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On The Anxious Seat

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Drake's Magazine. "What's the matter with you? Can't you keep the wimlow shut for a moment?" demanded an irate passenger of a man who kopt bobbing up and down and looking out as though he expected something to happen. "Don't be harsh with me, neighbor,1" pleaded the uneasy man, "l've got cause to look out once in a while. If you'd met with the bereaving l've gone through on this road you'd sympathize with me." "Sorry I spoke so rough," apologized the other. "Had much trouble?" "Well, I should smile!" sïghed the mourner. "l've lost four children on tuis road!" "You don't say so ejaculated the stranger. "You have had a hard time. Make the road pay for it?" "Well. now you bet! I got $5,000 a head for them young ones. Yes sir; them ohildren stood me in $5,000 a head!" "What are you worrying aboutthen?" inquired the stranger, as the old man went for the window again. "Nothing, nothing partic'lar. You see l've been speculating in stocks lately, and the market has gone agin me. To-day my broker told me my margins had all run out, and as I'm getting nigh home, I thought my wife might be on the track somewheres, and if she was, I eould make them margins good and stand to win on the whole deal! Don't mindmy being anxious and keeping the window open. If that old woman s on the track anywhere, them children hasn't died in vain, and if she isn't there to-day, she'll git there by morning, or somebodv besides me runs the premises on which I'm to be found!" And somehow thestranger seemed to feel inclinud to help him out, for he sank back in his seat, pulled his collar over his ears, and never spoke until the old man pulled his head in with a jerk, and exclaimed, "Thank God, stransrer, she was there! Them margins is saved!


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