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Miss Abigail Dodac (Gail Hamilton) has a nice little homo of her own. in Hamilton, Mase., whcre Bhe Bpends the summer. Important. When you visit or leave New York City kívc Baggage Expressage and Carrlage Hire and stop at the Graad Union Hotel opposlte Grand Central Depot. Eleeant rooms fitted up at a cost of one million dollars, reduced to $1 and upwards por day. European Plan. Elevator. Restaurant supplied with the best. Horsejcars, stages and elevated railroad to all depots. Families can live bctter for less money at the Grand Union Hotel than at any othcr ürst-class hotel in the city. The foolishness that can't bc cured muit bc in dude. Show is not substance, rcalities govcrn wise men ami the numbcrless certiíicates of wise men show that that the great petroleum Hair Renewer and Dressing Carboline is a stern reality. John Russell Young, American minister to China, is writing a book on that country. The glory of a man is his strength. If you are wcakeneddown through excessive study, or bv early indl6cretions, Allen's Brain Food will restore all lost vigor. $1; 6 f or 5.- At drueeists, or at Allen's l'harmacy, 315 lst Ave., N. Y. The habit of running over boots or shocs corrcctcd with Lyon's Patent Heel StiffcnerB. There is a business in coal to London of 10,000,000 tons annnally. Fort Stevenson, Dakota,Ter.- Rey. James McCarty eays." Brown s Iron Bitters cured me of seveic dyspeysia." The Empress Eugenio in lier palmy aays ate au onion at 6 oeloek every morninf; to preserve hrr complexión. Mishawaka, Ind., Dee. 1, 18S2. Dn. Pengbllt: Dcar Sir:- Ovenvork has done lor me what it. does for many. Desiring to benefit BuSering women, I add my tcetimony to the valué oí Zoa-Phora. For fire years I BUfEered grcatly witU Prolapsus, heing ohliged to uee a supporter during all thoso painful, weary years ; hut, thanks to your mediriiiu, I wear it no more. I lald it otE after usiog one and a half bottles. I am not well, but I work all the Mme and am botter than I ever expected to be. You may use my letter, and if any one wished to write me for more information, gtve them my fiill address. Miss C. G Unsolicitea itívi reaca tor tae Merits oL Allen's Lung Baisam. From Rev. G. B. Darrow, a Wellknown Minister. ClNCI-VXATi, January 2. Messrs. J. n. IIahris & Co. Gentlemen' :- My daughter, who has been afflicted the past twoyearBwith achronicbronchial affection, Is receiving such decided heneflt trom taking your Lun Balsam- having taken bul ■ ne bottle- that I am prometed to expres to you niy gratifleation at the resiüt. Her lons-contlnued, dry cough, with lts occasional wheezin;;, whistlinc sound, peculiar to tae breathing, has disappearedT and my hope is tnat continuing to use the LTOG Balsa m a while longer a permanent and radical cure will be effected. I can recouimend its use to others. YOUr8KeSpeOtfUllyG.K.DARROW. The Eev. G. B. Darrow is the managing editor of the Contributer, a raluable religious paper. PERRY DAVIS' PAIN KILLER Has Stood the Test for Forty Yeara, and is at the present time more popular thau ever. AND WHYÏ Because the people have fouml it a SÜRECURE for all tlielr A ches and Pains. -ÏTIS A SOVEREIGN BALM. Acts with wonderfvl rapidily aud neiier faite, ■when taken at the comm'erjcement of an attack CHOLERA, CHOLERA M0RBÜS, As well as all suuimer complaints ot a Eimilar nature. Try it for Chills, Sudden Colds, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsta or Indigestión, Sore Tbroat, Coughs, etc, etc, etc, and you will be cured. Ifsed ExternaVy, It cures Boils, Felone, Sprains, Swellingf. ef the Joints, Toothache, Pain in the face, Neuralgia, Chapped Hands, Frost-Bitten Feet. Scalds, Burns, Rheumatism, &c. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Sold CTcrywhcre. 25c, 50c. and $1.00 ycr bottle. ga. gRk b m K m a lOIiPUlNr, II AHIT. _n__r_l Bh No pay ::. curert. Ten IBWil 9_HI ''■■' ■!■■ tstablished, 1,000 I IWB curecl. State case, !-, # 1 B isP i B B Slarsih, Quincy, Micü. To Merchaiits and Farmers. Send address to the Mutual Mannfacturlng Co., No. 9 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, and rccelvc by return mail a circular and a sample of the cheapcst and bost barbed w're ever made. The royal duchesses cf England ave fond of givingcoacerts for tbc benefit of churehes. Ladles and all Bufferers f rom neuralgia, hysteria, and all kindred eomplaints, will find without a rival Brown'a Iron Bitters. Ju8tice Miller of the United States Supreme Court walks the strect while wearing a dreas coat and an old plug hat. Once try Chrolithion collars and cuffs and you will wear no other kind. They fit so well and f eel so nicelj . Mothers, Kead. Gentlemen:- The demand for Allen'b Lung Balsam is increasing constantly. The ladies think there is no medicine equalto it for Croup and WhoopingCough. Oakland Sta., Ky., C. S. MABTiy, Druggist. SÏINGING.irrttatlou.'mfianiinaiion all Kiclney and ünlnary Complalnta cured by "Buchu-Pabia." f 1. How to Shorten Life. The receipt is simple. Youhaveonly to take a violent cok', and neglect it. Abcrnetby, the English surgeou, askrd a lady who toldhimshe only had a eough: "VVLat would you have? The Plague!" Bevare of "only cougbs." The worst cases can, however be cnred by DK. WM. HALL'8 BAL8AM for theLUXGS. Ip VVhooping Cough and Croup it tatlon, ana Is sure. to prevent a iaiai termination of the diseñe. Sold by all druggiets and dealers in medicine. WELLS' "ROUGII ON COKNS." 15c. Ask for it Complete, permanent cure. Coras wort, bunions Frce of Charge. An elegant Bong book frce of charge containing aumorous, and sentimental songs, sungbyWizard OU Companles, in the;r open air concerts. Address ElamLina Wiïard OU Co., Chicago 111. Wizariï OiL cures rheumatiBm, lame back, sprains braises burus, acalda, Ulcera f ever sores inflaniation of tlie Kidneys neuralgia headache fcootliaehe, earache sorethroat catarrn hayfevor, allays Inflamation and reltevea pain in any part of the system. Solrt by drusirista at 50 cents, dont forget to uae it And you wlll baniah pain and be happy. SKINNY MEN. "Well'a Health. Itenewer" rcstorea health and vigor, cures Dyspepsia, Irupotence. f l. Mexsman'8 Peptonized Bebp Tonic, tho only preparation of beef containlng lts entire nutritioua propcrtiea. It containa blood-makini?, force-gener atinsand life-sustaining proporties; Invaluable tor Indigestión, Dyspepsia, nervous proatration, and all forras of general debiüty; also, in all enfeebled conditiona, whether tho result of exhaustion, norvous prostration, overwerk, or acutO dlaeaae, particularly if resulting f rompulmonary complainta. CabWE1LL, Hazard & Co., Proprietors, New York. Sold hy DrugilBtf DON'T DIE IN THE IIOUSE. "Rough on RaU" leana out rate, mice, flies, roaches, bed-bugs. 15c. ftSw,.THE GREAT -L$Y Man reMEOI POR Ï-A.I3NT. CURES _ . Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciaüca, Lumbago, Backache, Headaclie, Toolhacho. ,.riThroat.Swelllii,ípran.BriiUe Buril!, Soald, Fros Bite. 1ND 41L OTHEB rISS AKD ACMÉS. Ib, nr.iggUtsaud Dealers cvnrjwhtre. Fifty Cent a Irott THE CHARLES A. VOCF.LEU C!O. I i o A itr. WfíY? i flLP i Lejan o 2 jearí ajo .'nrfcr íre nnme c vOMAN'S FRIENí Without puffery.simp'.y on tho good v : those who havo useö bas xnadcin i ,-very State in the Union. UTOT A CfJKE AÏX, í'jt a pentle and sure remedy for a!i :. .jtnplaints which destroy tbcfrethnc: . beauty, waste the, mar the hn oess and usefulness of macy ÍÍIKXS AI Teatimoaials or oar P&mrlile: oq 'Diseases of Vomen and Chilares SentgraÜ. Every woman above 15 years cf ao, esresially Mothers, should red thein. Aidrcss R. PENGELLY&CO., Kalamczoo, Mich. (L7 AU latte marltea private are read by DirPengenyoDl Cures Rheumatisni, LumI bago, Lame Back, Sprains anú I JBruises, JLsthma, Catarrh, Coughs, Colds, Sore Thioat. Diphtheria, Burns, Fiost Bites, Tooth, Ear, and j ache, andallpains andaches. I The best Interna! and external remedy In the world. Evcrybottlcgusrsnteed. Sold by medicine dealers everywhere. P.rcctions in eight languages. Pricc r,o cer.ts and f j.oo. FOSTER, MILBUBN d. CO., Prop'rs, BUFFALO. N. Y., U. S. A.


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