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LARGEST I Ti WORLD! -AND- GRBATEST SHOW ON EARTH. TTZNITILUX} OILSTSTIEI?, SHOWS. BARNÜM, BAILE) & HITCHIXSON soLE OWSIERS $3,000.000, RÉPRESENTED. $4,Soo, DAILV EXPENSES. MORE Than the Einire iieceipts of i:ny Other in the United States. Ann Arbor, 1111. Qfl Saturday, JUNE JUi 2 TWO MENAGERIES DKDBR TWO TENTS 2 I Hippodrome n Nearly one-half Mile Track I I MUSEUM OF LIVING CURIOSITIES, 3 Gircuses fn Three Rings 3 1 HUGE ELBVATED STACE 1 OxHO FEET EOR OLYPIAX GAMES Making 8 FOREVER UNITED SHOWS 8 EEATÜKES WH1CH ALL THE SHOWS IX THE WORLD CANXOT 1)1 PLI6ATB Majestjc, Poweful, [}l) Mastoflonic Woiflmfnl, . JUluDu! 29 ONLY NURS1NG BABY AND TWENT NINE ELEPHANTS 15 32 Kacing, Mecca and Burden-Beanng Carnels and Droniedanes. :'- 7 WIDE OPEN PERFORMING LAIRS OF WILD BEASTS T 16 Opsn PalaceDensin Parade Giraffes in Harness and Groups MENAGERIE OF LOÓSE AND LED ANIMALS IN THE STREETS, AND 30 Gages of Rare Wild Animáis, and Every Cage A Carved Chariot. 55 Min Talai Cars 55 6 Zalfl ffarriorsfitli Princess anfl Bies 6 l3Nubians, Pagans & Mohammedans Australian Black Trackers, Cannibals and Boomerane Throwers. BUSHMEN & WILD BEAST HUNTERS IN GROTESQUE DRESS Tribe of Sioux Indian Savages, Mexican Vaqueros Anti Cow Boys From the Plains, etc. Only Museum wilh GOSIIEN, the 8 foot GIANT, and 1000 Wwider MmVeU ünly Tliiee-King Circus, with Nearly 800 performers. 8J iets at everj [j-ií amanee, Ouly liugB Elevated 8ta{?e, GOxSO fect. Only Original Clowns nTtJ i'.hi,,i "Dudes," and all the Great Sensatioosof the Whole Exuibition VV .nhl W irtli iÜjhiub Liargest tents ever built; neurly (100,000 Square Yards of Matenel, and Coverin 8 Acres of Grouud. ONLY REAL ROMAN HIPPODROME RACES. 1,350,000 MATCHLESS PARADE from the Grounds, at 8:30 A. :., DAILY 14 People. 312 Draft Stock. 100 Race and Ring Horses. 40 Pocies and Jerusalem Donkeys. 65 cars in 4 trains. Ask the Station Agent. Every Feature, Act, Animal or Individual Advertised Poaitively Exeibited Try to find something Advertised which we do not Exhibit, and teil UB ubout it. We specially invite Criticisni. Ouly Exhibition which the Moral classes deliglit to patoroniae. More tone and respectability than any other. lts people are better behaved aud dreeseo, eveu the sup ernumeries wear button-hole boaqets in their lap pels. For the comfort of those who desire to avoid the orowds on the grounds Coupon tickets, Good for Reserved Chaira can be purchased at the slight advance at Bliss & Son's jewelry Store, on the day of Exhibition on I y . Positively no free tickets given away. 20,000 seats. General Admiasion. 50 Cents. Children under 9 years 25 cents. Reserved Numbered Chaira Extra. Two Performances Every day. Doors open at land 7. Performance Commences at 2 and 8 P.M. Lansiiifï, Friday, June 29, Detroit, Monday, July 2.


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