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The following, relative to the well known dry goods house of Bach & Abel, is taken f rom the Register: If the ladies of Ann Arbor would be surprised and charmed with thé beauty of uil that goes to make up adorninent of person and would see the fabrios upon which f atjhiou ha8 set lts seal and spend ai hour pleasantly, they need but visit the dry goods establishment of Bach & Abel, at the corner of Main and Washington streets. These well known dealers have recently added to their atore a Cloak Room, which is used exclusively for the exhibition of ladies' cloaks and which is filled with au immense stock. The room is one-half as large as the store and directly above it. A fine bnissels carpet, handsome wall paper and an immense mirror give the place an inviting appearance, while sofas and easy chaira make it a pleasant place for ladies to spend an hour or two. The crowded condition of our columna tina week forbida an enumeration of the many linea of goods kept, but a few of the most desirable are mentioned. In the neat and cloae fitting Jerseys a large asaortment can be found, ranging from a light one for $9.50 to the heavy winter Jersey for $20.00. Light eolored walkin? coats, half ulsters and ulsters to satisfy anyone for $3.00 and upward. The stock of black walkmg coats and ulsters is also large and correapondingly cheap. Dolmans, handsomely trimmed with fur and astrakhan range in price frono $8.00 to $50.00. In the next department we come to a fine lot of what will be the most popular garmenta this season- the Russian Circubirs. These are trimmed with fur and astrakhan and made either of diagonal goods or Ottoman and Sicihan silks. The cloaks made of Ottoman and Sicilian ailks and satina are usual ly trimmed with fur and are very tastily gotten up. The plain circulare are alao to be found at prices ranging from $12 to 84().(K). But by f ar the fin est garments are the elegant pliish cloaks, some of whioh are worth $100. In addition to the line of ladies' oioaks, there is a full ntock of ehildren's goods - something not often found m a place of Ann Arbor's size. The Cloak Boom is now open to visitors and daily visited by man y ladies who are attracted by the fine display. It is well worth a visit, and those who are acquainted with Mesare. Bach & Abel and thcir oblifiiugclerks, know that they are always welcomed whether or not they desire to pnrclvise.


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