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Were any chronicler of passing events to wrtte a faithful history of the period, he could not make the work complete without devoting a portion of hia volume to the greatest. living showman, P. T. Bar ruim, whose sparkling genius and extraordinary exhibition ventures have thrilled the people of' the Uld and New World for the past half century. The re never was butone Barnum, and there may never be anotber. He grew up at a peculiar time, and has been the central amusement figure l'rom the time of bis entry into the profeesion which be adonis. Ris exhibitions are notedlor their 8uprior moral time and excellence, and the bett er classes pationize and indorse hi'n as they never do any other tented exhibition. We have the word ot' the entire presa of New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and tlie lester towns along the route westward, llmt the show this year is greatly superior to any former effort of even Barnum's. It is a splendid cornbioation of the L ndon Circus of Bailey & Hutchinson, with the "Greatest on Karth," and bas atiracted such grand audiences at every pause as were never seen undercanvas before. The sliow bas three distant and separate rings, and a huge elevated stage, upon which are given eighty acts in every perlo: manee by nearly three hundred actois, nulled from the highest walks of the profession. The duible menagerie embraces twenty-nine elephants, and al most every natural variety known to historians, presented in groups as in their native conditions, to say nothing of the ponderous and majestic Jumbo and the haidly less attraetive cuimingnursingbahy eiephant. There will be a procession thi ugh the principal stieets of this city early in the forenoon of Saturday, June 30, when the full strength and resources of the combinedestablishments will be unfolded. Jumbo and the baby elephant alone will not parade. Thirty-three golden tableaux cars; Santa Claus in his sleigh, the old woman who lived in a shoe, and Cinderella's fairy ehariot; the Zulu chiefs and warrior.--; Australian cannibals; native Nub:ans, tribe of Sioux savages, cowboys from theplains, and Mexican Vaqueros; quite twentytlens of wild beasts in full view, with trainers among them; lair of snakes with l'emale Hindoo serpent-charmers; 412 horses, a loĆ³se and led menagerie, witli the twelve kinds of musio. make up the grandest pageant of modern times.


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