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To the ediaor of the Demoerat: With pleasure we join' with Prof. Winchell in commending the work done by Mr. C. H. J. Douglas in our high school as exhibited by the reoitations of the clasa in elocution at the prize eontest Tuesday evening. We are familiar with the character of tlie instruotion given in the best eastern colleges, and believe that the pupila of the Aun Arbor high school have enjoyed as good teaching in elocvttkm asi3 given in most of these colges. Beside this Mr. Douglass has liad all the work of taking the English for all the courses a ad moulding it into a symetrical whole, and the examinations we have seen proved what careful attention this department has received. This and elocution is very much neglected ia our schools, the latter particularly in the umversity, and the action of the school board in Becuring and retaining the services of such a competent instructor is greatly to be commended. The conimittee of award reported in favor of giving a fourth prize, and this was generously done by Mr. Douglas, and with the same characteristic spirit he took all his class to hear the famous Shakesperian reader McCollough, footing the bill himself. These things being so much out of the usuasl practice of teachers, they deserve special mention. We suggest that his instructions has been owing to his rare attainments, being a graduste of Brown university and having had one year of post gradĂșate study at John Hopkms uuiversity, and one year at Yale.


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