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Wheat looks well. The hospitals are very full. On the anxious seat - Medica. The road scraper does fine work. This weather is bad for business. Council meeting Monday evening. We had a hail storm last Monday. Ten miles of gas pipes in this oity. Harrisons at the opera house to-night. The pomological society meets to-morrow. C. S. Fall is working for Joe T. Jacobs. Workmen are busy flxing op our streets. The citizens of Uhelsea observed decoration day. Col. John L. Burleigh is now in New York city. G. Snow has been awarded the contract for carrying the mail f rom this city to Hamburg. Thegreat Barnum show will visifc this city June 30. There are a great many tiles in this city imperfect. B. J. Conrad has been spendmg a few days is Toledo. Dr Bangham of Dexter, is to lócate in Oregon. Theo. Wood is building a SI, (XX) residence m Chelsea. To-night in the opera house the Harrisons in Photos. Henry Ortman and wife have gone to Colorado to reside. Many improvements are being made throughout the city. Homer Henderson of Grosse, 111., was in the city Tuesday. Manchester and Chelsea are to be connected by telephone. Company A will join in celebrating the 4th of July at Toledo. Decoration day was not observed here on account of the rain. Jas. Hobson, Jr,. an engineer on an Ohio road is in the city. The new Washtenaw county directory willbe out about June 10. Johnson, the man who died in jail, was carted to the pickling vat. A. L. Noble, Esq., has gone to Asheville, N. C, for his health. John Lucas is building a 83,000 residence in the second ward. Edward Duffy has telephone connection with his grocery store. Saturday last was a poor day for business on account of the rain. Swift & Co. are making great improvements in their tíouring mili. Dr. Maclean, of Howell, will open a dental office in this city soon. Justices Brennan and Frueauff now sentence tramps to hard labor. Fred Kettich, Jr., also sellsthe Schlitz Müwaukee export bottled beer. A. Eisele is getting out a large amount of cut stone for building purposes. Henry Haskell has gone to Saratoga to try the virtues of mineral water. Fred, infant son of Fred Kettich, Jr., died Wednesday, aged four months. Nobody seems to be sure about the condition of the fruit erop just now. Hale Bliss, wife and child of Chicago, are the guests of C. Bliss, the jeweler. Capt. Allen, of Ypsilanti delivered an oration at Hudson decoration day. Only wait a few days and this city and Toledo will be connected by telephone. Robt. Beattie was in the city a few days last week,doing our grocery houses. Wm. (i. Doty and wife, and C. A. Hendricks, have gone to Leadville, Col. Jas. McMahon was in Bay City a few days this week on professional business. J. W. Nanry.and Ira Crippin.M ere members of the board of review f rom Superior. Attorney Hovey proposes to emigrate to Oregon, and grow np with the country. The city has puchased a road scraper. In one day it will do the work of 50 men. The court house square has been mowed again, and presents a fine appearance. The M. C. K. R. will run, aft6r Sunday nest, on Detroit time instead of Chicago time. Mack & Schmid are building a storehouse on Liberty street, corner of Seoond. A sheep owned by Chas. Kalmbsoh, of Northfield, reoently gave birth to four lamba. The barbed wire fence in the couri yard has been taken down - a great improvement. E. K. Doan, of Dexter, was in the city Tuesday ; as was also Wm. Tozer, of the eame plaee. The Commercial is publishing a very interesting article on the publie schools ofYpsilanti. Many of the business men are opposed to running this city into debl to build water works. Vet Armstrong, of Detroit, the well known graphic artist was a witness in the Bycraft case. Mr. HUI is eanvassing for the " Peoples Cyclopepia," and is meeting with good success. Mr. French, of Foster's station, has moved into the Branch house near Spring street. A new sidewalk is very muoh needed in front of the Morgan property East of the post office. Merchants complain that business is not what it should be,- but it is all owng to the weathtr. Seveuty-one woodchucks were tomnlawked in tlietownof Ann Arbor, during je past two months. E. D. Kinne has made a big improvement in the appearance of his residence y a new coat of paint. Only 131 dogs in this township. Only ,370 canines in A. A. Of this number48 are owned by one man. In the case of Wheeler vs. Sheriff Walace, a motion for a new trial has been lenied by Judge Joslyn. Monthly pomological meeting the 20th of June. Topics: new varieties of fruits, rospects of small fruits. Franklin L. Parker is to build a palaial residence this summer on the corner f Ann and Fifth streets. Prof. Wilson has gone to Lansing to ppear befo re the legislature in regard to he northern asylum bill. Jas. Sanders, colored, was convicted Honday before Justice Freauff of the harge of assault and battery. Mrs. E. W. Morgan is improving the ppearance of her residence on Huron treet to the amount of $1,000. The sum of $1,400 is paid into the reasury of the village of Ohelsea by those ngaged in the saloon business. The next fair of the Washtenaw couny agricultural and hortieultural society s to be held October 2, 3, t. and 5. A. D. Seyler has been appointed adminstrator of the estáte of Philip Lutz, deeased, who was insured for $3,000. Ann Arbor's ñouring milis do a large nd increasing business, and there is oom and work still for more milis. The student's lecture association has md poor luck during the past year, and is said will come out almos even. Dr. Wrijffefc has located in Dexter for ie practice of his profession. We wish lim suficess in his new field of labor. In the new engine house each company ill have a cozy little room which they ropose to fit up at their own expense. To-morrow evening Gov, Felch will leak in the law lecture room on personal eminesences of Webster and Calhoun. Mr. Van Slyke, of Paw Paw, haB moved into the Austin house in the 'hird ward, which he lately pnrchased. Wm. Dolan, of Lansing, local correspondent for the Music and Drama, was visiting his many friends in this city last week. Wm. H. Crozier, the well known temperance worker, has been attending the convention of good templare at Chicago the past week. S. A. D. Bycraft was convicted of aasault and battery and sentenced to pay a fine of $100 and three months' imprisonment at Ionia. Wm. Wheeler and Henry Walker bave the contract of building four tar walks, twelve f eet wide, on the corner of Main and Ann streets. A new side walk has been laid f rom the St. James to E. J. Johnson's bat store. A long needed improvement. Clark, Star, & Hill contractors. Rev. Mr. Sunderlan'l will reply to Joseph Cook next Sunday evening at the Unitarian church, on " The Beligious Signs of the Times." J. A. Sprague organized a lodge of I. O. O. F. at Marshall, this state, last evening. Last week he was at Bear Lake on a similar mission. D uring the railway exposition, to be held in Chicago in June, the Michigan Central will give four excursions - one fare for the round trip. Manager Keech with considerable enterprise is having the telephone poles in the city painted. Now let the teegraph companies follow suifc Next Tuesday, Dr. 1. H. Eldridge, of Flint, oae of the examinersof the homoepathic medical college, will be present and examine the class in obstetrics. If the question of building water works is submitted to the people of this city - that is for the city to own them - it will be voted down by a large majority. In order to give a better supply of gas, pipes have been put down on Liberty street, to connect with the large mains on Main street near Mack & Schmid's store. Gates & Gates will do the carpenter work on A. L. Noble's new residence Schumacher & Richardson will furnish the doore, window frames, and mouldmgs. A large number of surgical operations are being porformed every week at the homceopathie college. Next week Prof. Franklin will perform the operation for ovaristomy. A writer in an article in the Register says the city should have water rorks because pure water is needed. Of course the water in the Huron river is so very pure. Bosh. Married the 23d inst., at St. Andrew's chapel, Rev. Wyllys Hall officiating, Mr. Gilbert S. Howe of Pittsfield, and Miss Ella Doane, daughter of E. D. Doane of El Paso, Texas. The athletic association are making ar7 raujjemeuts for an inter-collegiate fieldday, to be held ia this city Tune 9. It is expeeted several colleges in this state will i be represeuted. In order to make room for the records and books that accumulate in the county treasurer's oflice, a large pigeon-hole and book case has been put up on the south side of the office. There will be another popular concert given by the university musical society assisted by the male chorus and young ladies' Amphion club at university hall Friday, June 15. Eugene Be il, of the Courier, has gone on a three weeks trip to Nebraska, and other points out west. During his absence Mrs. Beal and children will visit friends in Dexter. Particular attention is called to the business locáis of Donnelly & O'Kane in another column. These young men have just startel in business and do not propose to be undersold. A new andimproved washing machine a caveat for which has just been taken ont, is on exhibition at the Leonard House. The inventor's name is James Miller, of Fentonville. Donnelly & O'Kane bad nn 18 pound trouton exhibition last Saturday. By the way this firm has a very large trade in fish, and fresta every day. Nothing like business yon know. The board of review of this city, consisting of E. Dufly, P. Bach, A. A. Gregory and Supervisors Bruce, O'Hearne and Kruft, increased the taxes of certain wealthy people to the amo unt of $105,000. The Evening News tells of two boys from Dexter who started off in search of adventures on horseback, but were caught by the irate father near Howell, this state, and treated to a dose of the oil of birch. Jas. J. Kaser was convicted of bigamy in the circuit court yesterday, and senteneed to five years' imprisonment at Jackson. The jurymen were congratuleted, and tor a time hand-shakiiig wns indnlged in. If the janitor would bend his back a little, and with a pair of shears cut the grass growing up next to the base stones of the court house, he could still make turther improvements in the looks of the square. But - Mrs. Malvina Wilkins, of Flint, was arrested at tlie M. C. depot yesterday by deputy sheriff Wallace and taken to jail on the charge of elopeing with a handsomer man than her husband and taking 1,000 with her. St. Louis Globe Democrat: The Harrisons are nightly exhibiting "Photos" at ;he Olympic to crowded and enthusiastic audiences. " Photos " is a continuous ;heme of uproarious fun, bright sparking music and clever mimicry. Chelsea Herald: The flret clip of wool was brought to town last Saturday mornmg, by I. M. Whitaker, of Lima, and sold io Babcock & Gilbert. The clip weighed 1700 pounda and brought 22 cents. The leeces averaged a trifie less than 12 jounds. The able-bodied men of the sixth ward are about organizing a flre company.and a petition for this purpose is being circulated for signaturea. Wheu the necesgary nurnber to man an engine have been secured, they propose to ask the council !or an engine. Wm. Caspary, the baker, has vacated lis old place in the Buchoz block, where ie carried on business for many years, and is now located permanently on the corner of Fourth and Ann streets. He requests his many friends and customers o cali and see him: The Saline Observer says that " Jas. 3ook lectured at Ann Arbor to a large and enthusiastic audience last week." All this is true, only the Observer con;ained the local a week before the reverned gentleman lectured here. A little iremature, brother ! The opera of Iolanthe at the opera ïouse, Friday evening, drew an immense audience. Only amateurs took part, and he young ladies and gentleman acquitted hemselves with honor. The singing was excellent, and everbody left feeling that ihey had been well repaid. B. H. Buff, Professor of music in Adrian college writes the following: Having leard and tested the musical capacities of Blind Boone, I can conscientiously endorse all that his managers claim for him, and no one should fail to hear the wonderfully gifted blind pianist. The M. E. parsonage has been sold to Mr. Alleby, Jr., for 83,000, and Mr. Godre y , of West Hurón stieet, has bought another house and presented it to the church, to be used as a parsonage. It is io be called the " Godfrey Parsonage," and is number 13 Nörth State street. Frederick Rettich, Jr„ who does business at Henry Binder's old stand, has received another car load of that celebrated Miagara lager. Fritz is always home and assisted by Henry Frank who also has many friends, are always ready to attend o the wants of those who may cali on hem. If thecouuci), insteadof s pending hundreds of dollars every year ïu putting down, tearing up, and thawing out the piping and sluiceways, would only arrange for a sewerage to carry ofTthe surilus water, the streets and buildings could je drained, and in the end it would be cheaper for the city. The following are the names of those who will particípate in the second annual prize contest of the high school, to be held June 17 : Frank E. Beeman, Rossiter G. Cole, Caroline L. Gelston, Elsie Jones, Irving G. McColl, John H. Patterson, Harriet E. Strickland, M. Louise Taylor and Elizabeth R. Wagner. Chelsea Herald: Rev: Thos. Holmes has a little book that goes ahead of anything we have yet seen in the book line The title of the book is Epicteti Enchiridion - manuel of Epicetus. It is printed in Greek and Latin pages, alternating, and bears the date cic iod lxx, that is, 1670. This is a great curiosity and a valuable relie. Wm. Scott, of Detroit, the architect for the new engine house was in the city Tuesday, having been summoned here by the building committee to see if every - thing had been constructed according to A railing has yet to be put up leading to the belfry, and soine other work done. The cost to the contractor will be trifling. The Harrisons, the bright particular stars of the company bemg the oelebrated Miss Alice Harrison and her brother that very clever comedian, danoer and mimic, Louis Harriaon, and their talented company contri ve to crowdniore pure, unadultered f uu and eharming inelody into one night's entertainment thaii any company we have yet seen. A lady in the sixth ward looked up lier house to make a cali on a neighbor the other day and hid the key under the door. Her husband, after considerable climbing and by using a ladder, got into the house at a second story back window and found on the dining room table a note telling him where to flnd the key. His profanity was excusable. Louis F. May Ie, president of the Niágara Falls Brewing Co., was the guest of Fred Bettich, Jr., Monday. This company manufactured last year 30,000 barrels of increase over the previous year of 11,000 barrels. During his stay here he was shown around the city by Mr. Fred Stabler, the drover, and partner of the well known M. Old Hara. New York Herald: "Photos,"' in whicli the Harrisons are playing at the grand opera house, ie one of the fnnniest plays on the stage.and ït posesses the al rnerit of coiitaining iu its broad drollery not a line to which the ïnost modest of the fair sex can take exceptiou. A company that ia unequaled. The play an everchanging èheme of fun. The sidewalk from the track of the Toledo rond on West Hurou Sul-eet is built on stilts and is mime foiir feet from the mud. Once on a time there w;in a railmg on either side of the walk, bnt there isnonenow. On a dark or stormy night one is Hable to walk off, and perhaps break his neck. Now this sidewalk is in front of the Weil property, and the owners should be eompelled to construct a railing'. If some poor devil owned the property, the sidewalk committee would never let up on him. On Monday and Tuesday next, Prof. Franklin examines the senior class on operative surgery, and each student is eompelled toperform whatever openition is called for by the Professor on the cadaver. This will be the final examination on surgery, and it will show the advance made by the class in practical operative work. The class has been drilled upon these operations during the present semester, and each student has been required to perform one or more. This practical method of teaching surgery was inaugurated by Dr. Franklm in this university, and the result shows it to be an advance in the right direction. With this method of teaching, there will be made competent surgeons in the homcoopathic ranks, and the patrons of homceopathy need no longer depend upon old school operators. The examination of candidates for liigher degrees will take place at the university during June, beginning on the lst and terminating on the 22d; Julian William Baird.A. B.; George Barnes, A. B.; Charles William Belser, A. J3.; Cora Agnes Benneson, A. B.; Edwin Newton Brown, Edwin Locke Cole, B. S.; Mittie May Cnrtis, A. B.; Deloss Fall, B. S.; Frank Heywood Hodder, Criarles Hutehinson, Ph. B.; George Wells Knight, . B. ; Charles Emmett Lowrey, A. M.; William Harrison Mace, Alma Vlansfield, A. B.; Frank Lineóla Osxrne, Edward Adolphus Eosenthal, A. B,; Lucy Naynard Salmón, A. B.; Alice Meyer Schryver, B. S.; Edgar Hunter Scott, B. S.: Edwin Ewer White, Framis Lodowick York, A. B. Thirteen are candidates for the degree of A. M., tb ree for that of M. S., two for that of M. L., and one for that of Ph. D. The case of Lucy W. S. Morgan, comjlaint, against the Michigan Central railroad, the Michigan Air Line railroad, :he Fort Wayne, Jackson and Saginaw railroad, the City of Jackson and others, jending in the Jackson circuit court in chancery since 1877, was decided last week by Judge Newman, of Flint, in 'avor of Mrs. Morgan. The case involved the enforcement of a contract for the ihe right-of-way for the Air Line railroad, now amounting to about ten thousand dollars, the right to the park thirty acres, a very valuable piece of land, near he Michigan Central railroad depot, in Fackson, and the right of defendants to ïave about six thoiwand dollars of Jackson city bonds applied on a mortgage. All of these matters were decided in avor of Mrs. Morgan. It took nearly a week to read the testimony and submit ;he case. E. W. Morgan and Judge N. W. Cheever were counsel for Mrs. Morgan, and Gibson & Parkinson and Hon. 3ugene Pringle and Hon. G. V. N. liothrop were of counsel for defendants :t is needless to add that Mr. and Mrs. Horgan and Judge Cheever are exceedngly well pleased with the result. - iegister.


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