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PSALMS. [kevised] Hkaii this, all yo pcople, and give car all ye invalida of tbc world, Hop Bitters will mako yoü well and to rcjoice. "_'. It rihall oure all the pcoplo and i put sk'.kncss and suñ'ering under foot 3. 13c thouj nol afraid when your family is sick, or you have Bright's diseaseorLiver Complaint, forHop Bitters ) will cure you. i. Both low and high, nch and poor know the valué of Hop Bitters for bilious, nervous and Rheumatic cornplaints. 5. Cleanse me with Hop Bitters and I shall have robust and blooming health. 6. Add discasc upon discase aud let the worst como, I am safe if I use Hop Bitters. 7. For ali my life have I been plagued with sicktwss and sores, and not until a year ago was I cured by Hop Bitters. 8. He that keepeth his bones from aching f rom líheumatism and Neuralgia, with Hop Bitters, doth wisely. 9. Though thouhastsores,pimplcs, freckles, salí rücum,;erysipelas,]blood poisomng, yct Hop Bitters will remove them all. 10. What woman Ís there, feebled and Eick from íemalecomplalnts, whodesireth DOtheaJth and useth Hop Bittere and is made wél. 11. Let not neglcct to use Hop Bitters bring on serious Kiduey and Livcr complaints. 12. Keep tby longue from being iurred, thy blood pure, and tby stomach from indigestión by using Hop Bitters. 13. AH my pains and aehes and dise.ase go like chafE betore the wind when I uec Hop Bittere. 14. Mark the man who was neariy dead and giveu up by the doctors after using Hop Bitters and becometh wcll. 15. Cease from worrying about nervousness genera! debility, and urinary trouble, for Hop Bittere will restore you. l:f%K a tteeK in your own umn. reroisaDü fo mti " lroe. Addresg H. HallettCo..lJortland,Ma.ue SUKE CUKE tor epllepsy or nt In 24 hours. Free itp yoor. Dr. KRUSE, 2844 Arsenal St.. St. Louis, Mo. Auxkts WAJNii lor the Best and Vastes BcllinK l"icUnal Iiooks and Bibles. Prlces redacei 83 per cent. NAT. Pubmhhino Co., Pbnadelphia, Pa 41K in Oi per day at home. Bample voitht5iree. 9J IU fCl Adrtroaa stlnson & Co-, t'ortland.Maine. VfklIMn MlMIf youwant t) learn teletfraphy to lUUftU '"tl'afuw oionthsandbosureof a Bitnation. addreps, Valentlne Bros., Janesvillo, WiB. Vífi a ween, $12 a day at home easily mado. Costly w' outntfreo. Addret-. True&Co.,Augusta.Maine. AÜIIIMfl !Xrphlne RnbitCnrod in 10 IflIlnH toüOday. No pay till Curcd. Wr I WIVI -Lu. J. blüPaKSS, Lubanüii, ühla PATËÏTTS F. A. LKUMANN, Sollcltor of Patente. Washington, t' C larsond tor Circular,.! T 'lTTVI T'C PKUCCUÏD! or HO HA H IX I S l'AV' Also-Trado X JTi. -l JL-XI X i- ' marks.etc. Send modo andBketoh: will oxnmino nnd report if nt(intablo Many years practlce. Pampïilet lreo ii-W-Hl" OKH'Al.n & ('O., Attorneys, WmOiiMirtnn. i). O. __ Do you wlpli to obtain eood and i i valid Patenta? then write to or cal! lifll AïïlC! ÍS J J 8ON, Sï West Con- l)vl'l'w lnt lt ï Cieress 8t.. Detroit, Mich., Attornert Í ll'1lllinln Patent Causes. Establishtvi li ■ x'IltlJycnri. fcnilfor pamphlct, free. ■ PLiuTij UANTFD KVERYWUTBtosellthe AbtrilO WANI tU bost Fnm.n.v Jtnlttlnu Machine ovor invontffi. Wilt knit a pair of sfcnckinpR -with IIEK1. anrl TOE complete in 20 min utes. lt will alpo knit a great variety of fancy-work for which thore is alway? a rearty markct. Send fol cirCUlBr and terras to the Twomhly K.ltlUR Machine Co,, lig Tremont Street, Boston, Maas. I1T7 M O ï S Tv T C F0R 80LD1EK H I ( ) S diseaso ■-' ■ ' - ' A v-" ■ -' wound or lnjurj Parentfl, widowf and children are entitled. Million appropriated. Fee $lü. Increase pensions, bounty back pay and honorable diBOharK66 procured. KJBW LAWS. 8end stamp f'ir inetructionf and bountv ole. N. W. FITZKüKAliD & CO.. AttornCTS. Box 5 Washington T. C - j CURES WHERE AU tlSSfAUsT H Rd BestCough Syrup. TaAtesgoG-i. iSd IM TTsfi Ín time. Sofd by druggists. fi -WIll CURECONSÜMPTION, Bronchitis, Lang and TliroatComplaints. Agent Wantecl lu the "West, Senrt for circulara and homo testimoniáis. FillB sent liy mail, U rer box. ■iriSRPH I. BATES (; CO., Weymouth, Mais Y■ CCifñ IS alWays A L11? 9U-áL Inícresting. From morniní: to morniog and f rom week toweek TH I SUN prints a continued story of the lives of r'i I men and women, aod of their deeds, plans, loves, hates and troubles. This story is more nteresting tban any romance that was ever devtsed. Subscription Ratos: Daily (4 pagesl, by mail, 55c. a montb, or Ï6.öl a year; SL'NDAY (S pages). $1.20 per ycir; WeeklyiS pages), $1.00 per year. I. W. ENGLAND, Publisher, Noy York CHy. SIOOO REWARDaSÏ?9 __ wurketumucfc Clora srf , %, A WtS . - -M , . , . m (Ci ' ' 'f 'i' TTWnTiiTTT oftr HSHP 1IEWARK MACHINE C0.S3HEt.5J7S NE WAHK. O, ' '"TIBÍ HF1" r-"A rGUii oe;ítn Aêiwiun i?o9èSïïneino?!PECK'S BAD BOY AND HiS PA tndnllthe mastor piecea of this, thefcreatest huunoriit 01 the age. A Modern Literary Hnrve]. JOO Illuftrn. Üops. AeoiitA Wanted for this wonderfuJ-se]]in book. Lauprhable il lustra ted circular, free. To sav4 timo, send 30 cent for outfit and errt choice trritorr Address, BIÜLFOKD. CLAKKE A CO., Lhlcao WtBJËÈ MW tit 3Or,IS!WITBI WwK99ff Bryant& Stratton m ÊgÊmÊlaiMm Bus:nkss Univkrsit' WmMFmtíg Detroit, ís the olciest, irges vLg&BSmost thorotighand prr.ctkal, has reniBj Vthe most ablc and tperiencei Ij IHjteathers, fincst rooms and bcttar IlTill Vfacilities ever w.iy, ihaa any othor lij 11 W trines college in Michigan. Aslc lij 'our graduates and ihe biiness men of EJP4BMf Detroit, about our School. Cali or EÉEHBr end ior Circulars. Shorthand by & Practical Rcpoi ter. fIBI1k ASpecifïcfor .db t M AKITjI &V EPIT.EPST, CjllTM5iAlf SPASM8, EÓXÖZ7W VIJISIONS, NEVER FA1LL i FA1XIN SICK■ W"" d? NESS.ST.VITCS %LE V ." PIX'M FATING, ■ _ SfHOn'LA. i flWaBEHÏI'siy TH YlTgPEP8U, II E D U E I 8ICKHEABA0HÉ nCnib JIHKl MATXSM, -' KEBVOrs -_.-. i I I I I I I ■ t WKAKNESS, rnln u n il c D A D i nkhtous il U RIU U E II U 11 J PROSTRTION, BILIOVSVE88, COSTlVEÏiESS, KIDNEÏ TJÍOI BLES and all IREEGULAEITIES. VST Í.60 PEK BOTTLE AT DBOeGBTS. S Tbe Dr. S. A. Eicmoni Mei Co., Prop., St. loseji, So. 'v Correspondence freely answercd by Physicians. (60 (iBAï'S SPKiliïC MEDICINE. TRADE MARK The Gueat TRADE MARK KxGLisH asEfe jffíK quence of jBk] BEFORE XUmSSSÈUlU TARISfl. DimnefS of Vision, Prematuro oíd Acj, and many othor (iiseasea, that load to insanity or Consumptton aml n I'iPmaturo Grave. t3f"Full particulars In our pamplilet, which we deslre to send froo by mail to everyone. "The Spociflc Medicino is sold by all tlmeeists at $1 per packaze or flx packagos for $5, orwill te Ftmt by mail on the recoipt of tho moroy. by addropsing TllE GUAV MEDICINE CO., Buffalo, N. V. On account of counterfcits. wo hnvo adopted tbe yellow wranper; tho only genuine. Uucrantees #J cure issued by Farrand.' Williiima & Co., Detroit Mlch W. N IJ.- P25. Ladies Do you want a pure, blooming Complexion? If so, a few appheations of Hagan's MAGNOLIA BALM wül gratify you to your heart's content. It does away with Sallowness, Redness, Pimples, Blotches, and all diseases and imperfections of the skin. It o vercomes the flushed appearance of heat, fatigue and exitement. Itmakesaladyof THIRTY appear fout TWENTY ; and so natural, gradual, and perfect are iLs eftects, that ft is impossiMe to detect its application.


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