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The fiir is a success. Over two thovwaud entries. Swine is well represented. Pomológica] hall tooksneat. The oattle exhibit is inimense. The horse exhibit. cau't be beat. The sewing machine uxhibit ia very large. A big jamyesterday aud a large orowd expected to-dav. The race track is in splendid eondition. There is a grand display of carriages d wagons. The shoe, stove, clotliinu sud carpet exhibits are first-claes. The show of coreáis and vegetables as line as ever seen i the grcmnds. Wm. Cousins and'Miss Sarah Fletcher have a fine lot of plaats and out flo.vers on exhibition. In the line of photographs and pictures, Lewis &, Gibson make a fine dist")lfl.V_ :ltlíl tllílir HTltlOA 111 Hiil'ítl liuil ta tria ited by hundreds oí persons who admire lookiug at fine work. This flrm has one of tlie ] arrest and most tastilv arranged photograph and art gallerios in the state. Their rooms in the 8t. James hotel consist of two stores, are handsomely furnished and filled witli elegant pietures, oil paintings, i)hotoKraphs and a fine sortment of picture frames. Persons visiting the fair to-day shoulil not fail to see their display, for then thev can jndge for tliemselves as to the quality and kind of work thid firm is turning out. Another display worthy of ment ion and by far tlie flnest exlnbt in fnrniiure and oarpets, is made by J. Keek & Co. They oeoiipy a portion of the nort.h side of floral hall. The space is beautiful'y tnnnned with ourtiins of VHrioue designs, while the sides are covered with patterns of brussels and tapestry carpets. Tn addition to the above articles, they have sevenil handsome samples of fumiture, consistm of parlor sets, easy chairs, fanoy rockers, et The va t throng of people as tlrcy passed through Horal hall Thursday, stopped to admire Keek & Co.'s fine display of goods. It is well kuown that Baofa fc Abel cai-ry the largest and finest assortment of cloiiks to Vje found any where in the county. Their display of these goods is simply immense, and are very muoh admired by the ladies and misses. The cloaks are of different styles, the lighter ones varying in pnce from $3 to $20. Russian oirculars in either silk or wool from $14 to $50. They kave also several handsome fur lined garments on exhibition, mnningall the wayfrom $20 to $40 in price. Next comes plush tormenta f rom $35 to $60; also several beautiful brokade Ottamaa and Sieiliun dolmans.ia iull hne of Jerseys, and a fine assor'tment of oioaks for misse from four to fourteen years of age. Of the exhibitions of clothing and gents fancy goods, Fall & Heudriek make b.y f ar the finest display. Every: thing is tastefully arrange.l and the goods attract considerable attention. The assortment consista of handsome suits of clothing for men and boys, fine overco:its, silk handkerchiefs, collars and cuffs and a fine line of ouff Imttons- ly samples ol wint they keep m stock in their mammoth clothing eslablishment. This is the first time they ever placed goods on exhibition at a county fair, having only receutly succeeded Joe T. Jacobs, and they evidently did not propose to be outdone, judging froni their magnificent display as above enumerated. The carriage shed south of floral hall serves as a cover for nicely fliiished buggies. Here yon can see single and doublé horse carriages, manufactured by Waguer Bros., who also exhibit severa! lumber wagans. Walker Bros., and R. Schmid also enter sonie of their work. Want of space prevenís our reporter from üoticing other fine displays in floral hall until next week. As it is we are compelled to leave out sonsiderable important matter, but it will keep. A special conimittee, consistmg of mayor Harriman, city attoruey Lawrence and alderman Hinzman, have been appointed to take into consideration the tramp business, and to consult with the board of supervisors and report at the next meeting of the councü. The Gincinnatti Star says: The Jolly Pathfmders, at Heuck's oper house, #ave jast the funniest kind of a show. People who enioyed the Troubadours will know what to expect from this company. The entertainment is said to be too funny for anythiug. Many Bhotwell of Concord, this stüte, who lias never liad the use of his arms or hands, is learning telegraphy at the telegraph sohoo! of M. G. Peterson. He can now write from 25 to 30 words per mmute, and is a fine penman. He works the keys with his teeth, and also holds the pen holder between his teeth. Homer Henderson was attacked Wednesday evening aboat 8 o'clock by two toot pads, near the old jan square. He made i hvely fight and was setting the best of one of them when he was knocked down with a revolver. The thieves failed to secure either his money or watoh which they said they were after. The lxdies and young people of fcüa Unitarian society will give reception on Haturday evening of tliis week, in their church parlors, to students of the university and high school, who have been, or parpóse to liecorne members of the eongregation. To all such students a cordial invitation is extended to lie present on Saturday evening. B. J. Oonradj agent for the Michigan mutual life Insurance company, hastnken 44 riskH in this county s-nce the first of last January the largest nmount mi any one life being $5,000. Tliis coiripany only does business in this state, Indiana and Oliio. In the past week the total amonnt of risks taken fignred up over $1,000,000. Manchester Enterprise : The Ann Arbois Democrat is on its sixth year. It is a very newsy paper and when we say newsy, we don't want to be understood that it steals from the country exohangee and publishes items from one to two weeks oíd. It has news that no other paper lias and we hope it will make its proprietor rich. Saturday some 75 farmers, interested in a ditch to be dtlff, and running from tüe townsliip or Jneedom to apoint near Jerusalam, in Lima towo, met at Judge Harriman's office to attend the hearing. As the parties could not Mgree npon onmmissioners, the Judge appointed H. 1). Platt of Pittsöeld, Geo. A. Peters of Scio, and Wm. April. When constructed the ditch will be eight unies long. A party of Toledo gentlemen, consisting of H. L. Baekus, D. Bobison, Jr., O. L. Luce, H. P. Platt, V. H. Ketohmn, B. Hallaran, B, Loeke, Clark Wagner, F. S. Orlingej, W. T. Walker, in compaoy with (iov. Ashley, dined at the Cook house Monday. They came over to meet a number of (}rand Trunk officials who passed over the road trom Pontiao via of South Lyon. They left for Toledo ut 2 p. m. in a special car. Boston Daily Advertiser: A novel entertainment was gi ven at Beacon Park yesterduy aftemoon, by a oompan; of one hundred pale-faced and copper-colored peoule, assisted bv manv Iioi-hph mihI beasts of the p ains. W. F.Cody, (Buffalo Bill) ama Doctor Carver are the owners of this exhibition, and their follower inelude Captain Bogardus, Major Frank North, Col. Tom Wilson, Scouts, Cowboys, Indiana, Mexicana. Mustangs, Buffalo, Elk and Steers. Sixteen tents form their camp, six of them being wigwams occupied by some sixty Indians. The men and the beasts are thoroufílil genuine, the Cowboys being rugged looking, daring fellows, and the Indiana little resemble the meek specimens wc sornetimes see abqut our streets. The entertainment oonsists of represen tations of life on the border, and in two hours one can see in this exhibition what would take him twenty years to master as thoroughly on the plains.


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