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The Massachusetts Greetóack State convention met in Boston Sept 25. The proceedings were anything but complimentary to men of intelligenee, characterized as they were by bitter personal invective. Dr. J. B. Bland, Butler'i biographer,made several attempts tospcak but was excluded. A motion was made that Butler be nominated by acclamation, whieh was lïnally carried unanimously and with great enthusiasm . The platform adopted is characteristic. The preamblc denounces both the Republican and Democratie parties, especially the former. The platform demands tbe repeal of all class Iaws: no subsidies f or corporations ; equal politieal rights for men and women; election of all public officials as far as practicable by the direct vote of the people; a graduated income tax and taxation of all other property iu equal ratio; no more refuuding of the public debt in such a mannerthat it cannot bc: paid when the government ha6 inoney to pay with; discontinuance of the hoardfne policy; demonetization of gold and silver as domestlc currency and the issue instead of full legal tender paper currency; withdrawal of all power of issue f rom national banks ; removal of tariff monstrosities; that pauper labor should not be allowedto cheapen honest labor; that suflrage shall be f ree to all; larger hours of labor and re.gulation of inter-Stateeommerce by Congreas so that middlemen cannot raise prlces ; prohibition of the employment of childrcD ander 14 years in mines and workshops, and equal pay ior cqual work of men and women. The plat form closes with au extreme eulogy of Gov Butler. The ticket was Ulied out as follows : Lieutenant-Governor, JohnHowes; Seeretary of State, Nicholas Furlong ; Attorney-General Georgc Foster; Treasurer, Wilbur F Whitney; Auditor, A. H. Wood. BLAND EXPERIENCES A CIIAXGE. Dr. Bland, biographer of Gov. Butler, has expressed his deep regret That since the publicatioa of his book, he has been forced to revise his estímate of lts subject, and deerns itnis duty to apologize to the public forhaving become his biographer. He has experienced a radical change of opinión with regard to his character, owing chiefly to hls al.'eged desertion and insults to the Greenbackers, and his endeavors to kill the Greenbac party of Massachusetts. MOKE IIONOKS fOIt BUT1.K1!. AttheMassachusetts Democratie state convention, assembled in Snrinfi-ficlrl. i;m. R„tw was re-nominatcd amidst the wiklcst enthusiasm The ticket ivas filled out as follows: ïeutenant-governor, Frederick O. Prineesecretary of state, Charles Marke; treasurer and receiver-general, Cavily H. Ingalls; attorney-general, John W. Cmminga; auditor John Hopkins, EMPIRE STATE PBOHIBITIOX1ST3. The Prohibitionists of New York assembled in 8j,Taeuse, and placed the folloiving ticket in the neld : Secretary of state, Frederlek dates : comptroller, Stephen Merritt; state treaeurer.' James Baldwin; state englneer George A. Uudiey ; attorney-general, Virgil A. Willard. MARTLAND REPUELICANS Met in convention in Bíütimore to nomínate candidates for governor, compl roller and attorney general. The work of organization was quickly out of the way, and the eonvention Êroceeded at once to nominations. Mart. B. lolton of Baltimore countv was nominated for governor, Washington Smith of Dorchcster for comptroller, and B. Stockett Matthews of adopted is tp hearty sympathy with thë Arthur admimstiation,and reiterates the scntiments oí loyalty heretofore expressed, and promises to transform tbe state of Maryland into a political paraüise If they ever gët a chance. THE PLATFORM Adopted by tho Republicans of Nebraska f a vors a proper protective tartff ; a state railroad commission; advocates the íorfeiture of unearned rsilroad land grants ; approves allowing eattlemen to secure large tracts of public lands: indorses the administration of President Arthur ■ advocates the improvement of the rivers of the west and seuth. NEW TOBK'S DEMOCKACV. The Democratie state convention of New ïork assembled at Buffalo, under very favorable auspices, and was one of the most orderly asserablies held this year. There was some little dispute as to the riehts of certain gatea, but the contesting delegations settled their difleretces amicably, and the work of the convention was commenced. Ttie platform adopted points out that the former pledges have been redeemed, and refers to the administration of Goyernor Cleveland as the best ever known in the history of the Empire state. Ihe ticket nominated is beaded with the uame of Charles R. Maynard for Secretary of State andcompletedasfollows: Comptroller, Alfred O. Chapín ; State Treasurer, Robert A. Maxwell; Attorney-General, Dennis Engineer and Surveyor, Elnathan Siveet. citiruE. BAPFLED TRAIN ROBBERS. News was received at Kansa3 City, Mo., the otherday of a train robbery on the Atchinson, lopekaand 8anta Fee road at or near Coolidge, Kans&e, 470 miles west of Kansas City. A later dispatch giying fuller particular states that the engineer was killed, bui no raoney was secured by the robbers. The train was a regular eastbound passengt r. Coolidge is a sman cattle station, and aside from a telegraph operator is alruost uninhabited. As the train pulled out from Coolldge three men appeared and ordejed the engineer to stop. He refused, and wasinstantly shot deaü. The flreman was instantly shot through the breast and badly hurt, though not fatally. The men assailed the express car, but Samuel Patterson, me exprras messenger, was prcpareil for them and made such a vlgorous fight that .he robbers were driven off. Finding the train aroused and themselves likely to be worsted, tbc robbers then beat a retret, having íailed to secure the treasure which they were after. Information was at once telegraphed to stations along the line and a special train started for Coolidge from Emporia with a posse of armcd men in pursuit. The dead engineer, wlnse name was Johnllilton, lived at Ëmporia. llis run was between that place and Dodge City. ggg KOKKMHN AKFA1KS. PROBABLY UNTRUE. Every villaje and city of the Biitish Isles was thrown into great commolion the other day by a report that Parnell was shot by an Orangeman. A dispateh was reccived in London from Dungamon stated that a covered car eontaining a supposed Parnellite had bien nred into, but the occupantwas not hurt. This seems to have been the only foundation for the rumor, KITS OF NEWS. The Cornell class of '87 will number 140. 15 of whom are ladies. One 1,300 barrels a day well bas been found in the Warren county Pa., field, and one of l5(X)i In August 30,94 mployes in the Anthracite mines ofPsnnsylv ia worked 23)i days and mined 1,105,508 t of coal. Over half a million bushels of oyster i have been destroyed on the Cheaspeake bars this season by reason of an unknown maladv. In some Massachusetts towns, the drought in such that the people cali on the railroad companies to bring water daily in tanks for he use of residents. O'Donnell's arrival in England bas occasioned the reeeipt of hundreds of threatening letters which promise to be avenged on the avengcr. As Mr8. Carey is the principal witness against O'Donnell, the assassin of her husbaud, her life is supposed to be imperiled and she is specially guarded by pólice. Cadillac will compel a proper observance of the Lord's day. Af ter October lst. all business except the sale drugs of and medicines must be discontinued on that day. The St. Ignace Kepublican says : Col. Stockbridee, G. 8. Ilubbard, Judge Well and other good church people are aboutto erect a cottage on Mackinac island, and deed it to the bishop of the Episcopal church for the diocese of Michigan, and to his successors in office. Mr. Ilubbard contributes a lot on his "annex" and $2,400 has been subscribed to the building fund. Gen. Sherman retines to private life November 1, when Gen. Sheridan assumes the command of the army. Citizens ef Bismarck, Dakota, have no fear oí losing the seat oí government, the decisión of the judge in favor of Yankton to the contrary notwithstanding. New Yorkers will have to pay 10 cents a quart for milk after October 1. Plates for counterfeitine; $10 silver certificates and $10 notes on the bank of Montreal have been captured at Duluth. Georgia has a law requiring hotels and board ing houses, which do not use cows' butter, to display a sign; "This house uses oleomargarIne." Shaw. returned Tamatay missionary, advised to suetheFrench government for L10,000. Erama Bond, the victim of Taylorsville (III.) outrage, so often reported dying, o now nearly well. One of her four alleged assailants has died in prison and the others will be tried in November. Work on the foundation for the Garfield monument at the Cleveland cemeterv has The monument to Ben HUI wiU consist of a granite pedestal 13 feet high, surmounted with a marble statue sixfeet tall. John Finerty, the Chicago congressman f rom the slums, demands the annexation of British Columbia by force or otherwisc. Seeretary Teller has ordered the purchase of 100,000 head ol cattle for the Indians because the buffalo are scarce, expecting them to berd and not eat them.; Secretary Lincoln bas stopped the nonsense about 30 days' vacations omitting 8undays,and says that no more fdepartment employés will have their vacations extended except at thelr own expense. Baron Von Kemmeter, who has bten in jail in Chicago a year for refusing to support his wife, gave way, and carne out only to fiad that she had gaincd a dlvorce and marrled another man. Edward J. Wllmors, a Germán baiber of St. Louis, was married recently to a girl of Ethiopian ancestry and of uncompromising blackness . The wedding was eon6ummated at Justice Dragon's office ín East St. Louis where several hundred people, attracted by the noveltv of the affatr, iuvited themselves. Tbe congressmen are still belaboringthe department lor such places as are left out of the operation of the civil service bill. The New York Tribune, Herald, Times and World, can each be purchased for two cents. Chippewa Indians, reMding in the Little Shell Valley, Turtle Mountaln, object to a reduetion of their reservation. ] At the soldiers reunión at Marvvllle MV tormg the Bham battle, a wad passed th-ough 6, bKdv,5f John Smali' tering W right arm ancUhoulder cntirely off. lie fived bufa few M. B. Reese Is the nominee for Jude-p nf thf Supremecourt oí Nebraska. Juageoí the (hJthMStwement ls made for the 999 time to res ' comraissioner f patents,is about ling roeuastesConstantinPle destroyed aOO dwelTotal deaths by the Ischia earthquake 1,990. An attempt wa3 made to hold a noHHral meetmgatDungaunon, Irelaod Tecenüy bu ZtLmTm interfered' an4 br"ke "p MttaZf Cv eTP5f cd over the isIaal oí were?öst ' 'eS' Sixtylivef The reported immenee íraud in the New DvflTCííUU amounts to hout ,800. rested ' lnsPector of water meters.arsLd& rC-itTe-m The Prtncess of Wales is becomins deaf to cuTher" entaUrtSt8 f Eurpe uW roThwPSl peaeh farms are ln Maryland. Col. Watktns has an orchard of 120 900 ncar-h trees, and Round Top farm 125,000 P The Oldahama invaders have been bound TVe-r. t0.Swlit the actlve of thegrand jury in the UmtedlStates district nnnrt t r .„J!?I?i_e Kansas. Bail was fixed at $i,5ooTn eaeh case' tnat O'Ponnell not only deliberatelv shnf SE? fc bn' that he tOok PaW" pon ffi same shlpfor the express purpose ol sfiooting him? Ki UoA t 'f.' MlDn' Albert Gurlock, Peter wounded ' S Ur thers áanSerousTy ft'O the reooa:ítCofStearrflROTt,er(iam' tranded on the tioTnhirneeBgBhdrpton?NYOted &t SCh0' decof pap-rraVXf g a SCrIeS The recent hurricane on the Florida ont sawr íter aiS sehooners went down with all on board Prince Geor&ci omtienñ fK „., . ___ , . , SfiesfliSKSBSÍ tüpLrnpni;,,Eemul'!,whose charming articles in hi. .'f aY1?g dlstnct. has submitted a report of ed th? Tl"'3 W Ol1' irom wMchit & nhas nc infl8 VCTy CfleC"Ve on deeP W!lter. but ñas no iniluence on a shore sea. thJhr.8païUw-? Germana. commemorative of tüe ro-estabhshment of the Germán rmnfrp Negroos visiting any part of the Spanish doInnrr' SSTte?' a rich younglawyerof Marytaë 'and in fity i1?3? hC loved.took to drinking, and in a fit of delirum tremens died at a Chestertown hotel, ieaving a note r(.nnPR?i love Jaudnum or liquors. An Irish resident of St. Petersburg bas ac8?SftïïK?5ffiji' the tmi"ratlonoi .„iSS I,ira. ComPton of Hancock county.Ohio, d to be married to three diitermt lovers eloped with a fourth and married him. Alexander Jefferson, a colored New Yorker underscntence of hanging for murder, dislikes SSict PrayS thC gVerDOr t0 kU1 Wm In the United States, the working men, intludmg all occupations soever, and includine men who are their own employers as well as workers for wages, number some 14,000,000. Mrs. Conrad, wifeof a Baltimore lawyer.who snot her husban a few weeks ago, has been dec ared insane, and will be conünedin an Kicg Alfonso of Spain was in Paris the other aay, wnere he was hooted and insuited by the mod because he accepted an honor from En peror William of Gernany, A barrel of gun-powder e-xploded in a wine shop in Villena, Spain, killing 15 persone. Total contributions for the Peter Coooer monument in Nrw Ynrt 1 -rn Montgoniery, who murderedQulghy, a railroad employé at Brackett, Texas, last summer, has been convicted, and the jurv fixed his punïsbinent at 99 years in the penitentiary. Americans carried off three diplomas at the V lenna electrical exhibition. Reported that Souleiman Pasha, recently appointed governor of East Soudan, bas been murdered by Arabs. Ex-Senator Blaine's nevv and magnificcnt resïdence in Washington ha been leascd íor a term of years to L. Z. Leiter, of Chicago. H. H. Bancroft, the historian of the Pacific slope, has gone to Mexico to collect materials for his work. Rev. J. C. Nobles, ot Atlantic Highlands, N. J., who obtained some notoriety recently by hls letters to the press confessing various misdemeanors and announcing his intention to commit suicide, has been arrested on a charge of embezzlement. 'ihe Democrats of Miunesota are trying the experiment of "reaching" the Norwegian vote by nominating a candidate for governor of Norwegian birth. PostmasLer Congerhas decidedthathisclerks - in the postufflce at Washington musí eive bonds. The Rev. John Parkman of Boston, 70 years oíd, has disappeared, and it is feared that he has been drowned. Secretary Folger is overworking, and unless Mr. New or Mr. French returns verv sonn t,n relieve bim, will break dowD. Mrs.BelvaLockwood the f órnale la wy er gave a dirmer at Washington by way of celebratine the lOth anniveraary of her admission to the bar. Mrs. Grace Courtlaud, the witch oí Wall Street, has met with reverses, and is now telling fortunes in a Bowery museum In the very shadow of the fat girl. In a rscent conversation with an English peer, General Ignatieff said Rufsia would bo glad to trade with Oret Britaiu and givc her 10 Jews for each Irisbman. Prof. Frisby of the observatory at Washington says the comet will be ready for the niikcd eye in a few weeks. The Rev. Dr. Parker Jíorgan of the church of the Heaveuly Kest in New York, with $6,000 salary, declines a $10,000 eall to Chicago. (Jen. Hancock is seriously 111, and even dangerously so. The injury to hi6 knee a few djlVR ayn havi' set ntlipr Jnrlinty maloíinc at work. . At Chambersburg, Mc, Miss Goffe, standing before amirror, cut her throat with arazor,and turning to some lady friends in the room smiled sweetly and died. The Germán evangélica! church of Brooklyn is in a wrangle over the question of engaging for their pastor the minister vvho, the other nlght, married the fat wonian to the lean man in the Bowery museum. The people of Montreal, Canada, are talking of repeatingnext winter the ice carnival, which was so great a suceess last year, making the ice palace again a leading feature, but its proportious two or three times aslarge. Aseertained that gome steamers, in deflanee of law, land steerage passengers in New York by dumping them on tie pi'ers instead of delivering them at Castle Garden. Within twa weeks, 000 of these new eitizens were added to our people. The business faihires of the quarter ending BepUmber 1883, numbers 1,803, with liabilltiei of $52,000,000, whllo a year ago they were 1,30 with 18,000,000 liabilities. "


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