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Bucklen's Arnica Salve

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-The est medical wonder of the world. Warranted to speedily cure burns, bruises, cuts, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, cancera, piles, chilblains, corns, tetter, chapped hands, and all skin eruptions. Guaranteed to cure in every instance, or money refunded. Twenty-flve cents per box. For sale bv H. J. Brown & Co. There are seven tbousand species of fish known to men of science. The man of science must be a blamed sight luckier than the average fisherman. Boats, Bicycles and Hay Fever. Nature has resolved that all the people shall not enjoy themselves at once. With the opening of the season for out door sports comes the time of trouble for the poor victims of Hay Fever. For them flowers have no odor, and the summer little or no beauty. To snuif, sneeze and wipe their weeping eyes for three or bur suecessive months: - this is their pitable portion. Whether this form of Oaarrh is ealled Hay Fever, hay cold, rose iold, or rose fever makes no difference; hey suffer just the same. There is no lelp in sea voyages, there is no help in ïigh mountain air. These only lignten üe pocket and leave the disease unaba;ed. But there is a positive cure in Ely's Cream Balm. We could cram these colmus with grateful letters of the rescued. 'ry it and join them. If you continue to uffer i1: is because you neglect a remedy s sure as it is cheap and pleasant. It is said that when Bob Ing;soll con luded his speech the twelve Star Route urymen were ia tears. They evidently ïate to think of giving up a job they exxpected would last all summer. An Answek Wanted.- Can any one ring uk a case of Kidney or Liver comluint tbat Electric Bitters will not jeedily cure? We say they cannot, as housands of cases already perrnanently Lired and who are daily reeommeiiding Dlectric Bitters will prove. Bright's diease, Diabetes, Weak Back, or any miary complaint quickly cured. They mrify the blood.regulate the bowels,and iet directly on the diseased parts. Every ottle guarauteed. For sale at fifty ents a bottle by H. J. Brown & Co's. The confidence of army officersin their wn prowess has never been eqTialed ex ept by the confidence of Garftelds Dr. lies in his ability to bring his patiënt irong. "Your Skin Cure is superexcellent. It fust curing my daughter's ring worm, hich had spread all over her body." [re. E. L. D. Merriam, Blue Hill, Mass. Druggists keep it, SI. per package. New York womeu dress to match their ogs; whine color, we suppose, is the copular shade. Mr. A. Parker, Pontiac, Mich., savs: "I ind an excellent sale for Brown's Iron iitters and find it giving the best of satfaction." "He Monkeyed with a Buzz-Sa, and Look at Him No," is the title of the laest pathetic bailad which is mueh sung t Michigan and Wisconsin funerala. " Troubles often come from whence we east expect them." Yet we may often jrevent or counteract them by prompt nd intelligent action. Thousands of ersons are constantly troubled with a mbination of diseases. Diseased kideys and costive bowels are their tormentors. They should know that Kidey-Wort acts on these organs at the ame time, causing them to throw off the oisons that have clogged them, and so enewing the whole system.


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