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The cquinoctia) storms were unusnally severe on the lakes this soason. Barges and schooners were badly broten up. A number of tucs lest their tows, and shipping wfll suffer scvercly. At Sand Beaeh harbor of refuge eyery avallable place was oceupied and, at Cheboygan the river was full of tugs, steamers and schooners, which were obliged to go lu for shelter. At Búllalo, N. Y., the gale sent the water po far in that the railroads and propertv dja cent to the creek were flooded, andBuffered areat loss. Burglars entered Rolshoven's jewelry store, Detroit, a few days ago, and rausacked the premisos cscaping with about tin, 000 worth of Jeweíry. An attempc was made to open the safe eontaining about $50,000 worth oí diamonds, but the thieves were frightened away. Entranee was efEected by breaking a hole through the rear wall. A daring piece of highway robbery, which nearly resulted in eold blooded murder, oecurred at Vassar. John Ward, a farmer from near Gagetown, Tuscola county, had been iu_) uu hl Aipeua ior somt time, ana started Tor home in company with one Ci'arles Elliot, a sailor from Bay City. They reac'.ied Vaesar, and together spent the time"in drinking until trening, when Elliot deeoyed Ward into a back strect, and there dealt several blows over nis head with some weapon eutting it in a frightful manner. This done, Eliïot relieved his victim of about $30 ui money, a walch chain, revolver, and made his escape to the Michigan Central depot, where he was shortiy arrested by Marshall Burgess, ironed and jaiiea. Ward will probably recover. A case of considerable importarle to banks goes to the supreme court from Lenawee circuit. G. II. Davis had moiiey deposited in the bank, but in his wife s name. It was so arrangcd that he could draw it, that being pro vided for at the time of the deposit. Mrs. Davis died, and left no will. lmt t.herp. wwi al young children. When Davis went for the money the bank deelined to let him draw it out. Snit was brought in the circuit, Davis swearing that it was bis money and he was awarded a vrdict. Tlie bank dare not risk the matter till pasaed upon by a court of lastresort, as the children could bring suit by guardián for the noney. Mr. Dykeina, of the Grand Rapids board of lealth, has caused the arrest of Imon Wisse, a medical student, for practicing as a phjsician. not being qualified under the laws of " Michigan. Marine City wants a bank and steps are bcing taken to secure one. Two kundred and sixty pupils are enroüed at the deaf and dumb institute at Fliut. Ceresco, an enterprising ittle burg between Battle Creek and Marshall, is to have a largc steam floui'ing mili. John and Nicholas Stahl, brothers, were instantly killed by a Grand Rapids & Indiana switch engine in Grand Rapids a few days ago. Tbcy were crossing the track in a wagon and failed to nottce the approach of the engine. A 13-years-old son of John Stahl had a leg taken off and sustained others injuries. Henry B. Gregory, one of the oost respectcd citizens of (W06S0, is dead. A soa of King Cetewayo is in jail at Adrián. Over 100 vessels load and discharge cargoes at the Elk Rapids iron company's docks at Elk Rapids yearly. Thecew $10,000 churcb at Pars, lluron county, struck by lightning and damaged to the t-xtent of $2,500. Old-fashioned spelling schools are being re vived in a number of towns iu Michigan. Dr. II. M. Hurd, Superintendent of the ronnac Insane Asylum, and Capt. Wm. (J Vinton, one oL the trustees of the institutie contémplate a earriage trip tbrough Michigan They expect to btart from Detroit for Kalama sco, taking their time and looking at points oí interest on the way. Fred Chapin, aged 16, of FlusMng, Geneset eounty, wbo was drowned off the steamer Garland, on the Detroit rivcr, the other daj had run away from home with another boy. Michigan oak is sent to California to makc the butts for holding the wine in the great California vineyards. St. Iguace is agitating the question of water works. The war against liquor men is still being waged in East Tawas. Prof. W. H. Payne. of the Uuiversity, and Prof. J. Estabrook, of Olivet college, are engaged in preparing a series of three English readers. The illustrations ai e by Miss lsabella Stwart, daughter of Dr. Moses Stewart of Detroit. - Adrián Times. There are 60,000 communicants of thcMelhodist persuarion in Michigan. George Glbks, ad 60 yeara, isuttending the Sturgis public school. ' Let the youths and maidens of 20 and thereabouts who think they are too oíd to attend scüool or take up any special study, make a note of this. Andrew C. Ravenhart, vho was on his way from Ashland, Newaygo Co, to Atlanta City la. with his family and household goods, v.'as robbed of $1,045 in Grand RapiJs. Wm. Blake, a farmer of near Buehanau commenced the working season for bees üli (13 stands. He non' has 135 stands, lias taken off two tons and a half of honey, and enough remains to eupply the bees until another season. The gradingof the Ohio & Michigan railroad has been eompleted between Dundeo and Britton. The track is laid for two miles between the two places, and when eompleted the connection with the Toledo & jon Arbor railroad will bemaudle, and the trains wlll be euabled to reach Toledo írom all points on the line. Pupila in the Kalamazoo high school, pubJ'.sh a Eeat little paper ealled The Occident. l)el Short of Coldwater, had a sheep on exhibition at the Branth county fair, for whicb he refused $3,600. Acompany has been formed in Muskegon for the manufacture of flre kindling. lf, is ealled the Eurekamanufacturingcompany,and lias a capital oí ?1U,OUU. The "City Fathers" oí Marshall bve made a raid on the shade trees on Mala street, and have ordcred them all removed, contrary to the wishes oí many citizens. ' The baby show at tho Lcnawee county íair attracted more yisitors than any other department oí the fair. Fourteen little ones were entered Lor the prize, whieh was, after ''mature deliberation" by the judges, awarded to the 18 moflths' old daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Potte, oí Adraiii. "II. G. Lewis, mental scientist." is the way the card reads, the bearer of which bas applied for a patent for a ship canal across the state ol Michigan from Monroe, to a point near New Buffalo. Tilis "Meotal scientist" isnowwork, na the citizeus of Monroe fcr subscriptions. Henry Willis, of Battle Creek ought to stop the iellow. The planing mül, eash, door and Kind factory of S. M. Lee & Co., of Charlevoix, has been totally destroyed by lire. Loss $15,000, ana no msurance. J. C. Thorupson, boot and shoe dealer of East Saginaw, formerly of Mt. Cleinens, dropped ueacl at. hls residenec ia the l'ormer place, of heart disease. Joseph Hartman, a eigar maker of Coldwater, aied during the amputation of his leg, which commeuced to die away from the eflei'ts of a clot oí. blood in tbe main artery of the liiub. Death would have ensued in a few days from the disease, Ín any event. Don M. Dickinson of Detroit has a suit íor $20,000 in the superior court of that city against the Brush electric light company f or maintaining a plant so near his resideuee as to be a nuisance to him. John Weissert, a pioneer of Hastings, and a prominent merchantof that city, is dead. The latest business improvement in Big Rapids is the establishment of gas works. The city gave a franchise some years ago to a eompany organized for the manufacture of gas, but the company did not get towork, and until now the matter laid dormant. Hiergins Brothers A: Patten, experienced uen and with ampie capital, have secured the franchise and already commenced work by letting tlie contract for buildings. The estimated cost of the plant and mains is $30,000. Eighth District Republican pollticians have planned to give Congreseman Horr another term in tue House, ana tnen 10 enter mm lor the Senate to fill Conger's seat. Jacob Jonsen, a freight conductor on the Flint & Pere Marquette raüroad, was mortally wounded by John F. Sweeney, i'i a railroad restaurant at East Saginaw. Snow feil at Cheboygan September 23. Miner's flouring mili at TompUins Center, Jackson county, burned rccently at a loss oï 15,000. Dr. E. B. Fairfield, ex-lieutenant-governor ei Michigan and at present pastor ol the Presbyterian church at Manlstee, bas returned from hls European trip. Philo Par6ons of Detroit was elécted president of the state agricultural and horticultural 6oeietj at its recent meeting. Gov. BeeolJ was "bUled" íor a speech at the Branch county fair, but he claimed he had forgotten it and left nis manuscript at Saginaw. He gave them an "address," and a local correspondent says, "with this creeptlon the fair was a complete succes;." Mr. Scranton. oí Camdcn, Hillsdalc county, was 101 years old September 20. He is the oldest person inHilisdalccouuty, and pcrhaps in the state. Rcading, Ilillsdale county, is about to hare a first-class roller flouringmíu capable of turning out 100 barrels per day. A single lumber sale at Manistee the other day was for $100,000. Battle Creek won flrst prize at the Niles Fireman's tournament. 8ome dispicable villain síole a pump from A. B. Worden of Pewamó. The thief' left the wel). Reported that eertaiu Canadian capitalists are about to put down a test well opposite St. Clair, with the view of eetabllshing a mineral well similar to the Oakland The Jieed City sehools are so crowded that the basement of one of the churches will bc fitted up as a school room, rnaklng 6even departments of the graded school, besides two private schools in the city. The Michigan military aeademy is now open agaiu, and the corps of inslructorsasreorganized Ie as foltows : W. II. Butts, of Ann Arbor. principal; F. E. Clark.Albion, natural and iutellectualscience; T. B. Bronson, Aun Arbor, modern languages ; D. D. Jayne, Cornell, N. Y., linglish and literatura; Lieut. II. A. Sbroedcr," U. S. army, professor of military acience and tactics and instructor in drawing; J. G. Corastock, Aun Albor, Latín and mathetnatics ; A. N. Bhaw, Humiltou, history and oratory. The military staffincludes Col. Rogers, the superintendent, Lieut. Schroeder as adjutant, Licut. C. E. Linzee assistant quartermaster, Dr. (íalbraith as surgeon and Kev. F. Berry chaplain. Col. Rodgere, of course, has the general superintendeney of thc whole institution. A case of unusual interest has boen commer.ced m the circuit court of Kent eouuty,being another chapter in the Lowell war against the bible in the public schools. Chas. T. Woodintr, representiug Jarvis C. Train and others, are the complainauts in thc case and desire to have the eourt order the trustees and teachers to discontinue the use nf t.hp hihln in th schools on the grounds that there are many Israelitc and Koman catholic cbildren whose parcuts do not accept the King James versión of the bible. The sale in the postoflice and drug 6tore at VVoodland Center, Barry count}', was blown open by burglars and a lárge amount of money taken. Dr. Kilpatrick, the postnmster,is n;irly cruzy over hú loss, as it ruins him flinncially. Joseph Watson was killed while digglDg a wcll lor John Becchcroft,in Koylton township, luscola county. He had got down 20 feet, when suddenly the earth caved in uoon him, burying him alive. Charles Crampton, of Lee's Corners, Midi and couEty, was arrested on the fair grounds at lelt money. Mlchigan'a Military riflcmen vero the victors at the national military rifle match at Criedmore, N. Y. The Michigan team is considered the fiaest ever at Creedmore, and won high eneoniums from all. City Recorder Frank B. Nixon of Adrinn was f ound dead iu his office the other morning. He had eutered the office only a few minutes before, and the city marshall "having occasion to cali on Mui found him dead. The cause was undoubtedly heart disease, induced bv asthma Mr. Nixon was one of the best officers the city ever had, and at the time of his death was serviug his 14th term as city recorder. The thiru annua! reunión of the Soldiers and s.iü'rs' Assoeiation of Shiawassee county will be held at Gaines, Oetober 25, in connection l'ltll flïO T'iïlllïrï r-f -flirt Trtil, T „ .- ? f ■ i vu uuv h.liuiuu ui Luir 1 . ÍUli IfcUglIUUUt 01 Michigan Vcteran ínfantry. G. A. Parker is president and J. D. Jetvell secret:iry. Manjuette Mining Journal : Wiscousin capitaiists are sccuriuga ürm foothold in the Lake Agogcebic iron district, and the mining property of the Lake Agogeebic Iron Company owncd cliieily by citizens of Oshkosh, is the most advanced in development of any in that promising iron field. Tliis company now has a shaít don something oyer fifly feet. The furnace at Elk Rapids makes iifty tons of iron a day ; the chemical n-orks turn out 16 - ÜOOpoundsof acetato of lime and 200 gallons of woed alcohol and thirty barrels of wood tar a day ; the savv mili manufactures 40,000 feet of lumber a day, and all of this vast product is manufaetured by really one concern- The Elk Kapids Iron Company. Mrs. Worden, niotherof Rear-Admiral John L. Worden of Monitor fame, was buried in Grand Rapids recently. Dr. L. Hall once a teacher at the Michigan university, has settled as a physteian at Salt Lake City. Samuel Burroughs, of Kasson, Leelanaw county, comrnitted suicide by shooting bimeelf. . The postoflice at Hudson was robbcd th" other i;ight of f 800 in etamps and $300 in cash. The thievfis stole a horse and bucro-v nfü .T E-üou and escapea. The total luinber shipmcnts from the Saginaw riVL-r from the opening of navigation to Oet. 1, were 597, 189,96.7 feet, agalnst 656,568,8-16 feet for the eorresponding p riod last year. Froin twelve to seventeen tons of celery are shipped every day from Kalamszoo. One exprcss company takes in tSOO a day from frelght on celery. The producers timl the express charges heavy, Every f ci&ion of the Legislaturc there are hundrids of good eitizcLs wbo howl for more stringent laws to protect game; (he sime eltiens orgaaize asaoclatlono and appoint and jay a "game warden.'1 In spite of it all wc ■ca J eucli items as this from the Bay City Press : Deer-kflllne Is uut in order, but somihow venisou is nut the scareest raeat in theworld." Snspcctcd Murder tn Danby. Exchac;e. The Tonnship of Danby, lonia county, s all torn up over a suspected joisoning case. ün June 21 John Colter of that township, diel a long illness. Hls case was diagnosed and treated for as Briiiht's disease. There was a tlutter of suspicion of foul play, but uothing more. Chiugs had got quieted dowD, and would undoubtedly have remainedeo had not the widow n scarccly three mouthsmarriedagain. It Is iow eharged that the secoud husband, Clephus JeCamp, had ior some time previous to the leath of Colter been on terms too intímate vith Mrs. Colter to be consistent with Iheir relations Laye heen kept up since deatu oí Colter. Upon thesecond marriage he excitement broke out afreeh and eulminated q a e.oruplaint by tour citizens oí Danby beore a Justice of the Peace on Saturday last br a warrant to exhume the body for a poet nortern. A jury was surumoned by the justice or au inquest. The Prosecuting Atorney and Sheriff, jury and justice went to he burial ground and found a crowd of iifty or sixty people, but no expert to make the cximinatior. For tliis reason and because the body was ülled with embalming Huid by the undertakor theinqestwas adjourned to the öth of Oetüber. Iu the meantime the Projsecuting Attomey will have an analysis of the nmbftlmuí; Huid made, and take other 6teps to ascerain the facts. The further proseeutiou of the matter wil] depend entirely upon the result of Mb preliminary investigatiou The better ense of the eomraunity is that (Jolter died of Jright's disease, and that the investigators of -he present inquiry have been altogether too ïot headed. HaCk War at Kalamazoo. 5xcliange. A hack war bas brokeu out at Kalamazoo which promises to last eoine time, There was n .openleg of hostilities last seasou, but a comiromise was affeeted and a peace patehed up, ut now it is war to the knife, aml the knife to hehllt. Five years ago an Irish jaunting car nade its appearauce, carrving passeugers to all parts of the town for ten cents. TLis was ollowed m a llttle whlle by other one-horse vehtcles, and so the number multiplied, and now there are a score or more and all oí thern seem to be kept goiug. Lately they have eonested with the hacks the eonvcying ol passen;ers to and froni the cars, and the hackmen ïave declared war and have put on a large numbcrol vehicleo and will probably reduce the iriees of hack hire and of the cab f are. While bey flgtt the trav-eling public ñourishes. Kudden Ucavli ol' Rev. I. Morgan Nlllllll. Rcv. J. Morgau Smltb, who has been pastor of the First congregational church of Grand lapids for 20 years, died suddcnly at Dansville, í. Y. He receutly resigned his pastorate in 3 rand Rapids and was making preparations or a trip abroad for his health. His remains vere taken to Graud Kapids for burial. J. Morgan Bmith was born at Great Falls, N. Y., Aprll26, 1883. His father was a minister hefr, and had 15 ehildren. The subject of thi6 ketch was what is callcd a "live boy," ahvays ready to work, study or play. He put in üve ■ears in the Hopkins Grammar school at Hartord, and entered Yale college in 1880, graduatlns in the lirst 10 of the class of 1854. He went to Elmira, N. Y., after graduating, and aught private classes. Hesubsequently worked and travclcd in Wisconsla. Kventually he tudied theology at Andover, taking au interval of work In Fhlladelphia In order to raise money with whleh to pursue his studies. Ilis iirst charge as a pastor was at West Avon, Conn., where he rcmained three years. He preached seven weeks at Chicago and then accepted the cali given him by the congregationalists of Grand Rapids, where he remained until hls reeent resignation. He was a popular and succeesful pastor, who believed in the gospel of work as well as that of faith.


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