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"taking The Bull By The Horns"

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ïhero was a little trouble in the church and the-young minister war, sad aboutit. tlesonght advice, and ono who loved peaee begged him to let the matter alone, and in a short time tne cvil would die of itself, for, as Solomon says: "Whcre n wood is the firc goeth out" Tho brother was of a fretful spirit, and co uldnottakc things juite so easily; it worried him that there should be a single woed in his garden, and lie feit he would sooner plow it all up than let that weed remain. His friends begged him to do nothing ia a hurry, but take oouns.el of his 4illov and repeat the operation for one calendar month at least. This tho yonne pastor found it as nara 10 aoasit wuiuu bo to wait quiefcy wbile a dog had his teetb iu our lcg, or a red-hot coal is finding its way down the inside of out waistcoat. He thought that tho church pond was foul, and ho longed to stir it to see how it, would smell. This young man's tafites and mino by no means agree, ter I had rather run a rnile any day than quarrel, and th:it is saying a good deal, tor miles are long to legs which have the rheumatism. This energetic pastor wantod to be setting things to rights, and thercforo quict counsols were not very kindly taken. Young men will have ttieir will, and our friend resolved to have his own way, evon jf lic ran over ever j body else. Off he went to a hot-headed gentleman who was more of his own age, and stated the case to him. His new adviser at once told him never to give in, or consent, to be nut upon, and closed hjs oration by telling him to take the buil by the horns at onoe. This couDsel was rnore to our friend's liking, and therefore he applauded it as wise and straightforward, and resolved to carry it out. What carne of the rash performance we will not stop to relate insomany words, but it may be guessed frora the usual resul t of taking bulls by their horns. Moral.- Avoid strife, especially in a chureii. If the causo, cannot prosper in quietude it certainly will not in an flproar. Tares are a trouble, but the ing of tkeni up may mak orse trouble. Courage is a" virtu. 't a pugilistic tendcncy is not. It is !i to contend earnestly for the iaith once delivered to the saints ; but we must not wrestle with flesh and blood, nor fight the Lord's battles with the dcvils weapons. "The wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God." A Verniont editor wants to know what gives color to pure water. We don1 1 know what they generally usejup in Vermont, but down this way it is generally soniethinar that is not legally


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