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The fbllowing account of what the life of the late venerable Peter Cooper oovered, is furnisbed by "Gatü" the New York correspondan!;. It shows that Mr Cooper witnessed in his life ruore than any other aan living in the present generation, and his life covered a remarkable period iu the history of the country. Every one of the remaiuDg body servants of Washington could hardly furnish suoh a record : "He had seen the whole epoch of steam in this country, and was nearly a man wnen Robert ïulton set the flrst steam-boat going on the North river, and was quite a man when Fulton's steam ferry began to ope rate to Brooklyn and New Jersey. He had seen all the conceivers of transportaron, from Livingstone, Clinton, Fulton and onson to Thomas Scott, Vanderbilt, Gould and Huntington. He had seen the majority of the American States arise and be born and takes naines and enter the Union. He had lived in the administraron of every Amorican President. Vermont the Union the year he was born. Ho was a year old when Kentueky was admitted. He probably could read when Tennessee came into the Unioa. He was 11 years old when Ohio was admitted, añd 21 when Louisiana came in. He was a married man when Indiana presented horself, and 27 yoars old when Illinois appeared." What is the difference between the passing of a full-dressed lady and an enfranchised grub? üne is a flutterby


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