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Bueklcn's Árnica Snlte. The best salvo in the world for Cnts, Bruises, Sores, Floers, Salt Kiieum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Ohapped Hands, Chilblains, Ooms, and all Skin Ernptions, and positively oures Kies, or no pay requirud. It is gn&ranteed to giv perfect satisfatimi, or niDiiey refunded. Prioe 25 cents per boi. For sale bv Eberbach & Kon. The Lnke ükeechobèe rejfion insouthern Florida, produces ;i native variety of the Indian rubber tree. A Run ii a Drug Store. Nevev was sueh 1 raah made for any driifí store ;is is now it Eberbach & Son's for a trial bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Goughs and Colds. All persons anected with áuithma, Broiicliitis, Hoarseness, Severo Ooughs, or any affeotion of the thróat and lnnKH can pot i trial bottle of thiu great remedy fice, by oalüng at above drug store. Hejínlar size, $1. Early Eiiglish-Baby tulk. " They who cry loudest are not always the most hurt." Kidney-Wort Joes ltH Wort lllíJ tllf r4-O#wl Mür-iuif au niiiftV. lv, unostentatiously, but witli great thoroiighnens A Nmv Hampshire lady writes: "Mótherhas been afflicted for years with kidmiy diseases. Last spring she wkh very ill and had an alarming pais and immbuess in one side. KidneyWort proved ii great blessing and has completely cured her." "Why are you so distant?" said a tramp to the beefsteak in tlie restaurant window. Messrs. Anderson Bros., Midland City, say: "'We have sold Brown's Iron Bitters [iiíte largely, and ít has given entire satisfaction." A ffood One liundred per cent. Griggs' Glïcerine alve. - The best on earth can trui y be said of Griggs' Glycerine Salve, which is a sure cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, wounds, and all ohnr sores. Will positively eure piles, tetter and all skin eruptions. Satisfactiou guaranteed ormoney refunded O uly 25 cents. Por sale by Éberbaeh & Sou. No woman really practicas economy unless she uses the Diamond i)yes. Many dollars pan be saved every year. Ask the drnggist. Has ít ever occurred to base ballmen that a niilk pitcher is generally a good fly-catcher ? THE NEW PATENT DUST-PROOF Stem Winding Open Face Case, MANUFACTURED RY THE American Watcíi Coipy, WALTHAM, MASS. This case is formed in one solid pieoe, without joint or seam, opening in front only, tiras avoiding the usual dip. and securing greater strength añil durability. These Watches are all openfaóe. The bezel, into which an extra strong crystal is fitted with an especially prepared water-proof cement, is attached to the case by screwing it thereon, and thus forms an air-tight junction with tliebody of the case, which is proof against dust and moisture. To railroad men, travelers, miners. lumbermen and others. who are almost constantly exposed aud who have to make frequent reference to the watch, tliese qualities are of the utmost importanoe. The following letters teil their own story : " Valdosta, Gbougia, Jnly 20, 1882. " I sold oneof your Patent Dust-Proof Oases about ten' months ago, and the other day it oame back to me with the request to make it wind easier. On examination I fouinl that the stem was rusty, and I inquired mto the cause of it. The gentleman stated to me that he was starting some saw-logs that had lodged in the bend of the river, when his chain caught in a bush and threw his watch into about twelvé feet of water, and that he was about two honrs fmding it. When he got it out it was runnmg, aiid he thought ill right. In about three weeks he found that the stem was hard to turn and sent it to me. "I can say that the watch is all that the company claims for it and recommend it to all railroadand mili men. "B. W. BEN LEY." "Clinton, Iowa, Apbil 20, 1881. " I wish yon would send me a sprin for the Wni. EUery Watch. By the way this Ellery is a watch I sold in your Sorew Bezel Case to a farmer last fall. The flrst of Jauuary he lost the watoh in the woods, and found it thia woek in about onefoot of water. It Juni lain three mouths and over in snow and water, witli bui ónly sliglit injury to the v:itc-h -only a hair-spring. " C. S. BA.TMOND." The above were very severe tests, and demónstrate beyond a doubt, that for any reaeonable lengtli of time during wïiioh a watch might l)e under water ït woúld receive ao injury whatever. We make these cases in both gold and silve.r, and as a Perfectly DustProof Stem Winding Watch Case, Challenge the World to Produce its Equal. For Sale ty all First-Clasa Jewelers. ■VIMbpiMBHBIMaiHMMBpMMpVMMIUK F 13 A TSURE CURE for all diseases of the Kidneys and LIVER It has speciflc action on. this most important organ, enabling it to throw off torpidity anti inaction, Btimulating tlie liealthy secretion of the Bile, and by keeping the bowels in free ! condition, effecting its regular discharge. ; HA a I Í K ï O If you arosufforing from nrlCilCiriCl. malaria.havethochills, j arobilious, j l Wort will surely relieve and quickly cure. l In the Spring to cleanae the Bystem, every one Bhould take a thorough course of it. j SOLDBY DRUCC1STS. PrlceSI. Infantsand Chüdren Withont Morphine or Narootine. What frives our ChiMren rosy cheeks, Wnat cures their íevers, makes them sleep' 'Tis Castoria. ' When Rabies fret, and cry by turns What cures their colic, kills their worms, Bilt Castoria. What quickly cures Constipation. Sour Stomach, Colds, Indigestión j Hut Castoria. Farewell then to Morphine Syrups, Castor Oil and Paregoric, and Hall Castoria. Centaur Liniment.- a absolute cure for Rhenmatl sm, Spraiits, Burns, Gall, &c., and au instantaneous Poiu-reliever.


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