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Bath & Abel's Specialties. Ten Pieces Summer Silks at 49 cents a yard, former price 60 to 65 cents per yard. Twenty-flve Pieces Elegant Black Silks at $1.10, $1.25, 1.29, $1.50, and $1.75, former prices, $1.25, $1.40, $1.50, $1.05, and $1.90. Two Pieces Handsome Brocaded Ottoman Silks at $125, which we eonsider very cheap. Ten Pieoes Black Ottoman Silks (warranted all silk) at $1,50, $1.75, and $2.00, former prices $1.75, $2.00, and $2.50. The greatest bargains the ladies of Ann Arbor ever had offerered them will be our very heavy colored dress silks at $1.25, former price, $1.40. The same goods are retailed in this city to-day at $1.50. Fifteen Pieces Colored Cashineres [in all the desi rabie shades] at 42 cents. The celebratied Pearl Shirt acknowledged by every man woman and child competent to judge, to be the best shirt in America. We sell ït laundried at $1.10, former price $1.40. Ten Pieces Real Turkey Red Damask at 45 cents per yard, former price 65 cents. Thess goods are cheap, and we know whereof we speak when we say so. Consequently, notwithstanding, we think ït a good time to buy. What do you think ? A Card. We would tender our sincere thanks to the many friends for the kindness and sympathy shown to the family of our dear one in time oí our great sorrow. But it is a great consolation (o know that our severe loss is our loved one's Sin. J. H. HICKK. Dated Lodi, May 30, 188-i. ■ Ifii.-nn-s-i Locáis. Ë2?"Imus paya cash for live chiekens. New Estoy orgnns at oost at. Wilsey's musie store. Hee tï ïtï ik'w and elegant Miohigan otfcage Organs :it Wilsey's Borrowers aeeommodated 011 real estáte loanB. Z. P. King. Try Donnelly & O'Kane's 43 cent Ja-: pau Tea. EAeryboily hkes it. Come and look at our $1. Shirt for 80 cents. Mack & Schinid. To get your pension business attended to and vouchers acknowledged, go to O. L. Matthews. Wanted. - A flrst class grocerv elerk, one who has had soine exi)erience at the business. J. A. Brown, State street. Eor fresh Oranges, Bananas and Candies, go to G. Schipacasse, No. 4, Huron street. Farm for Sale.- The Glasier farm, of 170 acres, one mile east of the city. Inquire of J. F. Lawrenoe, Opera House block. Donneliy K)'Kane sells Groceries lower than anyotlier house in town. Fresh Pish every day in the week, at Donnelly .% O'Kane's. No. 11 East Huron Street. ZW Special attention given to collections in the city of Ann Arbor and elsewliere, by Eugene K. FrueaufT, attorney, Room 3, Opera House. Dr. Schilliug's Self Adjusting Elnstic Section Coiled Spring, is, nccording to the medical profession, tlie nly Corset uot injnrious to the wearer. Pnce, ífl. at Mack & Schmid's. Get your vouchers for poïisious acknowledged before O. L. Matthews, who lias his certifícate as notary public on file at the Detroit pension office, and thus same time and trouble. Can Corn 12 ets. 8 Ib. can Tomatoes 12 ets. Peasl2c;H. Beans 12 ets. 3 lb. ean Peaches 12 ets. Everything Good, Everything Fresh. Grass Butter and Fresh Eggs always on hand, at Donnelly & O'Kane'a. Three dozen pickles in vinegar 25 cents lnree pounds of Knghsh currante zo ote. at Donnelly & O'Kane's For -Two cheap village lots on Seeond street, enquire of Walker Brothers, builders. or at Walkers' Boarding house, Ann Arbor, Mich. Three pounds of staren 25 cents. Goods delivered any time during tlie day at the old rèliable house of Donnelly & O'Kane No. 11 Huron sheet. Those desiring aid in procuring pensions would do well to apply to O. L. Matthews, attorney at law, office over Rinsey S Seabolt's store, Ann Arbor, Mich. He has procured a full line of blanks for that purpose from Washington, and will attend promptly to all business eatrusted to his care. THE CREAT BJJRLIKGTOK BOUTE. L5LNo other line runs Three Through Pas senger Trains Daily between Chicago, DeF Holnes, Couneil niuff?, Omaha. Lincoln. St. Joseph, Atchison, Topeka and Kausas City. Direct connections for all points n Kansas Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming. Mantana, Ne varta, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Orcgon ano California. The Shortest, Speediest and Most ComfortaV.e Route via HannibiJ to Fort Scott, Denison Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Galveston and all points in Texas. The unequaled inducements offered bythie Line to Travelers and Tourists, are as follows; The celebrated Pullman (16-wheel) Palacc Sleeping Cars, nm only on this Line, C, B. & Q. Palace Drawing-Room Cars, with Horton'6 Recliningí'hairs. No oxtra charge for Seat? in Heclininir Chairs. The famous C. B. & Q. Palace üininpr Cars. Gorjreous Smoking Care fltted with Elegant Hijrli-Backed Kattan Revolving Chairs for the exclusive uae of flrstclass passengers. Steel Track and Superior Equipment, coni' bined with their Great Through Car Arrange ment, makea this, above allothers, thefavoritt Route to the South, South-West, and the Far West. Try it, and you will flnd traveling a luxurj instead of a discomfort. Through Tickets vla thi9 Celebrated Linf for su lu at all offices in the United States and Canada. All information about Rates of Fare, Sleep ing Car Accommodations, Time Tables, &c, will be cheerfully given, and will send Free to any address an elegant Cmrnty Map of United States, in oolors, by applying to. Commissioners' Jiotice. CTAÏE OF MICHIGAN, County of WasliteO naw. The untlersigned having been appointed by the Probate Court for said oounty coramissioners to receive. examine and adiust all claims and demands of all persons agalnst the estáte of Thomas H. FtiUer, late of said county deceased, hereby give notice that six mouths from date are allowed, by order of said Probate Court, tor ereditors to present their claims the estáte of said deceased, and that they will meet at the late resideuce of said de ceased, In township of York, in said county, on Tuesüay, the auth day of June, and on Wednesday. the 2(ith day oí September ;next, at 10 o'claek a. m., of ach of said days, to reoeive, examine and adjust cleims. Dated Hardt 0, 1883. JOHN W. BLAKESLF.E, WILES DEXTEK, Commissioners. CAUTION. AN ACT requiring the holders of unreeorded ] deeds to record such deeds or furnish the , same for record. Section 1, The People of the Stat; of Michigan enact, That whenever any grantor who has heretoforeconveyed, or shall hereafter convey, any real estáte within this State, shall have or hold , in his possession any unrecorded deed or deeds, through or under nhich he derived title, of any ' Iands liy him shall be his duty, on the written request of his grantee or any ] Subiequent tirantee, to cause such deed or deeds ( to be recorded in the office of the Register of üeeds of the proper county, or cause the same i to be delivered to such grantee denianding the c same, for the purpose of reeonling, within twenty days from the time when such written request i shall have been served upon him. 1 Sec. 2. If such grantor shall neglect or refuse to record such deed, or deliver the same to such t grantee, after having been requested so to do, as I provided in the preceding seetion, within the l time above limite i, he shall be liabie to said grantee, his heii's, representatives or assigns, in the penal sum of one hundred dollars damages: and also for all actual damages occasioned by such neglect or ref usal to the person or persons entitled thereto, to be reco ered in an action on the case, wirh costs of suit Approved June 1, 1881. jtk mm f A WEEK. made at home, by the in V" I E dustrious. best business uow before m I I the public. Capital not needed; ve f I ám will start you. Men, women. boys and girls wanted everywhere to work for us N'iw is the time. You can work in spare time or give your whole attcntion to the business. No other businesi will pay you nearly as well. No one can fail to inake enormous pay by engaging at once. C'ostly outflts and terrns freeMoney made fast, easlly and honorably. Addreis True & Co , Augusta, Me. RINSEY & SEABOLT, No. 6 and 8 Washington st.. Have on band a rompióte stock of every thüig in the Crocery Line. They buy their Teas, Coft'ees, mul Sut;ati In large amounts, and at Caslb. Prices A od can salí at Low Figures. The large iuvoice of Teas they Buy and Sell, ït good proof that in Quality and Price they Give Bargains. Tliey Itoast their oira Coffees every week, aai none but prime articles are used. Their Bakeryturns out excellent Bread, Caker and Crackers. Cali and neethem. FOR SALE. A FINE FARM OF 60 ACRES, i AND ONE HALF MILES FKOM THK COURT I House, on the Sonth Ypsilanti road. Or will sell thirty aerea ol' the saín. J. W. HULBERT. HENRY MATTHÊWSr Has" the pleasure to inform the pubuc that befa ready to recöive them in liisaew orick MEAT MARKET! ONE DOOR EAST OF LEONARD HOUSE. Everything in his Une wiü be flrst-class. and At Raasonabie Rates, He returns nis sincere thanks to all hR oíd cu Corners fwr tlieir gmii'rous patronage, and cordl aüy invites them, and all nev cuutomers u hi% now quarters, where he hope by fair dealing t nlarge his already growinü business For Saín And To Rent7 Farms, Unimproved lands, and City Property ALSO MONEY LOANED! F. L. Parker, Dealer iu Real Estáte. Office: Main Street, nppositc the Court Ifotise, Aun Albor Mich. CATARRH A PositivejCure IPPEL.Y'SJH ELY'S lSlPEANI BALM WJ " iÖSto i CAT AR R H FJ"Mi.wAlB'JÍr jB AND HAY FEVER. IT g$ H Aw'ceahh U use, uny SU I I naiuacd fvr CM -t&Jí&isM Headache and Deaf■íJ50 oí?' H ness, or any kind of - mucus mombranal g_s 1 rritations, inflamed HAY" FEVER preparanof un. ply by llie littlc flneer into the no.strils; It will be ahsnrhfd, rnVcluaUy cleansinff tiw nasal passaa's of catarrbal rlrus, causlng liealthy Deerefcioas. It allays Inflammatlon, protecta tlie membreñal linlngs of the hoad fioin additional colds, oomptetnly heals the aores and restores tbe sense of taste and sniell. Beneflcial results are realicd by a few applieations. A Thorouarh Treatment Will Cure. Creain Balín has ííained an enviable reputation wlierevfr knowu; displacing all other preparations. Send for circular, containing full information and reliable testimoniáis. By mail, prepaid, fifty cents a package - stainps receiyed. tíold by all Wholesale and retail druggists, ELY'S CREA 51 BALM C'O.. Owego, N. Y. The Bad and Worthless Are never imitated or counterfeited. Tlris is eepecially true of a family medicine, and it is positive proof that the remedy imitated is of the highest valué. As sooii as it Lad been tested and proved by the whole world that Hop Bitters was the purest, best and most valuable family medicine on earth, many imitations sprung u 3 and began to steal the notices in which the press and people of the country had expressed the merits of H. B„ and iu every way trying to induce suffering invalids to use their stuif instead, expecting to make money on the credit and good name of H. B. Many others started nostrums put up in similar style to H. B., with variously devised names, in which the word "hop" or " hops" were used in a way to induce people to believe they were the same as Hop Bitters. All such pretended remedies or cures, no matter what their style or name is, and especially tnose with the word "hop" or "hops" in their name, or any way connected with them or their name, are imitations or cbunterfeits. Beware of them. Touch none of them. Use nothing but genuine Hop Bitters, with a bunch or cluster of green hops on the white label. Trust nothing else. Druggists and dealers are warned against dealin? in imitations or counterfeits. DO YOUTAKE A COUNTY PAPER ? [f net, and you are about to subscribe for one we invite your attention to the Al AEBOR DEMOCRAT ! And respectfully infonn you that t is the People's Paper. IT PVBLISHES FULL REPORTS OF ALL IMPORTANT EVBNTS En Washtenaw eounty. It gives a ooncise and interesting summary of THE ÏVORLD'S NEWS. Etoreign, American, Congressional, Western and Northern. It prints 2HE NEWS OF MICHIGAN, Boiled down for brief reading, and gives a fu.. synopsis of the doings of the Legislatura. It chronicles ALL THE HAPPENINGS OF ANN ARDOR, rhe county seat, giving full and accurate reports of the Circuit Court, Political Meetings, Farmers' Clubs, University and School Matters, Etu., Etc. IT IS FEARLESS [n lts denunciation of monopolies, and all other burdensthat weigh upon the People; and shows up all frauds regardless of who it hits. Ito pubiishes A GOOD S10RY Erery week, and has interesting articles for the young. Efs Priee ís $1. Per Year, in Advance. A.nd is regarded by its subscribers as too valuable toloan; so don't try to borrow. We invite your ittention to som of the many complimentary thingsthatarebeingsaidof The Democrat' "It evinces shrewdness, push and ability."- Langing Journal. 'It is making friends evt'y day. It is a well:onducted and readable heet."- Ponüao BlU Poster. "A rery enterp rising, nide-awake local jour aal, full of new and good sayings."- Genese .FHnty Democrat. "It is a live, spicy newspaper, and a valuable ïddition to the journalistic list of Washtenaw Bounty."- Tecumseft Herahl. "EditoriaUy, locally and typographically it 1 !ne of the flnest looking papers that ever came nto this office. "-Detroit Eceninqffews. "Thb Dkmocíiat abounds in able and vigorous 'ditoBials, a great variety of local information ma mteresting general news and miscellaneous matter."- Jackson Patriot. 'THE DEMOCRAT" Ia Published Everr Thursddv Morninc. HAS BEEN PROVED . The SUREST CURE for ó ÍKIDNEY DISEASES. I Does a lame baek or disordered urine índi oate that you are a viotim P THEN DO NOT "g fc HESITATE; use Wort at once, jg giata reoommendit)andit willspeedily t come the disease and restore healtby action. c olíac ■Por ooKipIaints peculiar i L ImCI Vil woa toyour sex, suchas pain U and weakneases, Wort is iinsurpassed, ■ as it will aet promptly and safely. EitherBei. Incontinenoe, reten tion of urine, o brick duat or ropy deposite, and dull dragRinjc c O pains, all speedily yield to its curativo power. Jr 4 BOLD BY ALL DBUG-GI8T8. Prioe 1. Ilyon&healyJ State & Monroe Sts..ChÍcago_A BAND CATALOGUE, f J rar lö3, ïOO pages, '10 Knpívmg! "".TH 101(1(1011, t[illtrU, Cp-LftUli 4jB ■iiitiiils. Drum Major1 St&ff. nd ƒ Hüt. Sundry Bnd Outht, Keplrinc 11 Mülerlaíí, alo Inclu.lei Ustructlon and I f j I veten for Amateur liami, ftnd Cllo)(M ' Jtfk ADVERnSÍW oontracts made tor T3IIS PAPER, which ii kept ou ni w itu LORD Ik THOMAS, AdvertiallliC AttnU, C1i1hku,-111.


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