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Preserving Dead Bodids

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There sccms to be a great deal of atteation diröcted just now to the subject of preserving bodies after death. ïhis íit or craze seems to be periodic. Of course, at times it is desirable to keep reruains for a long time. Natural scientists would havo very poorjy supplied museums if care was not taken to keep specimens from dccay. But as to this business of embalming the abodes for which the late human tenanta ceaso to have any further use one cannot lind a more instructive lesson than in modern treatment of the mummies of the ancient Fgyptians. But it may be well to note, though if only u a "piece of news, tliat if organic substancesarulirst steeped in an alcoholic solution of nitrato of silver, wiped dry, exposed to the action of hydrogen. sulphide or phosphide, and then immorsed in the ordinary galvano-plastie bath, they will keep for an indefinito length of time.


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