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Bowling League for all Levels of Vision

by iralax

A new 3-person team bowling league made up of totally blind, partially blind and fully sighted bowlers will begin play at 7:00 pm every other Thursday evening beginning Sept. 8 at Colonial Lanes in Ann Arbor. The cost is $10 per week plus a one-time sanction fee of $15-$25. The league will follow all standard rules of league bowling such as alternating lanes, using the foul lights, and using a 90% handicap. Bowlers will have the opportunity to participate in state, regional, and national tournaments if he/she wants to.

A blind bowler uses a guide rail that is aligned on the first board outside the gutter on the approach so it doesn’t interfere with the bowlers.
• The rail is 12 feet long and is placed on the left side of the approach if the bowler is right handed, and placed on the right side of the approach if the bowler is left handed.
• The bowler holds the rail with one hand and the bowling ball with the other hand. The bowler walks on the approach toward the pins like a person does with normal vision.
• This rail is not like the ramp that persons in wheelchairs use. It is constructed with PVC pipe tubing that is round and is held in place by bowling balls setting on the feet of the rail.

A sighted bowler will spot pins for the blind bowler by telling them what pins are still standing, if any, after rolling the first ball. In addition, the fully sighted bowler will monitor the rail to maintain straightness so it doesn’t become out of alignment causing the bowler to roll the ball into the gutter.

You don’t need to have your own team, but if you have 3 people who want to bowl together, that would be even better. Please contact Gerald Rickert, at 734-845-3064 or Email for more details on how to get involved.


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