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Curing A Bad Memory

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Your memory is bad, perhaps, but I can teil you two secrets that will cure the worst memory. One - to read a subject when strongly interested. The other is to not only read, but think. When you have read a paragraph or a page, stop, close the book, and try to remember the ideas on that page, and not only recall thcm vaguely in your mind, uut put them into words and gpeak thcm out. Faithfully follow these twjD rules, and you have the golden keys of knowledge. Beside inattentive reading, there are other things injurious to memory. One is the habit of skimming over newspapers, all in a confused jumble, never to be thought of again, thus diligently cultivating a habit of careless reading hard to break. Another is the reading of trashy novéis. Nothing is so fatal to reading with profit as the habit of running through story after story, and forgetting them as soon read. I know a grey-haired woman, a lifc-long lover of books, who sadly declares that her mind has been ruined hy such reading.


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