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The Pope has approved a series f text booke to be introduced into the Catholic schools of the United States. Wcll Rewarded. A liberal reward will be paid to any party who vi produce a case of Liver, Kidneyor Stomaeh üomplaint that Electric Bitters will not speedily cure. Brmg them alonff, it will oost you nothing fotthe medicine if it fails to cure, and you will be well rewarded foryour trouble besides. All Blood Diseases, Biliousneea, Jaundiee, Oonstipation, and General Debility are cured. Satisíaotiou guaranteed or money refunded Price only 50 cents per bottle. Por sale by Eberbach & Son. All'that it is craeked up to be - Flour. Mr.Joseph Fleurie, Ludington, Micli., saya: "I oan reoommciid Brovm's [ron Bitters: it restored my apietite and Oured me when sick." It is after a woman luis emerged froni a salt water bath that figures don't lie. We all, Know- That water never runs up hill; that kisses taste bet ter tlnui they look, and are better after dark; that it is better to be rifrht than left; that those who take Dr. Jones' Red Clover Ton e neer have dyspepsia, costiveness, bad bréath, piles, pimples, agüe and malaria diseases, poor appetite, low spirits, headache or diseases of kidneys and bladder. Price 50 cents, of Eberbach & Son. In 1764 England had over 20,000 negro alavés, and they wore collars like dog coilars. "He who is rèady to buy up bjs ene mies will never want a supply of tliem ." It is cheaper to buy a true frieiid in Kidney-Wort who will drive away ihose miserable enemies, a torpid liver, constipation, diabetes, piles, diseased kidneys and bowels. This reraedy is now prepared in liquid as well as m dry form. A lady of this city receutly tiüed her lamp with gasoline, and since then she has not ben-zine. Allcock's Porous Piaster Cure where other Piasters fail even to relieve. Take no other or you will be disappointed. Insist on having Allcock's. Phila., 308 North Thied St., ) February 1, 1882. I have been using Allcock's Pokotjs Plastees for a number of years and ways wim mantea Denent. I have been muoh trouble 3 with muscular rhenmatism; have been treated by flve of our best physioians without receiving any relief whatever. I then used Allcoek's Piaster on the parta affected and I can assure you the pain has entirely left me. I can recommend them to everv one as the best piaster made. I have tried other kinds but found them worthless. B. F. Gallagheb. WEAK KIDNEYS CUBED. Cootoooook, N. H., Maren 3, '83. I have been greatly troubled with rheumatism and weak kidneys. I was advised to try Allcock's Pobous PtAsters (had used two other kinds of soealled Porous Plusters, wbich did me no good), bnt one of youre lias worked Hke a charm, giving me complete relief, and I have not been troubled with rheuma;ism and kidney complaint since using ;hem, and I consider myself cured. Edwakd D. Bdknham. A game cock ought to be good eatiiig. xjvca uui mo poeu say, me oravest are the tenderest." BlLIOUS CoLIC OUBED BY BhEUMATIC Syrup.- Rheumatic Syrup Co.: Woicott, N. Y., June 18, '82. Gents- A few weeks since, while suffering with bilious colic, which rendered me unfit for business, I was advised to try a bottle of your Syrup. I had no faith in it at all, at that time, ior the reason tliai I had Wied so many things ia years p;ist without receiving any relief, but before the first bottle was emptied I was feeling better than I had feit for many years. I know now, that I have tried it, that it is the greatest remedy that exists in the world, and I feel proud to recommeud the Kheumatic Syrup to all suflerers from bilious colic, for I am satisfied it has cured me. Wishing you every success with your most wonderful Syrup I am Bincerely your, W alter W. White. Baldwin county, Ala., which has a popnlation of 3,000, has not a single lawyer, and only one physiciun. BOATS, BlCYCLEK AND IÏAY FeVEK. Nature has resolved that all tlie people shall not enjoy themselves at once. With the opening of the season of oufcdoor sports comes the time of trouble for the poor victims of hay fever. For them flowers have no odor, and the summer little or no beauty. To snuft', sneoze and wipe their weeping ey es for three or four successive months. - this is their pitiable portion. Whetlier this term of oatarrh is called hay-fever, bay-oold, rose-cold or rose-fever, inakcs no dlfierence; they suffer just the same. Tliero is no help in Bea-voyages, there is no help in high mountain air. These only lighten the pocket and leave the diwease uuabated. But there is a positive cure m Jiily's Oream Balm. We oould cram tliese columns with grnteful letters of the rescued. ïry it and join thein. If yon continue to Buffer it is because you neglsot a remedy a sure as it is oheap and pleasant. l'housands of squirrols have invaded the cornfields of North Carolina, and are causing great injury. We all Believe That it is b Iomj; lañe that, 1i;ib no turning; that many a shaft at ran dom sent, flnds a mark the archer little meant; that no remedy sold will cure coughs, colds, oroup, whoopiug cough and all throat and ltmg troubles so quickly and permanently as Dr. Bigelow's Positivo Cure; that our druggist, Eberbach & Son, is very generous to give trial bottles oí tliis remedy f i ee of charge. If a man gives up smoking, eating nnd drinking, the gout will not trouble him long. Fresh air, exercise, good food and Dr. Benson's Celery and Chamomile Pilis ■will, when used together, cure any case of nervousnees, sick lieadache or indigesion. They strengthen the nervous sys;em. 5,000 physicians prescribe them. Oscar Wilde says that short hair cannot go with knee breeches. No; it uslally goes with striped trousers. " For years I suffered agony from a skin disease. Dr. Benson's Skin Cure cured me." C. B. McDonald, Planteraville, Ala. $1, at druggists. Important to mothere - Husbands. The annnal rabia produotion of California amounts to about 62,000 boxes. The wonders of modern chemistry are apparent in the beautiful Diamond í)yes. All kinds and colora of Ink can be made from tliem. No wonder some poor oreditors are so thin and pale. They don't haveanything to live on but due. Professor King should have loaded his balloon with coal if he wanted it to go up. There was a big fair, at which thers was considerable rivalry about the biggest hog. One lady asked another, after the awnrds had been made: " Did your husband or mine get the prize for the biggest hog?" " Neither of them got it. A strange hog from the country got it." OhJyBack! That's a common expression and has a world oí meaning. How much suffering is summed up in it. The singular thing about it is, that pain in the back is occasioned by so many things. May be caused by kidney disease, liver cotnplaint, consumption, cold, rheumatism,dyspepsia,overwork, nervous debility, &c. Whatever the cause, don't neglect it. Something is wrong and needs prompt attention. No medicine has yet been discovered that will so quickly and surely cure such diseases as Brown's Iron Bitters, and it does this by commencing at the foundation, and making the blood pure and rich. Wm. P. Marshall, of Logansport, Indiana, writes : " My wife has for many years been troubled from pain in her back and general debility incident to her sex. She has taken one bottle of Brown's Iron Bitters, and I can truthfully say that she has been so much benefited that she pronounces it the only remedy of many medicines she has tried." Leading physicians and clergymen use and recommend Brown's Iron Bitters. It has cured others suffering as you are, and it will cure you. JAMES E, HARKINS, Manufacturer and Dealer in Stove, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, Pumps and Furnaees. Par ticular attention paid to putting up Stoves aai Fumen! I am also the sole agent for the cornbined Milking-Stool, Bucket and Strainer. It niakcs milking easy, saves milk and keep lt clean. :W EAST HURÓN STSEET, ANN AEBOR, - - - MICH. ADVANCED SCIENCE. Dr. Moses Dime's (of the oldMurray Ilill Drng Store, New York City), Doublé Treatment for Catarrh, Asthma, Hay Pever, &c Being the combined use of Dame's Balsam Drops (Pine Balsama, &c.)y taken internally, and the local application of Dame's Inhalin Powder (not patent medicines, as the formula 13 on evcry packaje). It is indorsed and prescribed by tlie Medical Profession. A neat and convenient Pocket Package, with both Medicines inclosed, price 75c. Dáme's 25p. (Balsam Drops) Kidncy Cure, for Catarrh of the Bladder and all Urinary Diseases. These are sold and positively warranted Dy Druggists, or sent by mail npon receipt of price. The JIoses JJame Co . Danbury, Conn. ÊAKTER'Sl H WW A " e Sick. Hoadache and relieve all the troubles Incident to a Lilious Btiitc of the eystem, such as Dizziness, Nausea, Irowski9s, DistresBaftereating, Pain in the Sido, &c. While their most remarkablo succesa has been shown in curing SÍCK Hcadaclifi.yot Carter'sLittle Liyer Pulsare eqnally valuablo ia Couetipation, curing aud preveuting thia annoying complaint, while they also correct all disorders of the etomach, Btimulate the liver aud regúlate the bowels. Even if they only cared HEAO Ache thcy vonld be almost priceloss to those who Buiier from this distreesüig complaint; but fortunately their goodness does no t end hcre, and those who once try them. will flnd theee little pilla yaluable in so man y ways thnt they willnot be wüling to do without them. Bat after all sick hcad ACHE Is the bane of po manylivos thathcre is where we make our grcat boas.t. Uur pilla cure it while others donut. Cartr's Little Livcr Pilla aro very email and very easy to tak. Onoortwo uillsxmikea dose, Thcy are stnctly vegetable ana do not gripe or purpe, but by thcir pentle action plcafeallwho upethom. In vinlant 5cfnr; fivé for$l. Solti by druggiatsevcry where, or sent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. ;THE GRËAT CURE e I fob S - RH E ü MA Tl SM- I o Ah it is for all the painful diseasoa of the -0 L KIDNEYS,UVER AND BOWELS. = (5 it cleansGB system of the acrid poisou 0 that causes the dreadful auffering wh.ich 5) only the victima of Rhümnatism can realizo L THOUSANDS OF CASES J Ql the worat forras of this terxiblo diseoac {Q have becu quicltly relievt-r. , and in short time 5 PEftFECTLY OURED. o PiticK, $i. Liqvinuii DM, soi.D hï DRDaoiSTS. ■ 14D17 con busintby mail. 3 I 'WELI,3,BICHAIlDS01í&Co..BurHnetonVt X IV o tice to Creditors. SÏATEOF MICHIGAN, County ot Washtenaw ss. - Notice is hcreby K'ven, that by au order of the Probate Court for the county of Washteiwiv, made on the 25th dav of September, A. I). is;;, six moniiis from that date were allowed for oredltors to present their claims apainst the estáte of JesseW Bradford, lateofsaid county. deceafied, anj tliat all credltora of said de'eisrd are required to preaeDi claims tosaid Probate oourt, at the Probate office in the olt) of Aan Arlinr, for cxaitiiiuitioii and allowance. OD or before the 25thdayof Maruh next, and that such claims will bc hearil before said court, on Wcdnesday. the xi(ï ri day of becember, and ni 'lu-silny. the '5th av of March next, at ten o'cluck in the forenoon i f e."-h of said days. Vated, Aliii Albir Sept. e5, A. D. 18K.'i. W1LLIAM D. HARKIMAN, .ludííe pf Probate. City Local. The rush for the Wide Kmbroideries, at 20 cents per yard, still continúes, at Mack & Schmid's. Take Notice. -Having taken possession of my Planing Mili, I am prepared to do Planing, Scroll Sawing, and to manufacture Sash, Doors and Blinds, and such other work as comes within my line of business. I would be pleased to see all old customers and as many new ones. H. Krapf, Detroit Street. Come and look at our SI. Shirt for 80 cents. Mack & Sciimid. Everybody is invited to cali and examine my stock of gentlemen's Shoes. A fine asHortment to select from. L. GliUNEB. New Goods, New Gooda, New Goods, at L. Gruner's, boot and shoe store, No. 8 South Al ain street. 100 City Lots for Sale.- All those who want to purchase cheap city lots are requested to cali on E. J. Johnson, No. 9 North Main street. Also houses and lots for sale. E. J. Johnson. A fine assortment of ladies and childrens Shoes, at li. CJruner's, No. 8 South Al ain street. Armoky Hall, Aoademy of Dancing. - Season of 1883- Opening social Friday evening, Oct. 5. Ladies and Gents class in dancing, Friday eveuings, 7 to Í) p. M. Social hop, 9 to 12. R. Gkanger, Manager. Leonhard Gruner keeps everything in the Boot and Shoe line. Dr. Schilling's Self Adjusting Elastic Section Coiled Spring, is, nccording to the medical profession, the only Corset not injnrious to the wearer. Pnce, $1. at Mack & Schmid's. A new fall stock of Boots and Shoes received at L. Gruner's, who does uot propose to be underaold. 2,500 Oolored Border, Pure Linen Handkerchiefs, wil] be sold on Sturday Sept. 29th, for 15 cents, at Mack & Sohkid's. Fob Sale. A good top buggy for sale, will eichange for a horse. G. Collins, Corner 5th and Hurou Hts. J. M. Martin lias opened up a Law Office in the Opera House Block, and is prepared to attend to all legal businens. Goal! Coalü Louis Ehoda Iiün just received a large lot of the best Scranton Coal, and is now ready to take orders for fall and winter. Price from $6.90 to $7.15, accordmg to the amount wanted. Offioe at Jöhnson.s hat store, and at the tobt of Huron stieet next to the Toledo road. Tobacco Store ! I have opened a Tobacco and CICAI STORE ! At Nu ; Soutli M;iin street, one door froin the Fa-iivrs' and 3Ie ehanics' bank, aiul to keep Stock all kinds SMUKERS' ARTICLES! And thelchoicest Brands of Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Cigarettes, etc, etc. - THE BEST - FIVB CENT CIGAB IN THE CITY. Thanking those who have patronized me for the past 2S years in saloon business, I invite them and all others, who indulge in the weel, to cali and see me. MENKY BINDEU, No. 3 South Main SI, AJSTN ARB0R. Jewelry Sten! You can secure nnytfiiiijf :tt the S'me WM. ARNOLD, In the way of JEVVELKY, GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, FINE CHAINS, RINGS and BRACELETS, Solid SÜverware, Best Plated Goods, eic, AT BARGAINS. SpBctacJes. Spectacles. Come and test your eyes, and select LASSES THAT FIT, and pay no fancy priee. Best Pebble Glassis, olear as crystal, and wakhantkd. ARNOLD, Jeweler & ODtician 36 South Main Street, ANN ARBOR, - MICH. Risley's Witch Hazel. Cure, Headache, Buiiih, Bprains, Outs vvouiKls, liüeniaatisni, Toothaohft Earaehe, Blisters etc. Unequalled in quality at half the Price. 0 oz. 25 ets. Pints, 50 ets. Qts. $1. Richards' Teetotal Tonic, The great Bummer Appetizer,$l'.OU Have jour druggist order, if he has not in stook, of CHARLES F. RISLEY. NEW YORK O The Bcyers Gdide, No. 34, Fall and Winter, 1883, gives wholesale prieeB direct to consumera on everything you use, eat, drink, wear, or have fun witli. Tells how to order with exact cost, 210 pages - large ones - íí,3OO illustrations - a whole picture gallery. (Jontains information gleaned frora the markets of the world. No other priee-book in existence contains as ruuclj information. Sentfreetoanyad(lri'.ssii[ionreceiptofpostage(7cts). Letus he;ir from you, or visit us when in ourcity. Near Exposition Buildings. Respectfully MONTGOMERYWARD&CO. n & -U Wabash Avenue, Chicaca, 111 f v f A WEEK. made at home, Ify the in V a "1 ihistriOHs. Best business now hefore J I M the public Capital not needed; we %r I m will start you. Men, women. boys and girls wanted rvervwhere to work for us Now is the time, You can work in spare time or glveyojir rhole Mtcntion to the business. No other businesi will pay you nearly as well. No one eau fail to mak e enormoua pay by engaging at once. Costly outfits and terrna freeMoney made fast. easlly and honorably. Addivss Tbue & Cío Augusta Me. a &l Aient wuntl. l.' a Iny made ell. C! _-BTOl"II uur.Ncw HOI SI 11(11.11 ART1' IC ll"gg'!3ül Jl Tl mul I'I.ATIOKM FAMIl.Y Mr taJffimKCAI.K. Weighs ud to 95 lb. Pnce, g If #1.50. üomostic ScalB 0o.. Ciu'ti, ■ - - Sam. B. Revenaugh Is iiow takiiin the Best Class 01 Plolopailis In the City at Prices to Suit the Times. Groiind Floor Oallery. GOODRICH BLOCK, Eaat Side of the NEW COUBT HOÜSK. J. HOFFSTETTER Has i ni pro ved his PLACE OF BUSINESS AND IS NOW READY TO ATTEND TO ThE MAN Y CUSTOMERS THAT HAVE PATRONIZED HIM FOR YEARS. EVERYTHING NEAT AND CLEAN. TIVOLI BEER, The only kind ou TAP in the City. ALL KINDS OF THE BEST LIQUORS, WINES, TOBACCO, AND CIGARS ON SALE AT J. HOFFSTETTER' 8, 34 South l:iin St., ANN ARBOR, - M!CM. MKHEHC MEDICI NE[. CRrrBRAIN &NERVE FOOtóS Positively cures ííight Losses, Spermatorrhea, Impotency, Nerveus Debility, Leucorrhea Barrenness; and for all weakness of the generative organs in either sex il is an Unfailing and tive Uure. Tones up the debihtated system, arrests all involuntary discharges, removes mental gloom and despondency.and restores wonderful power to the weakened organs. With each order of twelve packages, aecnmpanied with flve ! dollars, we wili send ;iir guarantee to refund the money if the treatment does not effect a cure. It is the cheapest and best medicine in the market. Full particilars in pamphlet. whlcb we mail f ree to any address. Sold by all druggists. One package 50c; six for $2.50, orsent by mail on receipt of price, by addressing the Magnetic Medicine Co., Detroit, Mich. ï3L?"Guarantees issued in Ann Arbor by C. E. Holmes, Cook's Hotel Block. EBERBACH&SON Dealers in Drugs, Medicines And a fine lot of French Hair Brushes -AND Enejlish Tooth Brushes. We cali special attention toour stock of Chemical Glass-ware, Apparatus, - and - ■: ; Pure ChemicJs of our own importation. ' A full line of TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS j At list prices. STTTIDElsTT S Are cordiallj invited to examine our stock as , quaiity and prices. EBERBACH & SON. i d e Coal and Wood Yard. o-o-O d The undersigned has opened a ti coal and wood yard at the foot of 91 Huron street, and next to the Toledo f ij railroad. Prices as low as the a est. Orders left at the office at the c yard, will be promply attended to. tl Chas. Schiiltas, L Proprietor. P' A JLYON&HEALYd ' 5tate & Monroe bts., Chicago. -aa,ák B AN "A T ALO C IJE . f oSJ lul, '.Suiidry Bnd OuthU, Keptirinf ƒ 11 HsterUK aUo inclurli Instniction nd f I OC rcUm for Amtiicar Baqüi, aod CatalogiuMU Ol J. M. MARTIN. ATTORNEÏ-AT-UW. Office-Opera Houi XX Block. P-nm No. j, Anu Arbor. Kieb. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made In the conditioi of a certaiti indenture of mortgage, execut by Harvey M. Wheeler of Pittsfleld, in tl eounty of Washtenaw, Michigan, to Sophron E. Wheeler of the same place, hearing date II fourteenth day of February, eighteen hundri andseventy-seven. and rwordedin the ofBce the kegister of Deeda tor the said county Washtenaw, n liber 5ü, of mortgages, on paj 188, and aaalgned by written assignment Henry R. Watson, on he Mth day of Januar 1881, whieh agsignment is recordad in the ofii aforesaid in liber 7, of assignment ofmortgag on page 304, and reassigned by the said Hen R. Watson to the said Sophronio E. Wheeler i the eleventhday of July, 18"3. by wrltten assU ment. which assignment is recorded in the offl aforesaid In liber f, of assignmentsof mortgagt on page 92, and by which default the power sale coutained in said mortgagn having Decor operativo, and no snit or proceedings at law in chancery having heen Instituted to recov the aniountdue on said mortgage or the i '■ eompanying the pune, and Hiere being nc elaimed to be due on said note and mortgag the sum ofseventhousand Iwo hundred and 8t enty-five dollars ($7,a7ñ.) Notice is therefo hereby given, that said mortgage will be foi closed on Saturday, the tenth day' of Novembi A. D, 1883, at ten o'clnck in the forenoon of th day, by sale at public auction to the highest bi der, at the south front door of the ('ourt Hou in the city of Ann Arbor, in said eounty of Wal tenaw, (said Court House being the place holding the Circuit Court f or said county) oft moi tgaged preimses uescribed in . aul mortgaj or go much thereof as maj be neeessary to si isfy the aniount due on sai.1 mortgage, wi reasonable eosts and expenses; which mortgag premisesaredrs ribed in gaid mortgage as I lows: All those oirtain pieces or pareéis of la sitúate iu tnetownship of theeoui of Washtenaw ul'oivsaid, aml described as f lows, to wit' The westlialf of the wc-st half the south-east quarter , and the east half of t easthalf of the west quarter, and the ei half of the west half of the south-east quarter section number thirty two (K!), In townsl number three, south of range six (til east, cc tainüig oue hundred nud twenty aerea of lal more or less. Dated August 18, 1883 SOl'HKONIA E. WHEELEB, Mortgagee and asalgnee E. D. KlNNE, Attorney for mortgagee and asalgnee. Mortgage Foreclosore Sule. DEFAULT having been made In the condli i of a certain mortgage, ezeouted by .Man A. Leonard to Amanda Kice, beari-ig date M twenty-flrst, A. I. one thousand eight hundr and seventy-flve, and record-id May twen seeond, A. D. 1875. at 2 1-2 oYloek 1'. M. in t office of the Register of "eeds, of Wasbteni county, state of Michigan, in liber 51, of mo gages, on page 607, and also recorded June 19i A, I). lStó, at II O'dock A, M. in Ui.' OfBce "I i Register of Deeds, of Livingston county, state Michigan, in liber Si), of n'ortgages, on pages I and '411, by which default the power of sale c tdined in said morigage beeame operative a nosuit orijroceeding having been instituted Law or in Equity to recover the debt secured said mortgage or any part thereof, and the si of eight hundred r.-id flfty dollars being claim to be due thereon at the date of this nolii therefore, in pursuance of said power of sa noticeis hereby giyenthat said mortgage will foreolosed by a sale of the mortgagecl premis described therelo, as: All those certain ]m or pareéis of land sitúate and being in the tow ships of iVorthfield and Green Oak, in t counties of Washtenaw aud Livingston, a state of Michigin, and described as follows, wit: Commencing south thirty -six degrtes fon four minutes cast, eitrht roda and eight lin from a stake. seven links ín front of the nori east corner of Albert Stevens' tavern stand the township of Northneld, in the county Washtenaw aforesaid; thence south flfty-thi degrees and flfteen minutes west, eight ro thencè south thirty-six degrees and Foify-fo minutes east, four rods; thence north flfty thr degrees and flfteen minutes east, eight r. thence north thirty six degrees and forty-fo minutes west, four rods, to the place of begi ning, containing one-flfth of an acre of lar Also, the following described land aituated the township of Green Oak, county of Livir ston. and state of Michigan, aforesaid, and i seribed as follows, to wit: Being the equal i divided flfth of the west half of the northei quarter, and the north-west quarter of eectl number twenty-eight. in township number oi northrange, number six. east, coutaining in one hundred and eighty acres of land, saic! li description being the interest of said nioiij. geor, in the estáte of Thomas Tuthill. deceasei or some part of said inortgaged premisas at pi lic vendue to the highest bidder, at the et door of the Court Honse, in the city of A Arbor, in said county of Washtenaw, that bei the place of holding the circuit court in ss county, on the twentieth day of October next, eleven o'clock in the forenoon Dated Ann Arbor, July 24th. A V. 1883 AMANDA KICE, Mortgagee Füanklin L. Pakker, Attorney for mortgagee. Estáte of David L. Smith. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtem ss. At a session of the probate court t the county of Washtenaw, holden at the proba office in the city of Ann Arbor, on Thursday, t thirteenth day of September, in the year o thousand eight hundred and eighty three. Present, Wüliam D. Hamman. Judge of Pi bate. In the matter of the estáte of David L. Smit deceased. On reading and filingthe petition duly verin, of Katie M. Smith, nraying that admiutstmtii of said estáte may be granti-d to herae'f or soi othersuitable person. Therenponit Thursday. the 11 day of Oetober next, at twe o'clock in the aft noon, beiassigned for hearing said netition, ai that the heirs at-law of said deceased, and t other persons interested in said estáte, are i quired to appear at a session of said court. tb to be holden at the probate office, in the city Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, I the prayer of the petltioner shoidd not be gra ted: And it is further ordered, that said e tioner give notice to the persons interested said estáte, of the pendency of said petition, ai the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of tl order to be published in The Alm Arbiir Dei oerat, a newspaper priuted and circulatülg said county. three suceessive weeks previous said day of hearing. WILLIAM I). HABR1MAN ( A true copy . ) Judge . f Pro b. Ie íit,uAM (i. Domr. Proh-vte Register Estáte of Philip Wiiiegar. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Codnty of Washtena' O ss. At a session of the probate court for tl county of Whtenaw, holden at the probate c fice, in the city of Ann Arbor.on Wednesday, tl lith day of September, in the year one thousat eight hundred and eighty-three. Present, WiUiam D. Harriman, Judge of Pr bate. In the matter of the estáte of Philip Wlnega deceased. On reading and flling the petition, duly vel fled, of Henry Thomas Mafthews praving thi administration of said estáte may be grauted i James McMahon or some other suitable persoi Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the St day of October next, at ten s'clock in the for noon, be assigned for the hearing of said pet tion, and that the heirs at law of said deceasoi and all other persons interested tusaid i'stat are required to appear at asession of said cour then to be holden at the probate office, in tli city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any thei be, why the prayer of saïd petitioner should nr be granted. And it is further ordered that sai petitioner give notice to the persons intereste in said estáte, af the pendency of said petitioi and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy i this order to be published in The Alm Arbc Demoerat, a newspaper printed and circuíate in said county, three suceessive weeks previoi; to said day of heai ing. WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN, (A true copy.) Judge of Probati Wm. G. Doty Probate Register Estáte of Sarali (Jrow. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of WaahtenaH O ss. At a session of the probate court for th county of Washtenaw, holden at the probate ol flee in the city of Ann Arbor, on Thursday, th l8th day of September, in the year one thousam eight hundred and eighty-three. Present, William D. Harriman, Judge of Pro bate. In the matter of the estáte of Sarah (Irow, non-resident insano person. On reading and flling the petition. duly veri fled of Stephen Greenman, praying that Mivhae H. Brennan may bc appointed guardián of sai( non-resident insane person. Thereupou, it is ordered, that Saturday, tl öth day of October next, at ten o'clock in tin forenoon, be assigned for the hearing of sai petition, and that all persons interested an required to appear at a session of sal, court, then to be holden at the probat Dflice, in the city of Ann Arbor, a"d shov 3ause,if any there be, why the prayer of the pe átioner sh"uld nol begranted: And Itisfurthei rdered that said petitioner give notice to al persons interested, of the pendency of said pet i iion. andthe hearing thereof, by causing a copy f this order to be published in the Ann Ariio'h Dkmocuat, a newspaper printed and circulated n saitl county, three successive wteks previous o said day of hearing. WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN, A true copy) Judge of Probate. Wm. G. Doty. Probate Register. Estáte of Thomas Earl. JTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw j ss. Ata session of the Probate Court for th ounty of Washtenaw.holden at the probate office [i the city of Ann Arbor. on Tliursday. the 18th ay of September In the year one thousand ight hundred and eighty three. Present William D. Harriman. Judge of Proate, In the matter of the estáte of Thomas Earl, eceased. On reading and flling the petition, duly verifled liarles H. Richinond, administrator, praying lat he may be licensed to sell the real estáte "hereof said deceased died seized. Thereupon, it is ordered, that Tuesday, the ;h day of October next. at ten o'clock in the renoon, be assigned for the hearing of said Kit on, and that the heirs at law of said dejased and all other persons interested in said itate, are required to appear at a session of said urt, then to be holden at the probate office, in ie city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any lere be, why the prayer of the petitioner ïould not begranted. And it is further ordered, iat said petitioner give notice to the persons terested in said estáte, of the pendency of said itition, and the hearing thereof, by causing a py of this order lo be publiahed In 7 nor Dtmoorat, a newspaper printed and cirilated in said county, three sucóessive weeka evious to said day of hearing. WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN, A true copy.) Judge of Probate. Wm. G. Doty. Probate Register. Tdvertisïng ntracts made for THIS PAPER, which ia kept ifUowitli LORD & THOMAS, Advertisiiii; Agent, j1iíchío,'JCU. : Watches and l Jewelry ! 5 : o of ge 1 1 Halte & Si, ce . áfiSonth Main Street, Dealers in nu the Leading or S AMERICAN WATCHES! ,e. ;v In Gold and Bilver Cases, in Stem ... and Kcy Winding, M.tnufhcturat ed by ihe Leading Wateli g" Ooinoanies 1 GOLD WATCH CHAINS. th ed Of Standard Qufthty and Various Pat'ií i A ïrw and Complete Assort„v meut of ol;i Lace Pins, he ' l$ Ear Rings, ;;,p Bracelets, Finger Rings, Anü"Studs. 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The People of the State of Michigan -■ enact, That whenever any erantor who has 1 heretoforc con ve ved, orshall bereafter convey, ? any real estáte withintbis Stato, shall have or 1 hol l f b his posaeasion any unrecorded deed or deeds, througli or under wbich lie derived title, t oí any lands by him 80 conveyed, it shall be his - duty, on the wriiten request of his grantt' or ■ any subsequeni grrantee, to cause suob deed or l deeds to be recoroed in the office of the Register ■ of Deeds of the proper county, or cause the same ' to be deliv-ered to such grantee dcmanc'ing the : sanie, for the purpose of reoordiug1 withln tweaI ty days from the time wben such written reí quest shall have been served upon him. 8 Er. 8. If such grantor shall ncglect or refuae to record such deed, or deliver the saine to such grantee, after havizig neen requested so to do, as provided ín the preceding section, withln the time above Umited, bë shall be hable to said grantee, h shcirs, represeotatives or assigns, ín tlu' penal sum oJ one bundred dollars dam ages; and also for all actual damages occasioned by such aejclect or refusal to tbe person or persons entitled thereto to be recovered in an act ion on the case, with costa of suit. Approvcd June l, 188I. Estato ►(' Carter (roen. 8 TATE OF MICHIGAN, county of washtenaw ss At a Bession f the probate eourt for the county of Wash tena w. holden at the probate office, in the city of Ann Arbor, on PYiday, the fourteenth day t' September, in the year one thousatid eiVht bundred and eihty-three. Present, Willlara D. Harrimanjudge of probate. In the matter of the estáte of Carter Green, deccascd. On neadingand ñSkna the petition, duly verifled, of Milly Cox praying that administration of said estáte niay bê granted to James M. Martin ]■ some other suitable person.. Thereupon, it is ördered, that Monday, the 8tb day of October next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, beassigned for the hearing of said petition, and that the beurs at tawof said decieased and all other persons interested in said estáte, are required to appearal a sesslon of said court, then to be holden at the probate office, in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, why the prayer of the pntitloner should not be granted: And it is furtherordered, that said petitlooer give notice to the persons Interestealn said estáte, of the pendency of said petition and tle hearing fchereof, by cauaing a copyof this order to be published in 'l'lir A n ;i Arlmr Demncnit, a aewspaper printed and circulated in said county three SUCcessJve weeks previous to said day of hearing. WILL1AM D. II ARRIMAN, (A true copy.) Judge vf Probate, Wm. G. Doty, Probate Register.


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