i ji L Kt =" Si Í ft II il Is i. M. A. M. r. M. r. M. p. M p, M Detroit Lv. 7.00 9.35 8.66 4.06 8.00 9.5 U. T. June 7.15 9.55 B.10 4.30 8.15 10.1' Aajue Junc.l 7.53 10.2 6 42 4.4H 8 45 10 4 SpsilantL 8.Ï8 10 48 7 05! 5.05 'o8 11 f Aun Arbor .45 11 00 7.Ü4Í 5.23Í 9 26 11.1' Uuxter 9.(i8 7 48 5.39 9 44 Chelsca 9.25 .Ooi 5.52 lu 00 GniBslake 9 50 8.32 igj 10.:! .....'. Jackson Ar. 10.10 ' 9.00 1105 JavkMin Lv, 0.20 12.15 6.55 ah 12 4 Albioi 11.04 12.50 7.4Oi 11.551 ï.i ■■' ia U.50 U _ S 8.05 12.S0 1 4 V. M. u Battle Creek...., 12.19 1.65 f. 8.40 12.47 2.0 I I . ji. Galt-ebnrg 12.53 a. m.I 9 15 Kaiaiuazoo 1.13 2.38 4.50 9.35 1.86 "ïï Lawto 1.52 5.25 213 Decatni a.07 5.42 :i' Uowagiac 2.29 6.07 I 3'57 " Nlles 2.55 4.04 B.50 .... 3 37 "4'ï Buchanan a.08 7.(i2 . 8 42 Three Oaka.... 3.38 7.47 412 New Butt'alo... 8.53 4.52 7.40 ... 4.H6 '" Mich. City 4.23 5.13 8.08 5.03 l'ï'.ï Lake 5.13 ti.Ui 8.64 5.51 6.1; KenaillKlon 6.00 ti.50 9. 15' . I 6 4U '1 V Chicago.. ...rA 6.50 7.40 10.86 1 7Í30 i'l GOING ia-i . 8 3 2. ill.l stations. a ,_L jS - y. ;;- .= 5?a 5 po rs Sa S C, S ïv x iJj AM. A.M. P.M P. M. I-. ï Chicago Lv. 6.45 9 00 3.10 5 15 H.l tenüíuRtou 7.35 9.5() 4.30 .... H uó 10.0 Lake 8.17 10.27 5.1; .il 10.4 Mlch. City 9.03 11. IS 6.00 ... -,38 Ui. New Buffalo... 9.27 11 33 6.25 11 5 rhree Oaks 9 42 6.40 „.. Buchanan 10.10 p.m. 7.06 . Niles 10.25 12.18 7.7 9.ikj1 1-J 4 Dowagiac 11.53 8.06 1 1 Decatur 11.18 8.33 1.3 Lawton 11.35 8.631a. a Kalamazoo 12.12 1.381 9.301 6 50 10 5 i. Balesbnrg 12.: I - s 7.08 Battle Creek... 1.03 2.15 ji 7.38 11.08 3 4 P. M. L P. Marshall 1.30 3.01) ►L 8 06 11.38 SA A-lbion 2.13 3.21 ■-=- 8.32 11.55 4.1: A.M. A.M. Jackeon Ar. 3.05 Jackson Lv. 3.09 4.05 7.05 9.301. 12 40 6.0 SrassLake 3.32 7.28 9.50 5.S 3helsea_ 3.58 7.50 W.P' 5 r, Dexter 4.15 8.O81I' ti.u Ann Arbor 4.37 5.07' ,1:. - ï.(!4 ii.J ïpsilanti 4.55 5.23 ; I , lu.4 2.2 H.4 ÍVayno June... 5.20 5.45 .08. 11 u 2.44 7 1 3. T. June 6.00 ti' 9.45 11351 3.20 7.1 Detroit Ar. 6.15 6. ' 10.00 11.5o 3.35 x.ll The New York Express, a tast tram leavea Ch! 3ago at 3.30 in the afternoon and makes lul üwing stops, Mieh'gan City, 5,30; Niles, (.'.27; Kal imazoo 7.40; Battle Creek, 8. 16; Jackson, 9.20 Ann Arbor, 10 26; Sfpsilanti, 10.41; tí. T. June tion, 11.25; arriving in Detroit at 10.4'i P. M. 'Sunday excepted. liuordsy buDaa, iíwmhi fDaily. Henbt C. Wbstworth, H. I?. Lidyahh O. P É I. A.. Ctecasa. fíen'l Manaavr. Ptro T AKE SHORE & MICHIGAN 8OUTHE1H -Li RAILWAY. YPSIIiANTI BRANCH- LANS1NG DIVTSIOH. GOING WEST. LEAVE. MAIL. Ypsilanti 7 00 a. m. 9 15 a 11 Pittsfleld Junction 7 40 a. m. 9 34 a. m Saline 8 27 a. m. R 45 a. o Bridgewater 9 15a. m. ínula, m Manchester 10 23 a. m. 10 23 a 111 Watkine 10 56 a. m. 10 8 a in Brooklyn 1140 a. ni. 10 55 a. m Hillsdale 8 38 p.m. lüftip m Bankera 8 50 p. 111. I23Op. ;i: GOING EAST. LKAVE. KAJQL Bankers 8 00 p. m. ü 10 p it Hillsdale 8 30 p. m. 3 ü5 p. ir Brooklyn 1 00 p. m. 4 27 p. m Watkins 1 50 p. m. . 4 42p. m Manchester 2 50 p. m. ■ 55 p. m. Bridgewater 3 25 p. m. 5 13 p 111 Saline 4 10p.m. 5 8fl p m. Pittsfleld Junction 4 40 p. m. 6 89 p.m. Ypsilanti 5 15 p. m. 6 56 p. in. Way Freight goes west Mondav. Wednesdav and Friday east, Tuesiiay, Thursday and Suturdas'. W. H. CANNIFF, SuDerintendent. Qoo. W. Hall, Ticket Agent. V f 'J 'Jlí HU dujl -jdiu.'.h. i JOJ TT#pnas -sjMpjarLip q I);O8 TV ■opt'OJu ■■piTB OKreqoi 'mmdo jo 9sn 'sfiuoaiTiiiua joj B lojnoeiqfiBifiajaj puv 2iuObiiv u8b["O"l"G ■B ínoi} jo uosjad on pas SdOM P" I isag p a jBOJnjeqnq "mnaï'oti uoijiitup I paaanjp 'offAk"n ! 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Her k Si, 4G South Main Street, Dealers in the Leadins AMERICAN WATCHES! In Goki and Silver Cuses, n 8t m and Key Winding, MauurW-iured by the Leading Watcb Oomoanies GOLD WATCÏÏ CHAINS. Of Standard Quality and Various Patterns. A Larga and Complete Assortment of Lace Pins, Ear Rinas, BraceietsFinger Rings, And Studs. Silver Plated Ware From the Most Keliable Manufacturéis t Bottorn Prices. The Repairing of Fin Watches is in Charge of Competent and 3killed Work men, at Fair Prices.


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