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A Sincere Prayer

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The Training Schooi Tidings. "One of God's little ones," a coloree! auntyof the south, prayed thus: 'ííow Fadder, it is one more time you have pertnitted your unworthy ser vant to be knee-bent, body-bowed in the capacity for a prayer-meeting, bow my heart beneath my knoes, and rny knees way down in some lonesome valley where prayer and supplication are much needed at this present time. Now Fadder, bless all the sistcrs.dat is kneebent and body-bowed with ïne this evening, bless de one dat called on your unworthy servant to pray. "Oh, my Fadder and my God, ever bless our white missionary sister dat come from a foreign country, and has turned out to expound do word to us this evening. Ever go with her and stand by her; feed her when she is hungry, clothe her when she is naked; go before her as a leading light, and just jehind her as a strong angel; prop her up on the right and on the left; don't et her get no ways uneary on the way. liow my Fadder and stroDg-armed God, )less my pastor whose head is bloomng for the grave; rough-shod him with the gospel of peace; don't let him git no ways weary nor disoouraged by the way, teil him 'tis de Fadder's good ileasure to give him the kingdom, by md by. Oh, my Fadder and Daniel's 5od, how long. how long will you keep four unworthy servant praying for her companion? Oh, oh oh my Fadder, bless my comlanism this evening, turn him all the way round; turn his back towards heil, ind his face towards de star-pole in de dngdom; cali him by his name; teil ïim if he don't repent, his soul will be damned. Bless do off-springs of my lody; teach me how to bring dem up, and de way you would hare dem go;you cnow who I am in duty bound to pray br. Bless de world as universe, and all the way round, every foot dat trod de sod, and ship dat sailed do briny oeean. Now my Fadder and my God, you ïave said in your word, it' not for long rayers nor much speaking, but son and daughter give me thy neart and I will give you eternal life. Accept of his prayer from your poor unworthy servant, and when I am done wid de vorld and the world done with me, ower my body to my other dusty, watei-y grave in peace, receive my soul on high, and my soul says Amen."


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