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The Code Of The Buoys

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When you see a boy coming down tho strcet witk a ball oí chord in his hand and a look on bis serious face like that worn by the picture of the early Christian fathei standing in the arena waitiug for tho new lion to bc called to dinner, it is a sign that if you just cast your oyes upward, you can see that boy's kito dancing nimbly in the air to the lascivious pleasing of a whole colonv of telephone wires. "Wlmn vnvi spp. a hov íroino aloncr in tho merry sunshino with his nat in his hand, shaking his hair with a pine stick to get it dry, now and thcn leaning his head on one side, pounding the other side with his hand and practically kicking his feet in the air, in desperate effortslo get the water out of his cars, or when you see him holding a warm stono to his ear for the same purpose, it is a trae sigu that you may think of that boy, by and by, standing speeehlcss when his mother asks him how his shirt came to be wrong side out. Yoa must not run down the street in the direetion of his home under the sion that the boy is being basely murtlored. Yon can't kill a boy WITH A SKATING STRAF. And in hoc signoes you will know that boy lias been in swimming when _ he sho'uld have been at school, learning that "twenty-six prepositions are followed by the accusative," all the way from ad to ultra. When you see a boy about ö:45 p. m. with ink on his nose, and the grime of chalk on his hands, his hair disheveled and the two upper buttons of his jacket gone, his collar rumpled and his necktie twisted awry, and a suspicioüs ing flusli ana two or tnree scraicnes acforning bis fac'e, you will knovr that he was "kep in" after school, and was taunted for the samo by another boy when he carne out; and if you want to know the rest of it, it will not be necessary to go into particulars, but just ask h'im, "whioh whipped?" If a joyous look of triumph dances in the exultant eyes, you will know that just around the corner you can find a boy with a bleoding nose and a generally demoralized fivcade. But if the lad you question looks downcast, multis cum lachrymis begins bis oration, likeDivatiacus, by saying, "Well, he was a great deal bigger'n me," you may know that your boy got "licked." When you see a boy with the pockets of his pantaloons buiging out until he looks like a great bumble beo laden for the hive, while he walks along trying to look as thin as a split lath.and wearing a profound expression of SUPERNATUBAL, lJNJNOUEJNUJtï, vou know, without referring to thiscode öf signáis, that boy has been limjering in somebody's orchard, and doesn't care to undue publicity given to the facts that only concern him personally. When you" see a boy on the distant hül-side suddenly leapup, into the soft summer air, holding one bare foot tenderly, but firruly, in the wedded ñngers of both hands, while he hops arouna in irregular but excited orbits, at the samo time voicing bis grief with wailing shrieks, then, without going to the telephone, you rnay know that bare-foot boy has trod npon the busy bee that nestled in the perfumed clover. And wherever and wheneror you see him, in mischief or out of it - that is, just coming out of it or justready toget into some more; awfully bad, or with many tearful faiiures and disgraceful stumbles trying to be good; forgettincj your commandments which thundereu upon him by the hundred, well nigh as readily and repeatedly as you forget the ten that iniinite wisdom has laid upon you: in all this noise, his poor little i 1. j_ A A-l 4 v v r- f- V n n struggies, temptauons, inumpus, auu failures, his piteous little troubles and his tearful, honest penitence, in all the lightness of a boy's life, yonr heart must grow mellow and tender for th little gerins of manhood, so full of wonderful possibilities, so rich with seeds oí gtrength that will ripen by and by, for good or for evil, as you walk and livo before the boy; even as you look athim, remember what you were thirty or forty years ago, and say, "God bless the


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