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Ádditional local on second page. Six Peas in a Pod. F. Pistorous is in Iowa. Saline is to have two brass bands. The fair drew a large crowd Thursday. The Ypsilanti fair was a grand success. Geo. W. Brown has a sprained ankle. N. H. Gary has gone to Minneopolis to live. Gov. Ashley was in the city the last of the week. Hereafter the counoil wili meet at 7 o'clonk. The library building is fast nearing completion. E. W Snell is going to Whitmoie Lake to live. Thé Whitmore Lake bridge is passable for teams. A large number of fair items unavoidably crowded out. The counoil Monday evening met in the probate office. Deputy county treasurer Belser has moved into his new house. The Dolice force now consists of Jno. Nowland and Thos. Clarken. Anuual meeting of the board of supervisors next Monday evening. Foot Hall is building a henery 33x123 feet on his farm in Pittsfield. Prof. Granger's dancing academy opens to-night at Armory hall. Mrs. E. A. Randall of Burmingham, is visiting her son, B. C. Bandall. J. W. Hunt will furnish the chandeliers for the new flremen's hall. Judge Hibbard of Chicago, was the guest of C. H. Milieu last week. Mrs. Wm. Walsh of Northfleld, has been visiting friends in Detroit. GilJie Howe and wife are going to Texas in about two weeks to live. The Toledo road is putting in a 500 f o :t sidetrack south of the depot. The professional schools opened day with a very large attendance. A nmall audience was present at the Grand opera house Monday night. The avjrage number óf paupers at the county house the past year was 78. Alfred Thomas is happy over the receipt of $900 back pension money. The Walker Bros. are building the stone bridge on West Jefferson street. E. K. Frueauff and wife wfll spend Sunday with Chas. Bteinbaoh, of Chelsea. Mrs. J. C. Watts aud daughter, Miss Jennie, will winter at St. Augustine, Fa. F. Stofflet took advantage of excursión rates and went to Chicago Wednesday. Wliat the Toledo road needs in this city is a new freight a ad passenger depot. Frank ftlnrr.iy is furniflhmg ineals at lus restaurant in the Dutt'y block tlas week. The exhibition in the fair grounds tomorrowiafternoon will be well worth attending. The court jurors have been summoned to put in an appearance October 15. H. F. Gilbert of Chelsea, has been Bpendiup the week with his brother, E. N. Gilbert. David B. Dell has sokl to Daniel Niseley 7' acres of land in Saline lownship for #1,000. A. B. Reynolds, for Bome years clerk at the Park hotel, Monroe, is clerking at the St. James. C. 1). Blisa, brother of A. C. and W. W. BHsh, was killed Saturday. lars not known. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Smith celebrated the 5Uth anniveraary of their marriage Saturday. Eli Manly, Wm. Porter and Joseph Preston will act as special policemen during the week. Wm. Stevens of Dexter, feil from a buggy Wednesday of last week, and out his head feaifully. ïhe Toledo road did more business in August than in any previous month since its completion. The city marshal has been instructed to enforce the orJinance relative to closing saloons on Sunday. It cost the county $1.35 a head for keeping paupers at the countv house the past year for each week. Special train on the Central to Detroit to-morrow. Fare. $1.25, including idmission to the Art Loan. The Patlifiuders in the play of " Six Peas in a Pod," at the Grand opera house to-morrów evenint'. In the estáte of Abraham Kinckerbooker, deceased, Isiac Kmckerbocker has been appointed admiuistrator. Samuel Werner of Hamburg, Canada, and ex-member of parliament, was the guest of A. D. Seyler over Suuday. As Mrs. Dr. Tyler was driving up Main street Monday afternoon her carriage was run into and partly demolished. A. D. Se;, Ier is going to make his store 110 feet long, md will put in. i ncw furnace and make other improvements. un. j_amng s diu to mrnish medicine and medical aid for tlio poor of the city for ix months has been acoepted, $37.50. Just 49 years Monday Col. Thayer entered apon his duties as postmaster in ■what was thenknown as thelower town. At the Cropsey hall meeting Sanday afternoon brief addresses were made by Prof. Wilson, E. K. Spence and a Mrs Clay. Tlie followinff special policemen hare been appointeu to maiatain oidor ou tbe fair grounds: E. B. Gidley and Bobert Au effort is beiny: made to secure the great temperance advocate, Oonway, for a series of lectures in this city aiid vicinity. It is high time the common council took Bome raeaus to put h stop toofficera ïncurnnff exi)enae hy nuining down trampa. Dr. Collins Jackson and wife, who have been visiting Dr. Depew and v ueur ionin, arnved home tbe last of the week . Stephen Adams, junitor at the M E ehurch for tliepast 1(5 yearshas resigned! and a yoíing man named Bartlet will ta te ms place. Pat Ry:m from nowheie, and Thomas bjgan of Northfie'.d, wore taken to Pontiac Faiday by deputy skeriffs Wallace and Porter. Mrs. H. H. Howe has renïed her farm and will dispose of horaes, oattie and arm implements at auotion next, Wln. day.Oct. 10. J. G. Parshall, conductor on the Ohio Central from Toledo to Oolnmbus, lias been visiting his father, .T. ,T. Parslial], for a few days. Wm. Arnold, the old established and rehable jeweler, invites attention to his large stock of gold, silver and plated ware. See ad. It oosts 10 cents more to board the paupers in the county houne than it did a year ago on account of the high prioe or meat last rail. B. F. Watts, the euterprising jeweler, is having his store painted and the ceiling magnificently deeorated. Albert Norg is the artist. Srnith the draymun settled his little unpleasantness by coniing down to the tnne of 8150. He will probably be a little shy hereafter. A gas lamp is to be ereoted on tlie campus near the residence of president Angelí- if the general finid nommiffco don t ch;mge their mind. The "Jolly Tathfinders" are well named; for they are indeed one of tlie jolliesl and most entertaining companies that ever captured an audience. Chief NowLind infoi-med the council Monday eveninf; that the saloons were kept open at al] lionrs of the night and were in f uil blast on Sundays. The St. James billiard parlor whioh has been undergoing repairs for some uays, is now open. It is one of the finest and best lighted rooms in the city. We are under obhgations to Mrs. Morse Btewart of Detroit, for a catalogue of the Art Loan. The exhibition will close on the eveuing of Nov. 1. The superintendent of the poor settled with the county treasurer Monday leaving a small balance- $130.74 inthetreasury to the credit of the poor fund. A. D. Seyler has been notified to draw on the First National bank of Hillsdale for $3,000, the amount of insiirance due the widow of the late Philip Lutz. The supervisors at their next session wliich con venes Mondav will elect a permtendent of ihe poor iñ place of Li. Davis, whose time expires; also a janitor. Tramps who are not under the inri uence of liquor, and wish sometbing to eat and a place to remain over night, are sent to the Ardner house by chief Nowland. To aocommodate A. Eisele, who receives a large amount of stone over the Toledo road, the company is laying a sidetrack to hia store house on Spring street. Scotty, janitor of the high school building for a long time and who has been living near Grass Lake for 14 years, is in the city visiting bis many old friends. Dnring the month of September chief NowLind expended $56.60 of the poor fund H8 follows: First ward $4.84; second ward, $6.84; third, 8.13; fourth, $26.02flfth, $9.17. Kochester Demoorat and Chronicle: The show of the " Wild West " is in ery way worthy of patronage, and to children it especially bas the merit oí instructiveness. Jas. E. Harkins, who is now in business for himself, has all he can attend to. He is a hard working young man and we are pleased to know that he is being well patronized. Chelsea Herald: The Ann Arboh Democbat has entered upon its sixth year of usefulness, and with close attention to business, Mr. Bower will yet mnko its iniluenoe feit. The first train of cars over the Toledo, Ann Arbor and Grand Trunk road, passed tUrough here Monday from Pontiac to Toledo, with the superiniendent and other officials on board. Those supervisors who are not versed in büliard playing, can learn to manipnlate the balls and not go further th n the court house basement where four tables have been placed. Iïev. Mr. Sunderland has just tea nveyears of pastoral labor in Am Arbor. Ñext Sumlay morning he will preach a sermón appropriate to the entrance upon bis sixth yenr. On Tuerid y eveuiny of last week Mr. A. F. Hanson of Hornersville, N. Y., and Alisa Dora McCreery of tliis city, were married at tlie residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. K. B. Pope. Under the able mauagement of T. J. Keech the teleplione business in this city is beiiiK rapidly inoreased. He is a mniivi jlvj ajucauy une ïilllIlUor LM MilGphones have reacbed nearly 100. Some ruiscreant fired a barn owned by A. DeForest on Catherine street Tuesday evening. When discovered by Henry Marston, the firewis buimugbriskly. He put il owt with little difficuity. According to present plans and specificatione, the engine house in the sixth ■ward would oost $2,829. Some oí the aldermen think that a buildmg, suflficient tor all purposes, can be built for 81,000. Up to ïuesday night 1,083 students had registered in the different departments of the university: Literary, 427; law, 217; midicine and surgery, 277, homeopathie, 40; pharmacy, &6; dental, 56. Henry Binder would be pleased to have bis oíd friends and all others in want of smokers articles or ñne chewiug tobáceo and cigars, to cali on him at No. 3 South Main street. Just scau his advertisement. T. J. Jerome, J. H. Howell and L. A. Khoades sueeeed F. M. Scott, A. S. Vm Valkenburgh and Hugh Brown, as editors of the Argonaut, the laat mentioned having resignen on account of political dissentions in the board. Mrs. Gutkunst, widow of William Gutkunst, bought the 71 acre farm on which she lives in Pittsfield, paying 82,(X)0 above the mortgage and dower, and has also made petitin to be guardián of ber minor children. Hntzel & Co. will furnish $1,500 worth of heating apparatus for the new library building on the campus. ïhey were the lowest among seven bidders. The wjrk is to be done by lí. W. Wanford, under the direction of Prof. M. E. Oooley. The Agricultural conipany in the flfth ward are building an addition to their works 50x80 feet, tliree stories high. The firet floor will be used for a machine shop, the second story for making wood work and the xipper story for a pamt shop. J. J. Parshall, townskip drain commissioner, proposes to widen the road leading to the new iron bridge on the Whimore Lake road, some ten feet on either side, and he will get the dirt by cutting down the hill just north of the land owned by Geo. Loomis. Oarlyle at Uhelsea in 186fi, the only original crayon picture of this celebrated man, taken by Dunne of Dublin, is the property of Dr. S. A. Jones. The picture has been on exüibition for some days in the show window of Osius & Co., in the St. James blook.


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